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Suren Space: Leading Industrial, Retro, and Rustic Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler in India

Suren Space is your exclusive destination for industrial, retro, and rustic furniture online in India. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we are dedicated to delivering you with a diverse and outstanding range of furniture that adopts these unique styles. Whether you’re a fan of industrial chic, an enthusiast of retro recollections, or fascinated by the warmth of rustic magnetism, we deliver something unique for you.

Industrial Furniture India: Where Craftsmanship Meets Utility

Industrial furniture is more than a trend; it’s a design philosophy that honors form and function. At Suren Space, we’ve adopted this ethos wholeheartedly. Our collection of industrial furniture in India is a testimony to the union of raw materials, robust design, and usefulness.

From solid steel frames to reclaimed wood, our pieces showcase the industrial aesthetic in all its treasures. Each item describes a story of craftsmanship and purpose. Whether it’s a sturdy industrial dining table or a rustic bookshelf with an industrial edge, you’ll find pieces that are not just practical but also conversation starters.

Our dedication to realism means that every element of industrial furniture we offer reflects personality and individualism. We believe in the power of industrial design to transform spaces, adding a characteristic of urban sophistication that’s both timeless and modern.

Retro Furniture India: A Journey Back in Time

Retro furniture India carries you on a pleasant journey back in time, eliciting memories of bygone eras. Our retro furniture collection is a homage to the iconic designs of the mid-20th century that have persisted in delighting hearts and inspiring interiors.

What is retro style furniture, you ask? It’s a combination of retro style with the style of the present. Working as a retro furniture wholesaler, we deliver everything from vintage-inspired sofas to retro-chic armchairs. These pieces are more than furniture; they are manifestations of memories and uniqueness.

Whether you’re creating a retro-inspired nightclub or adding a glimmer of vintage appeal to your space, our retro furniture collection has you covered. It’s about honoring the designs that have endured the test of time and enduring satisfaction to spaces.

Rustic Furniture Online India: Embrace the Warmth of Nature

If you’re tempted by the magnetism of rural landscapes and the warmth of natural materials, our rustic furniture collection in India will speak to your soul. Rustic furniture is all about celebrating imperfections, embracing the organic, and inviting nature into your home.

At Suren Space, we’ve curated a range of rustic furniture online in India that captures the significance of simplicity and authenticity. From solid wood rustic dining tables to cozy rustic beds, our collection brings the outdoors inside, creating a relaxing and inviting environment.

Each piece of rustic furniture signifies a story of craftsmanship and nature’s influence. Our dedication to sustainability means that the wood we utilize is sourced responsibly, guaranteeing that your furniture not only looks beautiful but also praises the environment.

Rustic Retro Furniture: Where Past and Present Unite

For those who admire the charm of both retro and rustic, our rustic retro furniture collection delivers an excellent combination of the two. It’s a festivity of vintage design imbued with the warmth of natural materials.

Imagine a rustic retro dining table where family gatherings become timeless moments or a vintage-inspired rustic coffee table that’s both functional and a conversation piece. Our rustic retro furniture allows you to adopt the magnificence of the past while living in the present.

Whether you’re furnishing a comfortable alcove or revamping your entire living space, our rustic retro furniture adds character and personality to every corner.

Experience the Fusion of Styles with Suren Space

At Suren Space, we don’t just offer furniture; we offer experiences. Our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and design innovation positions us as a leading industrial, retro, and rustic furniture manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler in India.

We are more than just furniture aficionados; we are storytellers of style. Our pieces not only meet functional needs but also evoke emotions and memories. Whether you’re aiming to imbue an industrial edge into your decor, bring a touch of retro memories to your home, or bask in the warmth of rustic simplicity, Suren Space is your destination.

From industrial furniture in Jodhpur to industrial furniture suppliers across India, we cater to a diverse clientele, including industrial furniture exporters and retro furniture wholesalers. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction pushes us to continually grow our offerings and explore new horizons in design.

Industrial Style Furniture Range

Furniture plays an important role in our lives. It is a reflection of our attitude towards life, our personality, of who we are. Every piece of furniture that we adorn our homes with has a history of its own, a story to tell, a reason to celebrate its existence. The term ‘furniture’ is deceptively simple – it encompasses a whole range of furniture styles, from industrial furniture to boho furniture, from retro furniture to contemporary furniture, from rustic furniture to shabby chic furniture. The type of furniture also depends on whom it is meant for –hotels, resorts, restaurants, pubs, offices, furniture stores, etc.

Suren Space, a furniture company from Jodhpur, is a leading player in the Indian furniture industry. With over 15 years of experience as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of unique masterpieces – be it for home, for office, for import or for projects – Suren Space has become a household name when it comes to furniture that’s a class apart.

Some of the niche areas where Suren Space has carved a name for itself include Industrial furniture, Retro furniture and Rustic furniture. While industrial furniture is a style that draws inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, rustic furniture is all about bringing the great outdoors into your home. Retro furniture, on the other hand, pays homage to styles that were popular in the 1950s to 1970s, and are regaining nostalgic appeal. Since the lines distinguishing the various styles are slightly blurry, delving deeper into each style of furniture will bring about a better understanding.

Vintage Industrial Furniture Collection at Suren Space

Suren Space, a leading supplier of industrial furniture from Jodhpur, brings toy ou a whole range of industrial furniture, suitable for multiple purposes.  From hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and tents to office spaces, import purposes and project requirements, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

1. For hotels, resorts, tents etc.: Many luxury hotels around the world have humble origins – old warehouses, abandoned factories, refineries, etc. In keeping with their origins, these hotels adopt the industrial furniture décor style.

  • Iron Mesh Work Black Finish Industrial Side Table
  • Metal Base Rough Solid Mango Wood Industrial Bedroom Side Table
  • All-Weather Proof Metal Industrial Comfortable Outdoor Chair
  • Metal Glass Minimalist Regular Industrial Table

2. For restaurants, bars, breweries, pubs, etc.: With the growing popularity of the ‘industrial look’, many restaurants and bars are incorporating the industrial style of furniture in their establishments.

  • Bent Metal Industrial Outdoor Bistro Chair
  • Canvas Leather Upholstered Industrial Restaurant Chair
  • Cast Iron Live Edge Folding Industrial Bar Table
  • Industrial Black Metal Bar pub Brewery Counter Chair

3. For furniture stores: In keeping with the changing furniture styles, furniture stores have a growing collection of upscale, handcrafted industrial furniture.

  • Blue Distress Restaurant Theme Industrial Light
  • Mango Wood Natural Finish Industrial Bench
  • Dual Wheel Reclaimed Top Industrial Restaurant Table
  • Indian Recycled Boat Wood Metal Frame Industrial Wardrobe

Industrial Rustic Furniture for Sale on Suren Space from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Rustic furniture is another of Suren Space’s popular furniture categories. A leading player in the Indian furniture industry, with a well-equipped factory in Jodhpur, Suren Space brings to the table a unique range of handcrafted designs. Solid Indian wood like Teak and Sheesham and natural stone like Granite and Marble are predominantly used to create an exclusive array of rustic furniture.

1. For the hospitality industry: Furniture made out of wood that is stained or varnished to create a unique, rustic look is in great demand. Apart from creating a warm and natural look, rustic furniture used by the hospitality industry also promotes a sense of comfort and privacy – which is highly valued by the guests.

  • Rustic Finish Fridge Pattern Box Shape Night Stand
  • Indian Mango Wood Rustic Finish Metal Center Table
  • Mango Rough Finish Rustic Cycle Design Floor Lamp
  • Mango Wood Rustic Finish Serving Trolley

2. For restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros: More and more restaurants and cafes are advertising their commitment to healthy and organic food by adopting rustic furniture styles.

  • Rustic Round Wheel Live Edge Acacia Wood Bistro Café Table
  • Casting Rustic Finish Folding Bar Table with Solid Wood Top
  • Bent Metal Rustic Outdoor Compact Coffee Table
  • Cast Iron Folding Rustic Finish Raw Inspire Dining Set

3. For offices: Offices are no longer seen as formal, sterile workspaces. Instead, ensuring the comfort of the employees by creating a cozy atmosphere is becoming more and more important.

  • Rustic Finish Dome Inspire Metal Hanging Lamp
  • Rustic Finish Metal Unique Design Hutch cum Display Rack
  • Rustic Glass Door Industrial Inspire Almirah cum Display Cabinet
  • Rustic Mango Ruff Wood Finish Half Round Center Table

Industrial Furniture Ideas – What is Industrial Furniture Style?

The Industrial furniture style has its origins in the Industrial Revolution that began in Great Britain in the 18th century. With the advent of factories and mass production, simple, practical and hardy furniture became the need of the hour. Fast forward to the mid-20th century. With an increasing dearth of affordable housing, old, abandoned factories started getting a new lease of life as living spaces. The homes that were thus created maintained the industrial skeleton of the buildings, with exposed piping, support beams and wooden floors. Industrial furniture style, thus, is a revolutionary combination of raw and refined, form and function, old and new. It is characterized by coarse structures, the predominant use of wood and metal and simple, clean designs. In other words, Industrial furniture is what would look perfect in an early 20th century factory building. The demand for industrial furniture in India is rapidly increasing. Industrial furniture manufacturers from India are not only catering to the domestic market, but are also exporters to the global market. Industrial furniture from India is known for solid quality, durability, the use of termite – and fire – resistant materials and extremely competitive pricing.

What is Industrial Rustic Style Furniture?

As the name implies, ‘Rustic’ refers to the countryside, to the outdoors. The rustic furniture style is all about the natural look – weathered, wooden furniture, natural fabrics and simple designs. The origin of the rustic style of furniture dates back to the days of the early settlers in America, when civilization and Nature were interdependent. Homesteads were simple and were furnished with whatever materials were available nearby. This preference for simple living and ‘natural surroundings’ continues to this day. Rustic furniture focusses on warmth, comfort and creating an inviting atmosphere. In today’s ultra-modern world, where concrete is the only jungle we can see, the rustic furniture style creates a cozy, comforting pocket of Nature inside our very homes. One of the defining characteristics of rustic furniture is the use of natural materials. Wood, stone and fabrics like burlap and canvas are primarily used. The colour scheme is muted, with earth tones like beige and brown creating the desired ‘natural’ look.

What is Industrial Retro Furniture in India?

The term ‘retro’, derived from the Latin word for former or behind, refers to the imitation or adoption of styles or fashion trends that were once in vogue. The Retro furniture style encompasses all those furniture trends that were once the rage – during the 1950s to the 1980s – but gradually lost favour. Retro furniture traces its origins to the Bauhaus style. The Bauhaus was an art school established in Germany in 1919, whose main aim was to unify creativity and modern manufacturing.

Like the Bauhaus style, retro furniture is also all about nostalgia and inspiration from the past. A walk through the decades that inspire retro furniture will make it easier to understand what retro furniture is all about. The 1950s was a decade of getting back on one’s feet after WWII. Mass production, new homes that were smaller than the pre-war era, modern furniture designed to create a sense of space, the use of materials like vinyl and laminate – all these contributed to the development of the retro style of furniture. Kitchen décor like bar stools and big chrome appliances are inspired by this decade.

A decade of rebellion and boldness, the 1960s saw the introduction of bright, bold colours and vibrant patterns. Retro furniture from this decade include sideboards, low coffee tables and lava lamps. As the ‘70s came around, sleek gave way to bulky, bright colours were replaced by muted, earth tones. Plastic and semi – wooden furniture, moulded chairs and sofas are a throwback to this time period.

The 1980s saw the revival of the art deco movement of the 1920s, with vibrant colours, country – western styles, geometrical and floral patterns, etc. This decade contributed mirrored furniture, sideboards and dressers to the world of retro furniture. In a nutshell, the whole range of furniture styles and designs that developed over this period is now what is known as retro furniture.

Rustic Bar Vintage Furniture Supplier from India to the World

India has made a mark for itself as a manufacturer and exporter of retro furniture worldwide. Smooth, natural wood finish furniture, with an understated, yet classic vibe – which had gone out of fashion after the 1980s – is rapidly becoming a popular choice today. Apart from familiarity, a major reason for the rising demand for retro furniture is the ever – expanding trend of urban living in India and the world, and the consequent need for sleek, lightweight and space-saving furniture. Suren Space is a dominant player in the retro furniture industry, with an extensive collection of furniture designs. The global market also imports a substantial quantity of tailor-made retro furniture from India, especially from Jodhpur.

1. For homes: With retro trends in furniture making a major comeback, many modern homes are being revamped with the ‘retro’ look. Retro furniture, accompanied by matching lighting and accessories, brings about the desired effect.

  • Cast Iron Distress Leather Retro Design Sofa cum Bench
  • Movable Locker Shape Retro Entertainment Unit
  • Aara Finish Mesh Design Retro Bedside Table in Natural Finish
  • Natural Metal Shade Retro Pendant Light

2. For projects: Suren Space has undertaken several projects in commercial spaces across the world. From hotels to restaurants, resorts to camps, retro furniture is in great demand.

  • Cast Iron Multi Wheel Solid Wood Retro Style Center Coffee Table
  • Cross Pattern Retro Style Side Table cum Display Unit
  • Hair Pin Modern Metal Retro Inspire Restaurant Folding Table
  • Reclaimed Wood Metal Frame Retro Bar Pub Chair

3. For hotels, restaurants, bars, etc: The retro style of furniture is providing a complete makeover not only to our homes but also to many restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments.

  • Cast Iron Wheel Industrial Retro Design Coffee Center Table
  • Round Wheel Industrial Reclaimed Retro Style Bar Table

There are various styles of furniture that are redesigning our very lifestyle. A glimpse into some of these styles may make it easier to identify ourselves with the trends that mirror our personality. So, which style are you?