Top 10 Asian Restaurant Furniture Suppliers

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Top 10 Asian Restaurant Furniture Suppliers

Furniture is one of the most significant aspects of our existence as it is found in every place starting from our houses to offices and even restaurants. The furniture industry in India has developed and it is expected that the numbers are likely to rise more than 6% in the coming years. The Furniture Construction sector in India has many advantages, and when it comes to traditional furniture, many other Asian countries are also stepping up with great contributions.

Top 10 Asian Furniture Suppliers to Look Out For

#1. Godrej Interio

The information on the company revealed that Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture Suppliers company. Some of the product range include Cabin furniture, office desks, executive series, Sofas, Beds and Cupboards, wall units, dining tables, Dining sets, and dining chairs, coffee tables, etc are being produced by the godrej plant.

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Godrej has had over 52 distinct outlets in the country in 19 different places. The price range of the items of furniture that it sells varies according to the type of furniture; the prices beginning from Rs 1500 going up to fifty thousand rupees for some brands.

#2. Excel Furniture

Excel Furniture as an organization is a growing one and the furniture Suppliers with good quality, long lasting and usefulness. Every business is in agreement with the fact that it has to create a positive first impression of customers and this forms the reason as to why they seek to present their products in the most friendly way possible.

These patterns can vary from one workplace to the next and the layout of a workplace can lead to the development of certain perspectives and personal characteristics in its staff. Contact with a beautiful and comfortable workplace is a must, as they say. When a company pays more attention in changing the nature of the workplace, then this, in the end, adds to more profit making.

Excel furniture is a supplier of furniture, and other sturdy products which are durable to use. It is worthy to note that they began the competitive market entry 10 decades ago, and through accumulating expertise from professionals in the furniture industry, the founders of the company created a unique process of creating furniture products in the market.

#3. Suren Space

Since its inception in 2000, “Suren Space” has been acknowledged as one of the leading furniture companies in India. It is a multipurpose furniture Suppliers firm established to play a specific role of Suppliers industrial furniture and wooden furniture. It has grown rapidly in a short span of time and now has become one of the leading furniture Suppliers and wholesalers who concentrates more on offering furniture at affordable prices that are also of high quality.

#4. Metro Plus

Metro Plus is one of the furniture firms in India that has been awarded the ISO 9001:The reported certification date is 2008. All of them believe in rendering supreme customer care and high quality products. First, Their premium range provides a broad spectrum of items that are designed in pleasing styles to help you in achieving one’s objectives and dreams. 

Signing to the above initiative, the organization has pledged to ensure that the dedicated clients get to enjoy the best products. In as much as they want to remain relevant in the production of furniture for its clients, it’s for this reason, that exclusively Metro Plus uses only the best quality raw materials in its production.

#5. Crystal Furnitech

To elaborate further, Crystal Furnitech is a private limited company that was incorporated in the year 2003. This is India’s best top fold furniture maker because it also embodies aesthetic charm and design ingenuity. Crystal takes all quality, production technology, innovation and cost management to produce final products that will enhance the furniture. Some people believe that style prevails over comfort while others tend to focus only on comfort while designing their homes. 

The furniture has to be somewhat stylish and make it unique. These crystals have all the ingredients that are needed to make any home, especially a prized home, come alive. The three various types of superb furnishings that have been made available for you will assist you in turning around your dreams into a reality. They also provide affordable quality products that can fit the local population’s budget.

#6. Louvre

Currently, Louvre Homegroup is a furniture company which was established in 2000 and situated in Lecong, Shunde. It is a home furnishing group operating internationally and it specializes in home and restaurant furniture designing, Research and Development in furniture industry, operation of home furnishing mall, interior designs of five-star rated hotels, and business tourism. It is one of the most powerful outlooks in China and also one of the most distinguished brands in the circulation industry of China.


It is an integrated modern home furnishing web main operation platform that started in 1986. After the strenuous 30 years of development, it has combined research, production and sales departments. The company deals in production of Panel Style Furniture, Mattresses, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Solid Wood Furniture, Customized Furniture, and many other things as well.

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#8. QM

For over a decade and a half since 1993, QM furniture or Qumei initially established and has grown steadily to be the largest household furniture group with high sales, design, and innovative production. Qingdao Mow Sun New Material Science & Technology Co. , Ltd. It was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange main boards in April, 2015 and in October, 2018, it acquired Ekornes, which is a Norwegian chair company Suppliers premium-class reclining chairs and has been rapidly promoting this brand around the world.

#9. RedApple

It is important to have a brief background of RedApple and to know that RedApple is an organization that operates in Hong Kong and was founded in the year 1981. It specializes in selling high-end panel furniture, restaurant furniture, luxurious sofa sets, mattresses, and even furniture made to order. It is one of the leading furniture Suppliers companies of the present era which is even focusing on R&M, production and service along with research and development. It is in Queshan Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Longhua New District with a total area size of 400, 000 m2.


ZUOYOU was founded in 1986, it is one of the pioneer and system-level initiators of Chinese living room culture and building items. It has four production bases of one million square meters and has been improving from a small unknown factory in a long time of development to be a recognized high-end furniture market.

While Summing Up

Consumers always need houses; purchasing of furniture and equipment for restaurants is among the necessary expenses. It can be seen from the above statistics that the market for Suppliers furniture in India as well as in other countries including Asian countries is at present also growing and is also expected to grow even in the future for several years.

Furniture is one of the largest industries that contribute to the beautification of almost any structure: be it a house or an office block. This refers both to the exterior style and to the interior arrangement of the house.

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