Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer in Dubai 2024

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer in Dubai 2024

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer in Dubai 2024

Dubai has expatriates who want the best even for their homes down to furniture to be purchased. For this reason, one has to be very prudent and extra cautious in determining the kind of furniture store from which to purchase the furniture required in the apartment or our house. On the positive side there is an opportunity to buy furniture in such facilities and all people can pick up the store they would like by its design, or by the quality or by the services provided.

As a result, restaurants can be said to be an important sub sector within the tourism Industry in the country. The facility has to pay for the hotel interior design since it is an essential aspect of ensuring the guest is comfortable during their stay thus making hotel furniture an important investment.

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Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer in Dubai 2024


What has also been said is that more information can be provided concerning SUREN SPACE as a company that is based in the UAE and which is well positioned in the furniture market through its machines, the innovation it brings and the quality services. Some of the best products have been manufactured from this company in the recent past and it has been given some recognition by the customers and other business entities.

2. La Sorogeeka: Luxury: The True Tradition

La Sorogeeka is established furniture manufactures in the UAE involved in the production of hotel furniture, comfortable accommodation furniture classical and artwork furniture, fit-out cabinets panels wooden vanity units ceilings mirrors wardrobes counters non-fire rated doors and decorative joinery works. They also specialize in different forms of stucco work and intricate patterns on marble as well as gypsum. The company insists on the use of quality materials in the production of its products, and the incorporation of modern technology into their manufacturing process makes La Sorogeeka the brand name with the attributes of luxury and quality.

3. Algedra: 

It has established itself as one of the leading interior design companies in the country. Algedra is an internationally acclaimed interior design firm operating from Dubai and renowned for its ability to achieve timelines when attending to interior designing tasks.

They provide the best home decorators which focus on interior design, home interior design which involves architectural designs of homes, landscape, and services that involve fit-out designing for business and home units. Algedra, therefore, stands out as a great option for anyone in the hospitality industry looking for luxurious furniture for their hotels and professional design services.

4. Antonovich Group: Modular Carpet Solutions

Antonovich Group is an HVAC contractor that operates from Dubai and the company focuses in interior designs, project management, consultancy, and fitting department for villas, apartments, offices, showrooms & clinics. It consists of a fully integrated practice of professional staff composed of architects, engineers, and project managers established to undertake its business on structural and architectural designing and interiors, value engineering and project management.  If you are looking for furniture that can enhance luxury hotels, villas, or apartments, you should consider going for the Antonovich Group.

5. AATI: Luxury Living Group

It is also a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury furniture to well-named global brands like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi, Bentley Motors, Bugatti, and their own exclusive brand Luxence Luxury Living. The success story of AATI depends on the true quality, coming up with new products and incorporation of superior material. Hailing its roots from the 1960s, the company was established by Alberto Vignatelli who has defined it with professionalism, creativity and exceptional designing.

6. Sandalyeci: International Sanitary Ware Manufacturers

It has become a world class company in the context of the hospitality furniture industry and the company was established in Izmir Turkey. Since its inception, it has been catering its products and services to the market for nearly about two decades and it focuses mainly on manufacturing wooden chairs, tables, armchairs, and sofas and besides that the company also deals in aluminum and metal seats and other related groups. 

7. DECOFURN: Furniture Megastore Concept

DECOFURN develops a model entirely new to the world market – Furniture Megastore, which has been based on DECOFURN’s experience which it has gained in the furniture business for 32 years. Discardingatetimeice%random luxuries and orienting their strategy towards providing the customers with the best offers, DECOFURN has grown into one of the largest importers, manufacturers, and sellers of furniture and related products in the UAE. 

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There is also pride in being able to stock most of their products, and customer services including collection, assembly, as well as delivery. As for those who are interested in commodities that can be easily procured, they can consider choosing DECOFURN as their hotel furniture supplier. 

8. The Odd Piece

As deduced from the name it is not just any furniture store, but a furniture store, which sells antique and old looking furniture including others. Since the year 2013, Dining Tables, Sun Loungers, Trolleys as well as personalized DESK and Antique style Cupboard are also offered. If you do not have time and do not want to spend time looking for second-hand furniture and retro designs, this is the place for you.

9. Tribe

Tribe aims to develop accessories and bags utilizing resources that are renewable, eco- friendly, and fairly traded. It was founded in 2015 and, as a technological company, its main goal is to provide modern innovations and environmental solutions for various industries and companies.

Thus, for those who are interested in renovating the homes and who want to introduce Bohemian inspired designs, there is a right place – in Tribe. They include environmentally friendly products, baked and locally made products and some include values in their marketing.

10. Bold Bespoke Designs

(starting operation from the year 2016) is a manufacturing as well as a designing company that specializes in producing quality furniture products. Their styles include: These are the common headings which have been discussed in the previous lessons and include the classical, current, post modern, and Islamic headings.

To obtain personalized furniture from them, you can follow a straightforward six-step process:Therefore, if you want to buy custom furniture from them, here are the simple steps:

While Summing up

In addition, also encourage other look up activities that include searching for more information in customer’s reviews, portfolios and even contact the manufacturers in order to get more information about them and what they offer. I believe this shall enable you to arrive at an informed decision and choose the appropriate hotel furniture manufacturer to undertake business with.


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