Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Turkey

SUREN sPACE BANNER-Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Turkey

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Turkey

The Turkish nation possesses an ancient and unique history, and elaborate construction fashion. As would be expected, the country has some of the most efficient furniture producers for most of the accommodation facilities, if not the entire world.

They are dedicated to deliver quality furniture manufacturers, which would meet the requirements of hotel owners, as well as serve the expectations of the guests. Many Turkish hotel furniture manufacturers have gained their positions as world market leaders in terms of design, quality and technology.

An Analysis of the Turkish Restaurant Furniture Industry

Current Turkish hotel furniture market has developed quite actively in recent years due to the high level of growth in the hotel business. There is a growing call to design hotel furniture that will sufficiently cater for the-various tourist needs with Greece as a TOURIST attraction destination for tourists.

Turkey has a history and cultural identity, and it also presents some of the best architectural designs. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that it also has some of the most advanced furniture production facilities, particularly in relation to hotels.

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List of known Turkey Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

It is rather obvious that beautiful furniture can be created only when the materials used are of a high quality and the masters working on the creation of furniture pieces are talented. None of the manufacturers possesses one of these elements, which in turn, makes the few manufacturers that possess both elements unique as more business people opt for them.

1. Buser Project

Buser Project is known and classified as a hotel furniture manufacturer and supplier that focuses on the construction and provision of furniture for hotels, resorts, and the likes. Standard products include case goods and custom furniture such as desks, tables, and chairs, while miscellaneous products include seating, lighting apparatus, and decorative products such as lamps. 

Buser Project has been around for more than three decades and has set the scene of business by providing good quality products with reasonable prices and good services. In order to make furniture that would be appropriate to hotel, coffee shop, restaurant and offices the company collaborates with interior designers.

2. Loda Furniture

Let us explore the next hotel furniture manufacturer from Turkey, Loda Furniture is a company that deals in the offering of hotel furniture for hotels, resorts, and other companies in the hospitality industry. Westerman is a furniture company that supplies furniture for hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, beds, sofas, chairs, tables, case goods and lighting fixtures.

Loda Furniture Company has been in the industry for more than two decades and currently boasts of offering its customers quality, unique furniture designs, and exceptional customer service.

3. Alba Furniture

Another company is Alba Furniture which is a Turkish hotel furniture manufacturer that deals in the production of hotel furniture and hospitality furniture. They provide commercial and food service furniture like case goods, seating, lighting, accessories, and custom solutions.

Incorporated since 1986, Alba Furniture is a renowned furniture manufacturer, which specializes in the production of quality furniture in modern and popular designs that suit the trends of the present time with good customer service.

4. Asortie Furniture

Another Turkish furniture company in hotel furniture manufacturing and supply is Asortie Furniture Company, providing high quality, luxurious hotel furniture including furnishing for villas and other premium homes and offices. It has a variety of products that range from traditional furniture to the most stylish furniture, ornaments and lamps that are fashionable.

Asortie Furniture boasts more than 30 years experience in the furnishings business and the company offers bespoke furniture manufactured with precision and originality.

5. GBB Furniture

Another Turkish furniture manufacturer in the hotel furniture industry is the GBB Furniture company, which was established in 1994 to supply magnificent hotel and restaurant furniture. It provides a diverse range of products such as case goods, task chairs, lights, and contract hotel lobby furniture.

GBB Furniture has been established for over two decades and the company enjoys a good reputation because of its excellently crafted furniture merchandise that is enhanced by creative and quality craftsmanship.

6. Hakan Bambu

Hakan Bambu Inc is a Turkish company which is a manufacturer and supplier of furniture for hotels, restaurants and similar establishments and specializes in bamboo furniture. Suzhou is a firm that specializes in manufacturing and marketing of products such as bamboo chairs, tables, furniture and so on. For this purpose, Hakan Bambu designs and manufactures furniture that is fashionable and has practical uses from bamboo materials amid a background of environmental conservation.

7. İstikbal

Istikbal is another renowned Turkish hotel furniture manufacturer that deals in marketing and manufacturing of various hotel furniture for homes, offices as well as hotels. They have several ranges which include modern furniture range, contemporary furniture range, traditional furniture range and classic furniture range. İstikbal Company manufactures and deals in sofas, chairs, beds, tables, and other necessities. It has been in the industry for more than 60 years and is popular for product quality, reliability and cheap prices and has many shops all over the world including the United States, Canada and Europe.

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8. Doğtaş

It is also among the significant organized hotel Turkish furniture manufacturers who focus on the production and sales of excellent furniture for hotel, home and offices. The company covers a vast area of interest by dealing in nearly all furniture types such as living room, dining, bedroom, kitchenettes, benches, tables and even accessories like curtains and blinds.

9. B&T Design

Another furniture manufacturer in Turkey is B&T Design that offer chic furniture for hotel and residential spaces, offices, and commercial spaces. Some of the company’s many product types include chairs, tables, sofas, beds, and accessories and the company prides itself in coming up with innovative products and also using environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing of its products.

The firm targets to have good relations with its clients and therefore it has a line of distribution worldwide.

10. Melike Furniture

Melike Furniture can also be classified under Turkish hotel furniture manufacturers since it is a company that offers top quality furniture for homes, offices and hotels. It has a variety of products and it deals in virtually every kind of furniture, right from sofas and chairs to tables and other products. 

It is particularly famous for its robust work and good workmanship, elaborate designs and distinctiveness in its creations. According to this fact, the company aims at producing furniture that meets and provides convenience as well as beauty.

In the end

These manufacturers are bound by their obligations to ensure that they develop and deliver quality furniture that meets the contemporary needs of hotel owners as well as their clientele. Today, a number of companies in Turkey who are specialized in the production of hotel furniture are leaders within the sector in regards to modern design, quality, and innovation.

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