How to Design a Commercial Bar Interior – Bar Design Guide

SUREN SPACE BANNER-How to Design a Commercial Bar Interior - Bar Design Guid

How to Design a Commercial Bar Interior – Bar Design Guide?

In this article we want to give you a detailed description of the key stages that should be implemented by a commercial interior designer in order to make the right design for a bar. We are in essence targeting the hospitality design area very specifically. In the following menu, you will find basic information that will be crucial for the design of bar and restaurant layout, café layout and hotel design. 

Bar Counter Location

This entails a good choice of the right location, size, and design which comprises the décor, color, and lighting for an area to be relaxing and the success of the business depends on this. Patrons don’t like to sit at the back of the bar where there is usually little social interaction and they rarely get full attention from the bartender if he or she needs assistance.

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A simple means, like a hatch window to a bar, for instance, can definitely achieve this, which  should help to establish a visual link or perhaps a cocktail bar linked via a doorway to the main bar may be of use in this regard. People do not visit a bar to simply drink alcohol. 

They aim to be fully engaged  

The actions of a bartender and the general atmosphere of a bar contribute so much to this. The last thing that the gym needs is to make sure of the right distance between the bar and the entrance doorway. A good tip is that the bar counter should be situated near the entrance such that the bartender can all the time notice the new guests and greet them very well

Design of high, low, fixed, loose furniture

Arrangement can be considered as one of the critical steps in the design of a bar, where the furniture is distributed. The style and size of furniture will be different greatly, considering the fact that these factors are a result of the nature of the bar or restaurant. A case in point is how a cocktail bar would normally choose smaller diameter tables while a modern eatery would often opt for benches. 

In contrast, a fine dining restaurant may want circular booth seats and tables. Number of easy-to-sit all seats should be as given in the brief by the client so that it can be a comfortable place for the visitation. For such a crowded pub with a high turnover, it constitutes a better option to add high seating since it suits this venue.


Besides, utilizing a great design of lighting defines a key factor for a successful bar design. The purpose here is to establish the impact of lighting that brings people the warmth and coziness they look for. Spotlights and tape light can be utilized in order to direct light to feature walls and show shelving and bar counters get more height due to tapeslit. Ultimately, the decoration lighting that will fit into the design will create a proper sense of it, and it is of greater importance than one can imagine. Above all, never take on any white light!

Wall and bar counter 

Its finishing is something that you can’t forget in the process of a successful interior design. Let’s say for example that the roof above the bar counter contains a rack of glasses under a sprig of greenery with pendant lights. I believe that this involves showing a client a detailed and precise picture of the scope and subject of the artwork. Only a real professional may render sketches with detailed instructions that are later used during construction.  The end result of these real-life activities is an outstanding design devoid of any flaws and being adapted to bar staff use.

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Entails ceilings and floor finishes 

The restaurant, café or hotel design process entails ceilings and floor finishes too. The designer should understand where the commercially marketed product floor-covering will fit in and not look out of the entire design. Old wood has a warm, natural tone to it that suits our shop settings perfectly.  Often, we will use aged panels in our interiors as the style elements to create an old-but-new feeling. Ceilings, on the other hand, are quite vital, albeit most of the time they are ignored. As in a tiled ceiling can be used to make a prominent focal point or something as basic as a dark ceiling color nevertheless transforming a room can show an amazing difference.

While Summing Up,

One of the decision factors include the fire procedures that are a vital part of the mandatory requirements in many European construction projects, the products and methods used must comply with regulations and be constructed to the standard. When it comes to fire safety, the Irish fire codes are undoubtedly far stricter than the British fire regulations.

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