Dining Table and Chair Height Guide: What is the Standard Dining Room Table Height? A Guide for the UK

Dining Table and Chair Height Guide What is the Standard Dining Room Table Height A Guide for the UK-SURENSPACE

Dining Table and Chair Height Guide: What is the Standard Dining Room Table Height? A Guide for the UK

When it comes to selecting a dining room table, especially a new one, height of the table is a cardinal factor that should be met both in terms of appearance and use. Finding out more about the opportune dining table height.

This is where standard sizes for furniture can be useful in identifying what can fit where or where certain furniture will not fit. If they are too short, then again there will be a problem for taller individuals in being unable to find a suitable place to sit.

If too low, people may start feeling like the table is actually a counter or a bar. The separation of the dining room table in the room is also crucial in the whole spacing. We discuss the basics of the measurements to give you a starting point to reckon the best proportions.

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What Is the Average Size of a Dining Room Table?

The above height is considered ideal for a dining room table since it is recommended as being 28-30 inches high (71-76cm). That should cover most typical dining room tables but there will be cases where it does not apply.

Some tables being lower and others being higher are basically to serve out the current furniture designs and sizes. However, generally speaking, you can think that most dining room tables that you are going to buy, should fall in the range of the standard height.

The counter heights typically vary between 34 or 36 inches which is equivalent to 86 to 91 cm. This makes a counter about 6 inches taller than a dining room table, of average size, on average. Such a proportion is appropriate for the demarcation between eating and getting up for preparation and cooking food.

How Do You Decide Which Dining Table Size Fits Your Home Best?

1- Breathing Room

A common guide when it comes to a dining table is to have three feet of space between the table and any other wall or furniture on each side. Well therefore, a simple approach is to decide the requisite table size by finding out the length and breadth of the room and then deducting 1. 5 meters from each of them.

2- Lightweight

The second parameter that characterizes a table is its complete ‘bulkiness’. For instance, if the table seen is slender, delicate, or having a vast airspace beneath it, it will give a lighter impression in the room. It will sound toned up and lighter if the table is made from a light colored or may sound more solid and larger if it is a thick, dark wood table.

In this case, you should aim to divide furniture and appliances in a room and ensure that they are not too congested in any portion of the room.

3 -There is also the option of choosing the same sort of shapes.

Last But not the least, it is important to ensure that the table is of the same shape as the room. Furniture that is round in shape is used in a circular or square room while furniture, which is rectangular in shape, is used in a rectangular room. …the specific shape of the table has to be correct to fill the given space and match the proportions properly.

Table and Chair Height Guidelines:

Furniture parts or components including tables and chairs must be of accurate dimensions if for example when joined they are to afford comfort to the users. These are tables that portray the standard measures that offer the most percentages to the largest number of persons.

– Standard table heights:

Dining Table28-30 inches71-76 cm
Kitchen Table28-30 inches71-76 cm
Counters34-38 inches86-96 cm
Nightstand24-28 inches61-71 cm
Desk28-30 inches71-76 cm
Coffee Table19-20 inches48-51 cm
Side Table22-30 inches56-76 cm
Console Table24-42 inches61-107 cm

 – Standard chair heights:

Dining Table Chairs17-19 inches45-50 cm
Kitchen Table Chairs17-19 inches45-50 cm
Desk Chairs17-19 inches45-50 cm
Counter Chairs24-26 inches61-66 cm

What Size of Room is Recommended for Dining Table and Chairs?

The dimensions of a dining table must include the space that it requires for its particular dimensions plus one twenty-four inches for every chair.

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For instance, an ordinary table measuring seventy two inches (183cm) in length can comfortably accommodate six persons by giving them twenty-four inch space per each.

This you can achieve in part by seating some people at the heads of the table so that you change the spacing to as you prefer. However, if you do, be sure to account for some extra length rather than its width so that it can cover or extend over other materials.

Appreciably, the dining table will require approximately 3 feet clearance space on each side in order to enable the seats to be slid in and out into the appropriate position. A dining room should also not have other furniture in it and so one needs to consider any hutch, sideboard or any other furniture that is fitted in a vicinity close to the dining table.


This height is comfortable for seating with the possibility of placing the length of legs and arms at the table and in relation to the height of counters and the widths of standard chairs and other furniture.

By doing so, when next you intend to make a particular purchase, you will realize that it is much easier to arrive at the right decision given the information you have at your disposal in this guide. People of Uk can also take some consideration while choosing the best dining and chair table heights.

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