Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers in Uk 2024

suren space -Top 10 restaurant furniture manufacturers in uk 2024

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers in Uk 2024

Choosing appropriate furniture for hotels remains one of the most important requisite measures in making hotels attractively appealing to guests. Approaching the year 2024, restaurants in the United Kingdom are constantly changing and it remains significantly important for the industry to accept modern and high quality furniture targets.

As much as this is true, this whole-some guide seeks to avail details of their specialized products and why they trump in the custom made furniture business. Therefore, to stand a better chance of being settled on a reputable furniture manufacturing firm, below is a list of Uk furniture manufacturers. 

When it comes to furniture wholesalers, only the best in class furniture brands make the list here because they have one of the most comprehensive coverage of furniture styles that range from contemporary to the traditional and we know that your needs will be met.

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Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers in Uk 2024

These lists which we offer for you, will enable you to change your home or office easily within the shortest period of time.

1. Suren Space

Suren Space Co. Ltd_PTR Under the brand name SUREN SPACE As an international organization that has its operations in the United Kingdom, the company has been delivering services to clients for quite some time now. 

By focusing on the production of high-quality metal furniture, as well as producing innovative designs and structures, SUREN SPACE has started to provide designers, hotels, resorts, and different homes around the world with some of the most beautiful and attractive metal furniture.

The company is always trying its level best to invent or adopt new finer techniques utilizing advanced technology so that in addition to the look and feel of the offered products they can also offer you the strength of long lasting products along with the most reasonable price in the UK.

2. Argos

Argos is a major part of Sainsbury Group of Companies which was established in 1972 to open chain stores now running more than 800 outlets in the United Kingdom. Primarily an oval-based retail company, Argos sells almost everything, furniture, electronics, sporting equipment, home appliances, and much more.

Argos’s food products are vast and customers can easily place orders within a short amount of time thus making Argos preferred by customers for fast buying.


IKEA was established in 1943 in Sweden, which is a multinational home furnishing company that specializes in furniture and other home accessories with modern designs at reasonable prices. IKEA is also spread in many areas in the UK and has big stores resembling warehouses that fit all its home produced and designed articles.

It can be said that IKEA is simply one of the most demanded furniture stores for a middle-class population when searching for cheap but reliable and stylish furniture.

4. DFS Furniture

DFS Furniture was founded in 1969 and is one of Britain’s major furniture retailers which offers sofas and upholstered furniture. Its stores are based in over a hundred branches across the UK and it provides a lot of opportunities for customization so that people can find the sofa of their dreams according to their taste.

5. Amazon UK

Amazon. co. uk is a British company affiliated to the world’s largest internet-based retailer, Amazon. com, which was founded in 1998. Well established online store, Amazon, sells pretty much every type of furniture and home product imaginable and has the option to deliver them within several days.

6. Eden Furniture

Moreover, formerly recognised as a French company, Eden Furniture began in December 2001 when the management opted to purchase the UK segment of Sauvagnat S. A. This change enabled them to source products from new suppliers, which enabled them to provide an expanded range for their customers. 

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They retained market exclusivity rights for the resin brand known locally as the ‘Evolutif’. It can be said that the formation of the company started in the early 1970s when the company was in the UK as the Sommer Allibert Group – leading manufacturer of Garden Furniture.

7. Lugo Furniture

Here, Lugo has positioned itself as a professional furniture manufacturing company in Britain focused on contract furniture. It specialize in contract and custom furniture production and import, all items they produce are beautifully crafted furniture designed for hospitality industries. 

Their main focus is offering client-satisfactory furniture for different categories of services such as hotel services, serving joints that include bar services, restaurant services, and cruise services for hotel services across the world.

8. RHA Furniture

RHA is a family business John Richard Hunt and his wife Caroline Duperon Hunt started the company and Richard’s daughter, grandson is included in its advancement. Liese and Ross. Contract furniture and joinery solutions to the leisure, Hospitality, corporate, luxury residential throughout the UK for more than three decades.

RHA Furniture is special because it designs and creates furniture produced exclusively for your individuality. Now they know that every place has its own character and its own requirements.

9. Duke Furniture

Duke Furniture is one of the best furniture manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom that seems to have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing furniture for hotels; particularly the bedroom department. They are famous for preparing great quality and ensuring that each aspect has been checked from planning to the implementation process.

The Furnitures were known as Duke furniture which are based in the Midlands, specializing in supplying complete outfits of fitted, loose, and fitted furniture to most of the hotels irrespective of their size.

10. Contract Furniture Group

The Contract Furniture Group (CFG) manufactures, supplies and installs standard and bespoke furniture to environments such as hotels, leisure facilities, shops, and care homes. Since 1999, they have been providing their services and their team understands a lot about getting the furniture they offer look attractive, durable or of high quality and functional. 

These are available when you require chairs, tables, and the other furniture, outdoor furniture, Pergolas and the other types of furniture that we need. 


When considering furniture supplier for purchasing furniture for hotel industry in the United Kingdom today, the following aspects should be looked at: All the ten companies that will be on the list of the best hotel furniture suppliers 2024 has different approaches to design, quality and professionalism that seeks to meet the challenge of a varied market in the hospitality industry.

These suppliers may contain a variety of options that will help add sophistication to the looks of a hotel or lodging, regardless of whether the overall theme is conventional or contemporary, is modern or can be custom-built; all of which can increase the quality of a particular guests, as well as, the success of a specific hotel or lodging business.

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