Top 10 restaurant furniture manufacturers in coimbatore 2024

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Top 10 restaurant furniture manufacturers in coimbatore 2024

Top 10 restaurant furniture manufacturers in coimbatore 2024

So, if one is specifically seeking restaurant furniture in India, then, possibly, the focus has to turn to Best of Exports . We have been a factory manufacturing and wholesale many kinds of goods and goods we have in stock include Wooden & industrial restaurant furniture.

I would like you to also agree with confidence that all the furniture that you are likely to come across in Best of Exports store is made from original quality material. Company is interested in manufacturing furniture from the wooden type as per the demand of the society; may it be a table, a chair, or something else. Of course, the readers will agree that several other materials like metal, wood, cane, and rattan are involved in the making of several pieces of furniture.

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10 Best Restaurant Furniture Manufacturing Companies to Invest in Coimbatore 2024

Enumerated categorized below are some of the major furniture manufacturing companies in coimbatore.

1. MN Design

The business named MN Design Co. by Garima Agarwal is embodied by the host of creative tendencies successfully located in a wide range of aesthetics from postmodernism to classicism, far beyond mere interior design and aiming at creating sumptuous enclaves. The middle and upper class condo owners of today have dreams of luxury and the role we play as the intricate details of that dream is one we take with earnestness.

2. Shivam Industries

The furniture that we offer in the living room furniture category is made of fine and superior quality material done by our masters as per the space and requirement of the area that our clients want to redesign or renovate. Pressed wood is advantageous in the sense that it affords our range of furniture a certain look as well as guarantee the best solutions in terms of durability. It also enhances strong vibrations on the furniture it touches.

3. Jodhpur Trends

We are among the most prominent furniture shops in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu India. We manufacture all types of furniture required by the customer. We are customizing furniture. Augmenting your home with your favorite furniture at your Doorstep!!

4. Nilkamal

Introduction to Furniture and Nilkamal have well and truly go hand in hand. Nilkamal is the largest molded furniture company in the world and the favorite furniture brand of India with 50 showrooms and 3000 plus dealers. Our furniture has always filled the interiors of an Indian home, consciously or unconsciously occupying a place as easy chairs in your TV room or a whole furnished setting in your bedrooms or office, enriching the shine of your sparkling interiors with feelings it brings to life.

5. Modfurn

Apart from being an epitome of the current craftsmanship it is a name that resonates with sophistication and an almost unequaled level of an item created by Modfurn is a piece of art, created with the notion of bringing the greatest experiences in life. We have not only borne quality furnishing but a standard of living at Modfurn that is unparallelled.

6. Hevea Furniture

In this category, Hevea is for example involved in the production of a variety of products. The home furniture ranges manufactured from Hevea are made out of both solid wood and the panelwood wherever the design of the furniture and the needs of the customers requires.

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Looking for furniture that will be suitable for a particular space whether hotels, cafes, clubs, pubs or restaurants, Hevea Furniture has it all. Hevea has a lot of furniture products, and all of them are manufactured in India only. 

7. Shivaram Industries

Shivaram Industries Manufacturers of Furniture at Coimbatore, it also has a professional team in the furniture field to meet the size and style needs of our customers. The application of Pressed wood makes an additional benefit of look and its application guarantees that the offered line of furniture provides lasting opportunities. This also gives a great textural element to the furniture.

8. Suren Space

Whether you need quality restaurant furniture in Coimbatore or any other products, you now know where to look; visit the Suren Space today! With our vision that we are one of the leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers of furniture in India, we boast of offering excellent services with the right deliveries. The above furniture exhausts all sectors inclusive of restaurants and cafes within which we offer our furniture. Our products include cabinets, custom-made furniture for cafes, restaurants, lounge, hotels, closets, entertainment centers, libraries and more, all of which are meticulously handcrafted and have smooth surfaces polished to fit the interior design.

9. Venkat Sulochana Furniture

furniture shops situated in Coimbatore to satisfy your demand for quality and style. Their vision is to be the place where the community could look for all types of furniture they may need.

10. Newmen’s Furniture

Newmen’s Furniture is the commercial agenda of comfort in Coimbatore – offering the highest state-of-being that merely comprises variety furniture but value furniture else as well. Come and meet the top brands from national and international furniture makers . As a brand, Newmen’s furniture has been on a successful journey of 13+ years where we have successfully become the go-to furniture store for a comfy Coimbatore.


Many things need to be considered by restaurants in India who are eager to indulge in manufacturing restaurant furniture; nevertheless, style and durability if perfectly balanced needs to be taken into consideration. Country songs are available in India and all of them have a good origin and history and many manufacturers offer good products with variety.

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