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Discover Exquisite Hotel Bed Designs in India: Luxurious Comfort for Hospitality Spaces

Welcome to Suren Space, your premier destination for hotel beds in India. We specialize in designing and manufacturing exquisite hotel beds that combine style, comfort, and durability. Elevate the aesthetics and comfort of your hospitality environment with our exceptional hotel bed designs.

What is the History of the First Bed?

The oldest known ‘bed’ in the world, according to National Geographic, was discovered in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, over 77,000 years ago. The bed was approximately 12 inches thick and a staggering 22 square feet. It consisted of layers of plant material gathered into mats.

Later, wealthier citizens of ancient Rome slept on raised beds made of metal, with woven metal support. Beds then became a means to display one’s social status. Typically, these beds were constructed with heavy wood and elevated high above the floor. In some cases, they were made so high that a step stool was required to reach them. These beds were exceedingly expensive.

During the 18th century, beds became simpler in style and were often surrounded by heavy curtains. While beds were still typically made of wood, metal bed frames started to gain popularity. Iron bed frames also emerged during this period, as they were effective in deterring and eliminating bugs that burrowed into wooden bed frames. In the 20th century, the invention of the box spring arose, which made sleeping surfaces more stable and less lumpy.

1. How was the Bed in the Earlier Days?

In the early centuries, bedding usually consisted of a mixture of cotton flat sheets, fur from deer, bears, and other wild animals, as well as heavy woven fabrics.

2. How is the Beds Nowadays?

Nowadays, bed linen is a key part of the hotel experience, and significant advances in technology have made high quality and comfort an expected standard.

What can a Hotel Bed be Used for?

A bed is a piece of furniture that is used as a place to sleep, relax, or engage in other activities. Most modern beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting on either a solid base, wood slats, or a sprung base. Beds are available in various sizes, ranging from infant-sized bassinets to small beds for adults or single individuals, as well as large queen and king-size beds designed for two people.

Most beds consist of single mattresses on a fixed frame. However, there are other types of beds available, such as Murphy beds that fold into a wall, sofa beds that fold out from a sofa, and bunk beds that provide two mattresses on two tiers along with a ladder to access the upper tier.

What are the Different Types of Beds?

1. Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed is a bed that can be adjusted to various positions. Most hospital beds are adjustable to help patients find comfortable positions for relaxation. Adjustable beds are also commonly found in private homes. Additionally, some adjustable beds are designed for couples, where one partner can lie flat for sleep while the other partner can elevate their head and shoulders for reading or watching television.

2. Air Bed

An air bed utilizes an air-inflated mattress connected to an electric air pump and offers adjustable firmness controls. It can be easily rolled up and packed, making it convenient for travel or temporary guest use.

3. Bassinet

A bassinet is a bed specifically designed for newborns.

4. Box Bed

A box bed is a bed that takes the form of a large box with wooden roof, sides, and ends, and typically opens in the front with two shutter or sliding panels.

5. Brass Beds

A brass bed features a frame constructed entirely of brass. On the other hand, a brass-plated bed is a more affordable option made of iron with a thin brass coating, where the iron is exposed.

6. Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a type of bed that consists of two or more beds stacked on top of each other. Bunk beds are commonly used for children in private homes, for adults in military barracks, and for children and teens in summer camps.

7. Loft Bed

A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed, with the key difference being that it does not have a lower bunk.

8. Captains Bed

A captain bed is a platform bed that features drawers and storage compartments built-in underneath.

9. Camping Beds or Camping Cots

A camp bed is a simple, temporary, and portable bed used by campers and armies. Cots are also used to provide a sleeping surface for homeless people during disasters and floods.

10. Canopy Beds

A canopy bed is similar to a four-poster bed, as it features posts at each corner. Canopies, made of cloth, are often hung from the top of the posts and may completely enclose the bed.

11. Canopy Bed Curtains

A curtained bed is a luxurious bed that features curtains.

12. Day Bed

A daybed is a couch that serves as a seat during the day and as a bed at night. It often features a pop-up trundle that can be used as an additional bed during nighttime.

13. Futon Sofa Bed

A futon is a traditional style of Japanese bed that consists of a mattress placed on a wooden frame.

14. Four Poster Bed

A four-poster bed is a bed with four posts, one in each corner, which support a tester.

15. Hammock Bed

A hammock is a suspended piece of fabric commonly used on ships and sometimes in homes.

16. Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are typically adjustable, allowing for the raising or lowering of the head or feet.

17. Infant Beds or Hospital Baby Bed

An infant bed is a small bed specifically designed for babies and infants.

18. Iron Beds or Metal Bed

An iron bed is a type of bed constructed primarily of iron and steel. Iron beds were developed around 1850.

19. Manjaa (Charpie)

Manjaa is a traditional Punjabi bed consisting of tied ropes bordered by a wooden frame.

20. Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, is a type of bed that can be folded up into a wall or cabinet to save space.

21. Sofa Beds

It is a folding bed that is stored inside a sofa.

22. Rope Urban Charpai Bed/Chaarpoy

A rope bed is a pre-modern bed that features a wooden frame with crossing ropes that support a single mattress filled with down.

23. Toddler Bed

A toddler bed is a small bed designed for young children.

24. Vibrating Massage Bed

A vibrating bed is a modern bed that incorporates a motor, typically located off-center, to produce vibrations.

25. Waterbed

It typically consists of a flexible plastic mattress filled with water.

What are the Different Types of Bed Frames?

Bed frames, also known as bedsteads, are typically made of wood or metal. The frame consists of head, foot, and side rails. In larger frames, the bed frame may also include a center support rail.

  • Platform– typically used without a box spring.
  • Captain– has drawers lower the frame to make use of the space between the floor and the bed frame.
  • Waterbed– a heavy duty frame built specifically to support the weight of the water in the mattress.

Headboards and footboards can be made of wood or metal. They can be stained, painted, or covered in fabric or leather.

Bed rails are typically made of wood or metal and are attached to a headboard and footboard.

Bed rails and frames are commonly secured to the bed posts using knockdown fittings. Knockdown fittings allow for easy dismantling of the bed for removal.

Primary knock-down fittings for bed rails are as follows-

  • Pin-and-hook fastener
  • Plate-and-hook fastener
  • Bed-bolts

What Makes a Hotel Bed so Comfortable?

A perfect night’s sleep is arguably the most important aspect a hotel can offer its customers. It is the primary experience that guests undergo and remember.

  1. The bed should have proper ventilation throughout the day, and housekeeping should ensure the circulation of fresh air.
  2. Hotel beds need to withstand frequent use while maintaining an appealing and comfortable appearance.
  3. Mattresses on the bed should be regularly rotated and replaced as they have a limited lifespan.
  4. The addition of contract-quality mattress toppers with good filling can provide an extra level of comfort.
  5. Hotel beds should be durable to withstand rigorous use, while also maintaining an attractive and comfortable feel.

Top Tips When Choosing the Best Hotel Bed

1. Visit a Online Hotel Bed Store

Visit a store that allows you to try different styles, shapes, and designs to ensure that you find a suitable bed.

2. Don’t Just Look at it, Try it’s Comfort

Everyone is different, and not every bed is suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is always advisable to try out a bed before making a purchase.

3. Choose a Couple Bed

When sharing a bed, it is important to choose a bed that is spacious and comfortable enough for both individuals.

4. Choose Best Bed For Back Pain Relief

A good bed should accommodate the size, shape, and specific needs of the sleeper. If you experience back pain, an adjustable bed can be a suitable choice as it offers greater comfort.

5. Budget Friendly

While choosing a bed, it is important to ensure that the bedding not only fits your bedroom and personal taste but also falls within your budget.

6. Best Material Used

Beds are made from a variety of materials such as brass, wood, iron, stainless steel, or cane. The choice of material ultimately depends on personal preference.

7. Invest in Quality

Always look for a bed that offers good value for the price.

8. Make Sure it Looks Good as Well as Feels Good

If you want a stylish bed that adds character to a room, headboards are a must. You can choose from a variety of great designs in metal or wooden headboards.

9. Give Yourself Room to Spread Out

If you have a reasonably sized bedroom and your partner often takes up a lot of space in bed, consider investing in a king-size bed.

Why to Choose Suren Space as for Hotel Beds Designs in India?

Suren Space Furniture” is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various types of beds. You can visit our website to explore our extensive collection of beds suitable for hotels and resorts.

By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you can make the right selection of a bed based on factors such as color, design, type, and available space. At Suren Space Furniture, we prioritize the needs of our customers and manufacture beds that are not only of high quality but also come at pocket-friendly prices.

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