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“SUREN SPACE” represents a complete range of “COUNTRY FURNITURE.” As a country furniture manufacturer, we manufacture and export the furniture made by our skilled country craftsmen. Our country furniture is the best example of such furniture in our Indian folk art category. Country style furniture is a broad term in the furniture industry because European, French, and American furniture styles fall under this category. 

American country style furniture

American country furniture includes oak or pine in furniture manufacturing, and it is one of the essential characteristics of American country furniture. American country-style furniture looks a bit weathered, naturally worn, and rustic. A lot of ornamentation is found in the legs and other furniture parts. American country furniture is painted, stained, and varnished. These are handmade by the local crafts persons of the country.

French Country Style Furniture

French country-style furniture represents extreme simplicity, as this type of furniture is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. French-style furniture always focuses on warm and subtle colors like soft yellows, giving a creamy and natural finish look. The French-style furniture look comes from the rural valleys of southern France. We can say that French-style furniture is more or less the French version of Rustic.

European Country Furniture Style 

Walnut is the most commonly preferred wood in manufacturing furniture in the “European Style.” Curved shapes with soft lines and colorful accents, fluffy upholstered furniture, layered fabrics, and splendid artwork are the features of French Style Furniture. European style furniture refers to the royal Maharaja look. 

Now, let’s discuss our Indian country-style furniture design. With an Indian accent that brings a weathered aesthetic and an old-fashioned aura in the surroundings, our Indian Country style furniture often includes rustic design furnishings. This decoration style has gained a lot of popularity because of the feeling of simple living and high thinking. Our country’s furniture is sturdy in structure, delicate in design, and restricted in its type. It is characterized by natural wood, neutral colors (natural & white), and simple patterns. 

Our Indian Country style furniture is marked by local characteristics, manufactured from materials locally available by local craftspeople, and sometimes by the influence of our rural and urban styles of furnishings. Hence, you will see various country styles, furnishing inspired by “Nature.” Here we are showing you some categories of country furniture that have been manufactured by “SUREN SPACE” and have gained a lot of popularity :


This solid wood-made side table is specially manufactured for resorts and camps/tents. It has a fabulous natural finish, which is inspired by “Nature.” The natural color gives an attractive look, which falls into the “COUNTRY FURNITURE” category. Solid wood makes the structure so sturdy and firm.


The beautiful-looking solid wood-made side table was constructed especially for the “bedroom.” This exquisite piece of art can make your bedroom corner a dreamy place, which can steal everyone’s heart at first sight because it has a whitewash finish inspired by “COUNTRY FURNITURE,” giving this product a natural look. 


 This beautifully hand-carved, console table adds a sufficient amount of functionality and utility. The sleek design and distressed white finish over the product make it stylish furniture under the category of “COUNTRY FURNITURE.” You can place this beautiful console table near the sofa or couch. If you put it as a side table, it will also give the space a welcoming aura. 


Our pure solid wood-made, whitewashed dining table & chair set can be used in your restaurant, cafe, food court, and lounge. It will be suitable for a complete family at a time and enhance the pleasure of dining to give your customers a perfect family time with delicious food and super comfort. 


This fabulous coffee table is constructed using premium quality solid wood, which includes an unseen structure at the base, and the tabletop holds a bowl-like shape over it. The white finish over the frame gives the product a natural and fabulous look with a peaceful vibe.

Well, it’s impossible to describe all the categories and products that we offer, so apart from the types of furnishings mentioned above, you can explore “SUREN SPACE” for more products. We also offer a customization facility to our clients. You can customize the product according to your desires and needs. “SUREN SPACE” has provided bespoke furniture in European, French, and American styles. So send us an order, and we will make your dreamy furniture come true.

How Can We Help You with Importing?

The product is smooth and hassle-free, but our online purchasing gateways for buyers are also so soft and hassle-free because we have included secure payment methods with various options. Timely delivery of the furniture pieces would be ensured by us so that you will surely enjoy the convenience of shopping from us in every possible way. Another bright perk, “SUREN SPACE,” offers an OEM ( equipment manufacturer) facility. So, as an OEM, we can help you complete your designs partially or wholly and provide you with all the advantages from manufacturing a product to its final packaging, including handling shipping and customs.