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No modern Hotel or Resort is complete without a well-equipped stylish Bar. One can never go wrong with a sleek and stylish counter and seating. It helps in keeping the customers comfortable and delivers an optimal experience. However, one has to focus on picking the right furniture for space.

They have to ensure that all elements of the space match the central vibe of the room. Therefore, picking the right bar chair is also important. Suren Space is an inclusive online furniture store for buying unique and trendy chairs for your commercial or bar space. But, before we start about how to pick the best, let’s check out the history of these amazing seating options:

History of Bar Chairs

Bar Chairs have been used for many centuries. However, without the right records, it becomes difficult to know when exactly these came into existence. Seating alternatives have been used since the Stone Age; these were mostly stone slabs used to create an elevated spot for early humans.

Many experts say that the bat chairs are a much-evolved version of conventional benches. Moreover, the use of bar chairs has also been documented in the Chinese tombs and Ancient Egyptian cultures. It is said that the Egyptian people used both chairs and chairs for seating purposes. However, these raised seats were only reserved and used by people with higher social status.

This system was followed till Renaissance brought a revolutionary change. After this, the privilege of using high bar chairs was snatched from the nobles. Interestingly, Bar Chairs were the substitutes for thrones in many African tribes and kingdoms. One such representation is the Golden Chair of Ashanti in Ghana.

Initially, these chairs were made out of solid wood, just like other chairs and seating options. However, with the evolution of fashion and décor, these were made available in various other forms. Some of this included plastic, metal, etc., and came with comfortable padded seats.

With the growing popularity of the bar and pubs, these also became ‘voguish’ for many. Not only in commercial bars, but people also started using these for their kitchen counters. This helped Bar Chairs gain an important place in everyone’s hearts and homes. With a long ancestry, these chairs have grown and evolved over the years to get a better and trendier style.

Types of Bar Chairs Styles

Bar Chairs are now available in a wide range of styles and heights. This makes picking the right one a difficult decision for many. One has to focus on different aspects of the product and its application. Here are 4 of the most common types of Bar Chairs that you must consider getting:

Reclaimed Wood Unique Pub Bar Stool Chair

A classic backless bar chair can be described as one of the most basic yet chic design options. Generally available with a round seat, these chairs are perfect if you don’t want them to cover extra space.  Also, some have low backrest designs like our Reclaimed Wood Unique Pub Bar Chair Chair. Rendering the same classy looks, these take ‘seating in style’ up a notch

Hair Pin Design Industrial Metal Solid Wood Bar Pub Chair

Some bar chairs, like our Hair Pin Design Industrial Metal Solid Wood Bar Pub Chair, come with armrests. While others do not have any arm supports. These can be great and conventional options for café and specialty coffee stores

Height Adjustable & Rotatable Solid Wood Metal Bar Chair

Bar Chairs can be quite heavy to lift and reposition. However, having chairs like Height Adjustable & Rotatable Solid Wood Metal Bar Chair can make this easier for the user. They can easily adjust the chair as per their requirement.

Cross Back Metal Leather Seating Bar Height Club Chair

A metal seat can get uncomfortable after sitting for a while. This makes Chairs with upholstered seats a better option for most spaces. If you agree, then you should consider our Leather Seating Metal Back Iron Leg Bar Chair.

What can a Bar Chair be used for?

If you are still wondering- Where could you use these fashionable bar chairs? Then these star items can be used at spas, resorts, hotels, diners, bars, pubs, clubs, and various other places. However, one has to pay special attention towards the care and maintenance of the product.

Getting bar chairs is a better choice as it offers a great seating option and does not take extra space. Therefore, you will have to pay special attention to where and how you want to use the chairs before finalizing one. It should go perfectly with the interior or décor of the space.

Furthermore, it should also ensure that it does not affect the user’s posture and cause any discomfort. Selecting the right style, height, and quality is very important.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bar Chair

As mentioned above, with so many choices available, it becomes hard for a person to pick the best option. However, to help you out, here are some expert tips to select the best chair for your bar:

  • The Height

Before you buy any bar chair, make sure you double-check their heights with your bar counter. First, measure the counter from the floor to its countertop. This will give you an accurate judgment of the chair height you need. Furthermore, ensure that you keep a difference of 300mm at least between the chair and the counter.

This is the average height gap that a normal person is used to having in all other spaces. Also, if you have finalized a bar chair with armrests, then check that they can easily be tucked below the island. This will help you save extra floor space.

  • Ideal Features

There are so many different types of bar chair options. However, rather than getting confused and lost among these, you should focus on what you want. Consider the type of interior and décor style you have selected for the room. This will help you get a better idea of which chair would pair with it the best.

Focus on whether you need a metal or wood frame. You will also have to consider whether you need them upholstered, with armrests, without back support, etc. Put together all the chair aspects you think would look great with the décor, this will help you select the best chair. Go with what your heart says!

  • Color or Not?

Bar chairs come in a wide range of color options. Therefore, the next tip for you is to pick the best color that goes with the interior. You can go for the conventional black, white, or wood colors. Or you can go think innovative and pick a bold or bright color that contrasts with the rest of the décor.

Both these options are available. However, you will have to think hard and smart before pairing vibrant colors with a subtle interior. Pick a versatile shade, this will ensure that in the future they can be easily used with other refurbished spaces as well. Also, you will have to focus on whether the shade would go with your long-term business plans or not.

  • Unique Chair Designs

While bar chairs are not the best centerpieces, if chosen wisely they can surely be the center of attraction of any space. They are available in various trendy and innovative frame styles. Check out the Natural Cane Solid Wood Bar Chair that features a classic woven backrest and wooden frame.

However, if you like the modern designs more, then the Industrial Black Metal Bar Pub Brewery Counter Chair is perfect for you. Its rustic and conventional style makes it perfect for all types of pubs and bars. Both these options render optimal sophistication, but sport very different styles and looks.

  • Buy when you Need

We know hosting events and guests is a fun experience. However, just because you like to organize parties doesn’t mean you have to get as many chairs as possible. It will make your home or bar space look crowded and cluttered. Calculate how many people can easily sit in the room and buy that number of seating options.

Frame Materials

Another way to differentiate the bar chairs designs and making is by viewing the frame material. You have to check what the frame is made of. It can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. With both pros and cons, some of the commonest frame materials include:

Solid Wood Indoor Bar Chair

The traditional bar chairs were usually made with a wooden frame. These are perfect to be used in outdoor spaces. You can get these chairs with padded seats. Or you would go with the classic chairs like our Natural Grains Solid Wood Indoor Bar Chair. Moreover, adding upholstery to the chairs can make it hard to maintain in outdoor settings.

Plain Metal Modern Colorful Bar Pub Chair

Plain metal chairs are the epitome of trendy seating options. Crediting to their sleek design and convenient usage they have become popular in modern aesthetics and styling.  One such trendy chair is our Plain Metal Modern Colorful Bar Pub Chair. They would look amazing in a salon or café.

Pairing Different Styles

Now that we have explained everything you need to know about the trendy Bar Chairs, it is time to understand how to pair the best styles. Here are a few ideas and tips on picking the best chairs:

  1. Traditional or Modern

Taking a trip back in time, where grandeur and extravagance lived, the traditional bar chairs make great options for historic clubs and libraries. Their upholstered or curved backrest style adds a unique touch to the room. These chairs have a timeless look, which makes them ideal to be used in various indoor spaces.

Shifting to the modern alternatives, these are generally made from metal and sport a minimalist style. Their subtle design and appealing style had made them popular in several café, hotels, and resorts. Pairing a rustic interior with industrial metal chairs could be a smart choice.

Or you could go for upholstered cozy chairs for reading corners. Both styles complement each other if they are used in the right quantities and spaces. Our Metal Structure Wooden Seating Hand Rest Bar Chair offers the perfect combination of both these aspects.

  1. Upholstered or Plain

The use of upholstered bar chiars has increased significantly. Available in varying sizes and styles, these chairs are perfect for luxurious resorts and spalons. They render a sophisticated and elegant look to the décor. Pure Leather Metal Frame Bar Pub Chair with Art Rest is the perfect example of the upholstered seats. Since these have padded seats and backrests, they are very comfortable to sit on for longer durations.

However, this doesn’t imply that normal bar chairs are uncomfortable. Most parlors and coffee shops use basic metal chairs. These are not just trendy and minimalist looking. But they also offer a visually appealing look. Combining the best of modern and non-upholstered seating, Weather Proof Metal Indoor-Outdoor Bar Chair is a great option for you.

  1. Room Vibe

Bulky bar chairs can make space look fuller. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you check whether you want the space to have a professional or casual vibe. This will help you make a better choice. Chairs like Tufted Leather Wooden Frame Luxury Bar Chair Design are perfect for formal settings.

Its luxurious padded seating style will keep all your clients and customers comfy. On the other hand, chairs like Leather Metal Designer Choice Bar Chair are better for a more relaxed and laid-back setting. They are the best choices for spaces like hotel waiting rooms, lobby areas, etc. These raised bar chairs can also be used at conventional rustic bars and similar spaces.


Regardless of where you need to use them, there is a Bar Chair for every style and function. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can make the right selections for yourself. It will help you navigate through the “seating issues” in a budget-friendly way.

Suren Space is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of bar chairs and counter chairs. You can browse through our extensive collections to find the right chair for your bar or club!


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