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Handcrafted Made in India Furniture

The definition of furniture can no longer be confined to inanimate objects meant to fill up your living or working space. Furniture – especially Indian furniture – has evolved from being utilitarian to a reflection of one’s personality, a symbol of who we really are. It enhances the space, adding comfort and utility, while at the same time providing visual appeal.

Leading this renaissance of the world of furniture is the Indian furniture industry. Traditionally, furniture never occupied a significant place in the Indian lifestyle. Today, intricately carved Indian furniture occupies pride of place in the global arena.

There are many players in the Indian furniture industry, providing a whole range of products – from industrial furniture to hotel furniture, from restaurant furniture to furniture for stores. The name YOU can trust? Suren Space.

Over 15 years of experience has made us a force to reckon with in the world of commercial and global furniture. Our extensive array of products includes hospitality furniture, contract furniture, home and bespoke furniture, retro and contemporary furniture, industrial and boho furniture.

Why Suren Space

There are many reasons why Suren Space would be your first choice. Whether you are a homeowner or a factory owner, whether your interests lie in canvas or carved furniture, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction will ensure that we meet your every demand. Honesty, integrity and professional team work are the qualities that define Suren Space.

So, what do we do?

While it is virtually impossible to provide an exhaustive list of our products, here is a glimpse into the World of Suren Space.

Shabby Chic Furniture – This is a trend that has been ‘in’ since the late 1980s. This style of interior design incorporates furniture and furnishings that have an aged, antique appearance. Suren Space brings to you a whole range of distressed, shabby chic furniture. Industrial furniture – like a Distress Painted Folding Industrial Lamp, hotel furniture – like a Solid Mango and Slipper Wood Natural Finish Hotel Resort Bed, or restaurant furniture – like a Mango Ruff Wood Folding Curved Round Bistro Table, the choices are plenty.

Rustic Style of Furniture Rustic furniture is a way to bring the great outdoors into your home or workspace. Characterized by the use of mostly natural materials like wood and stone, earthy colours and sturdy fabrics, the rustic style of furniture connects you to Nature. So, if a ‘natural, simplistic look’ is your desire, Suren Space is your destination. Hotel furniture like a Bent Metal Rustic Outdoor Hotel Resort Garden Chair, furniture for stores like a Rough Mango Wood Rustic Finish Display cum Garden Cart, or restaurant furniture like a Casting Rustic Finish Folding Bar Table with Solid Wood Top – what is your choice?

Carved Furniture The Indian furniture industry encompasses a wide range of styles. One such style that brings out the craftsmanship of the talented Indian artisans is carved furniture. The journey of carved Indian furniture started with the arrival of the Dutch traders. Suren Space is taking this journey forward by leaps and bounds. A perfect example is the Maharaja Inspire Carved High Head Rest Design Indian Hotel Resort Bed, which is sure to be the star attraction of your hotel furniture.

Automobile Furniture Indian furniture is all about innovation. New ideas give rise to novel designs and styles, a prime example of which is automobile furniture. Drawing inspiration from the recycling industry, automotive furniture has captured the imagination of India and the world. Whether it is the dismantled part of a car, discarded tyres, a broken bicycle – the magic wand of Indian furniture craftsmen can create beautiful, unorthodox pieces of furniture.

Do you want a Recycled Motor Tyre Single Seater Sofa Chair? Or would a Jeep Style Unique Reception cum Study Table be more appropriate for your workplace? If you are an Ambassador car aficionado, then the Made in India Ambassador Recycled Car Sofa is just right for you. All this, courtesy Suren Space.

Boho Style Furniture This is ideal for those who love to express their individuality, which is reflected in their homes and work areas. The essence of the Boho style of furniture is a mix and match of bright, warm colours, natural materials and a carefree, relaxed and ‘let your hair down’ atmosphere. At Suren Space, we understand your love for Nature and value your wish to mirror your personality in your surroundings. Hotel furniture like the Red Distress Four Door Two Drawer Boho Style Wardrobe or industrial furniture like the Traditional Fabric Industrial Cycle Part Funky Chair – there is something for everyone.

Reclaimed Furniture Our environment – friendly team has contributed greatly to the preservation of Nature. Reclaimed furniture is made from wood that was previously used for some other purpose, like an old barn, a broken wine barrel, roof timber, etc. Recycling this wood not only helps to protect more trees from being cut down and contributes towards waste reduction, but also adds character to each piece of furniture.

In a bid to meet the ever – growing demand for reclaimed furniture, Suren Space brings for you hotel furniture like the Indian Style Reclaimed Community Table Chairs Set, furniture for stores like the Recycled Wood Hutch Cabinet Display Storage Unit and restaurant furniture like the Multicolored Shabby Chic Reclaimed Dining Set.

Upholstered Furniture Rustic or Boho style furniture, while growing in popularity, may not be suitable for everyone. Today’s fast – paced lifestyle increasingly calls for more style, comfort and luxury. The fine finishing, comfortable, yet durable materials and classy appearance make the upholstered furniture an attractive option.

In the industrial furniture segment, you can choose from a Bent Pipe Industrial Leather Bar Brewery Chair, a Canvas Leather Upholstered Industrial Restaurant Chair, a Metal Base Leather Seat Industrial Bar Pub Chair, etc. For the restaurant furniture section, we offer a wide variety of choices, ranging from the Blue Leather Tufted High Back Fine Dine Restaurant Chair, the L Shape Solid Wood Leather Upholstered Corner Restaurant Booth Sofa to the Pure Leather Accent Chair Fine Dine Restaurant Table Set.

Bespoke Furniture Custom – made furniture, created as per your requirements, made just the way you like – that is what bespoke furniture is all about. There are many reasons why custom-built furniture is growing in popularity, even in the Indian furniture arena. Wide variety of choices, higher quality and longevity, unique design, expert advice – the benefits of bespoke Indian furniture are many. Some unique creations of bespoke furniture in Suren Spaces’ collection include the Sand Blasted White Distress Solid Wood Curved Dining Bench Set, the Antique Painted Wheel Design Table Lamp and the Natural Cane Solid Wood Carved Bedroom Hotel Resort Platform Bed.

Who are we?

‘We’ are a furniture manufacturing company, which strives to infuse form and character to raw materials, thereby creating exceptional works of art. Our talented team takes great care in the manufacture, polishing and final inspection of our products, after which they are ready for delivery across the globe. Our competitive wholesale pricing makes our products even more attractive

Ever since Suren Space embarked on this exciting journey, we have created value across India and the globe. Our ever – growing network of happy customers can testify to this fact.

Our projects range from hotels and camps to restaurants and salons.