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Suren Space Your Trusted Premium Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers in India

Suren Space is one of the top-notch bedroom furniture manufacturers and hotel bedroom furniture suppliers in the country. Our collection of customizable bedroom furniture fits various needs, from custom-built bedroom furniture to ready-made classics, so you can find the perfect match.

Whether you require high-quality, handcrafted pieces, or customizable options, we have it all. Take a tour of bedroom furniture design ideas illuminated by Indian traditions, all while appreciating the comfort of commercial and wholesale options.

Elevate Your Bedroom with Suren Space’s Bedroom Furniture

1. Custom-Built Bedroom Furniture: Your Dream, Your Design

Voice your creativity with our custom-built bedroom furniture. Design your furniture to serve you, from the materials utilized to the design, guaranteeing that it complements your preference and style. Your dream bedroom is just a design away.

2. Handcrafted Marvels: The Artistry of Indian Furniture

We take satisfaction in our handcrafted bedroom furniture. Every piece is a respect to Indian craftsmanship, featuring complex details and timeless design. These handcrafted pieces bring the rich inheritance of India to your bedroom.

3. Ready-Made Furniture Sets: Convenience Meets Style

For those pursuing comfort and quick solutions, our ready-made furniture sets are the perfect option. These versatile sets contain all the requirements, making it easier than ever to transform your bedroom.

4. Commercial Offering: Tailored for Your Business

Suren Space isn’t just for homeowners. We offer commercial options, tailor-made for hotels, resorts, and other businesses. Upgrade your workplace with our high-quality, durable furniture that blends style and functionality.

5. Wholesale Bedroom Furniture: The Ideal Choice for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking for wholesale bedroom furniture have come to the right place. Suren Space offers bulk options that guarantee quality and affordability. Explore the possibilities of bulk purchases with us.

6. Sustainable Furniture: A Greener Tomorrow

In our responsibility to sustainability, we offer recycled and eco-friendly bedroom furniture options. Choose furniture that not only embellishes your bedroom but also lends itself to a greener planet.

7. Made to Order: Personalized Bedroom Furniture

Furniture for your bedroom should mirror your personality. Our made-to-order service allows you to customize the bedroom furniture to your accurate specifications.

8. Indian Style Bedroom Furniture: Embrace Tradition and Elegance

Indian-style bedroom furniture reflects tradition and elegance. Discover a range that echoes the rich legacy of India, delivering timeless beauty and sophistication.

9. Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas: Inspired by Indian Traditions

Get inspired with our bedroom furniture design ideas that draw from Indian traditions. Explore innovative and functional ways to improve your bedroom’s appeal and functionality.

Why Choose Suren Space for Your Bedroom Furniture Needs?

A Wide Range of Options

Our extensive catalog responds to a wide range of needs. From classic and traditional designs to modern and contemporary styles, you will find it all under our roof.

Quality Craftsmanship

At Suren Space, we don’t just sell furniture; we deliver handcrafted marvels. Our talented artisans infuse every piece with complex details, twisting them into pieces of art.

Customization at Its Best

If you have a unique concept for your bedroom, we are here to bring it to life. Our custom-built bedroom furniture service guarantees that every detail is in line with your preferences.

Convenience Meets Style

For those desiring quick options, our ready-made furniture sets are created to offer convenience without compromising on style. These sets have all the essentials, making it effortless to transform your bedroom.

Commercial Excellence

Businesses striving to renovate their spaces have found a reliable partner in Suren Space. Our commercial offerings are designed for hotels, resorts, and various enterprises, making them functional and stylish.

Creative Inspiration

Looking for bedroom furniture design ideas? Explore our handpicked collection inspired by Indian traditions. We offer creative and practical ways to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic and functionality.

Elevate your bedroom with Suren Space’s top-quality, customizable, and handcrafted furniture. As one of India’s prominent bedroom furniture manufacturers and hotel bedroom furniture suppliers, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and style. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, explore our extensive range, and transform your bedroom into a cozy and stylish retreat. Whether you are seeking traditional Indian designs or contemporary solutions, Suren Space has it all. Your bedroom’s transformation awaits!

Bedroom Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in India

A bedroom is a place in a home that truly reflects your taste and personal style while giving you uncompromising comfort. Therefore, it is important that the furniture of the room looks organized, space-efficient, and inviting. It is incomplete without the addition of a proper furniture set. So here, “SUREN SPACE”, a JODHPUR(INDIA) based “BEDROOM FURNITURE manufacture, exporter, wholesaler & supplier company recommends you to buy “BEDROOM FURNITURE SET” from its online furniture store. Our Gold range of Bedroom Furniture will give you a comfortable & relaxing zone in your bedroom area with good, sound sleep. 

Here, we recommend you our latest categories of beds so that you can find the best suitable one for your bedroom:


Our latest collection of “PLATFORM BEDS” consists of a bed frame that is designed to provide a flat foundation. These types of beds are manufactured very close to the ground, hence they are very stable. The smooth platform surface provides firm support to your mattress which is better for maintaining posture during sleep. All the products are crafted with superior quality of material( wood, metal, etc.) hence, ensuring great durability and robustness.


You will fall in love by seeing the structure of our FOUR-POSTER luxurious beds. These are amazingly designed in rectangular shape which is unique and also gives a Royal Traditional vibe to the bedroom so that you will have a royal sleep. These types of beds are called “a room within a room”. So if you want to transform your bedroom into a luxurious and modern-meets-medieval, these four-poster beds are simply a must-have for you.


“SUREN SPACE” provides a myriad of single bed designs for your bedroom. From traditional to modern frames, we have a fabulous collection of single bed designs, which will be best suitable for a single person. So Beauty, utility, and durability, you will find all the three things in our single bed designs.


King-sized beds offered by “SURENSPACE” will give you a classy look with ample storage options with sleeping comfort. These are broad enough hence, more than one person can sleep well and get a comfortable sound sleep. It will be the best option for you if you have a large bedroom. Our great range of beds has durability, style & sturdiness. 


Queen size beds are relatively smaller than King size beds, but these also give you utmost comfort while sleeping with another person. So our queen size beds are also designed broad enough for large bedroom space. Our great range has various designs with lots of features that you will love after seeing the collection.


BUNK BEDS are the special types of bed in which one frame of the bed is stacked on top of another frame. These look so fantastic in appearance and are commonly used on ships, in the military, in hostels, summer camps, and for kids’ bedrooms. You can explore the whole range in which you will find various categories of bunk beds from metal to wooden.

We Manufactured All the Above-Mentioned Categories of Beds Using Various Types of Material Like :


Wooden beds are designed in both modern and traditional patterns. We use Solid Indian Wood, sheesham wood, mango wood, acacia wood, pine wood, engineer wood, and teak wood in manufacturing. So you will find various options while choosing the best one for you.

Metal :

 Our Metal made beds are robust and sturdy in structure in which premium quality iron & steel are used for construction. Various designs are available in this category, showcasing some of the best metal beds in excellent finishes and you will see great craftsmanship in these beds. 


Our fabric beds hold a unique form of comfort. Premium quality fabric on our bed makes them so snugly so that you can enjoy some leisurely hours while sleeping. You will see a variety of designs and patterns of fabric beds at” SUREN SPACE” and can choose the bed that suits best the interiors and decor of your house.

More in the Bedroom Furniture Except for a Bed:

Apart from the Bed, we have an array of multiple furniture products for the bedroom like Bedside & End tables, Dressing Table, Chest of Drawers, Wardrobes, Wall-mounted Shelves, etc. 

What Else Does “Suren Space” Offers:

“SUREN SPACE” provides customization facilities also to our clients. Our skilled craftsmen make new designs as per the client’s requirement. So you can tell us about your choice and send a design to us, we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are also very easy and secure, you don’t have to worry about the payment securities as we have introduced more than one payment method so you can pick one of them for the transaction that will be so easy and secure.

To make things easy, we are honest and straightforward with your intentions so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM we can help you to complete your collections and designs partially or completely and we will provide you all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom.