I like the designs of your furniture and wish to order them. How should I order it?

Placing an order with Suren Space is very simple. You just have to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Select the items you want to purchase on the product section of our website.

  1.  EMAIL : You can write down codes of items you choose and then send it to us on design@surenspace.com .
  2. ADD TO QUOTE : If you want to make it easier, simply tap the items you want to buy and then tap add to cart. Then press submit cart, your product information will be submitted to us.
  3. WHATSAPP : You can also share the same design code over the whatsapp +91-63777-12297 on this phone no. or share the product picture.

As soon as we receive the details of your product cart, subsequently, we will provide you with all the information of products including the price.

Once you finalize the order, we will complete the process of order.

What is the company’s policy in regards to the sampling of designed-Custom furniture?

We try all the possible way to offer you the best-designed products along with the best quality. We understand the designer’s itch.

In some rare instances, our available designers don’t give you the apex of satisfaction so significant for you as a purchaser of exceptionally planned products then we can dedicate yourself to rest by giving you our Bespoke Designs administrations.

Under Suren Space Bespoke designs that is used to customize the furniture exactly as per your specification. With our service of Bespoke designs, you can enjoy the choice of your desired custom-made items as per your desire.

In regards to sampling the designs of custom made products, kindly note:

  1. To prepare a sample it takes around 15 days, the initial time we take to start with the processing of design.
  2. Sampling requires additional effort, in very rare cases the sample doesn’t result in the form of an order. The company may charge basic market rate and also additional premium to the production of one-time, subject to the standard discretion.
  3. That stated, a directing principle we work is to charge for the administrations just when we have raised the value of the project. Thus, many of the project related to sampling won’t be charged even though it does not turn to be an order.
  4. Please note that the company does not levy sampling charges on any samples that will result in orders which are successful.

Note: For personalized designed products which are of Minimum Order Value (MOV) and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) principles should be fulfilled.

Kindly contact us, to understand how Suren Space Bespoke services of design can add supreme value as the co-partners of manufacturing of your project.