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Black Finish Console Cum Counter Table in Automobile Pattern

Dear Blue Unique Automobile Counter Cum Event Display Unit

Tractor Style Bar Cabinet Cum Console Table

Farmhouse Design Automobile Car Style Reclaimed Wood Bench Sofa

Casting Wheel Center Table

Casting Wheel Heavy Movable Metal Center Coffee Table

Hair Pin Solid Wooden Leg Industrial Center Table

Hand Painted Dual Shade Coffee Table Cum Side Table

Industrial Automobile Tractor Design Console Table

Jodhpur Blue Three-Drawer Distress Console Table

L Shape Mango Ruff White Distress Center Table

Live Edge Metal Cross Leg Center Table


If we talk about today’s scenario, hotel furniture is the most prominent thing in every hotel. The welcoming portion of the hotel, like the lobby area, should be the most pleasant because the hotel lobby is the first area that your guests experience when they arrive at your hotel, and as we all know, “First impressions count for a lot.” So to make the lobby area most comfortable with the luxury look of sitting and waiting, “SUREN SPACE” represents its finest range of “HOTEL LOBBY FURNITURE,” which looks exquisite and gives unmatched comfort to your guests. You can explore different styles and types of furniture for the lobby area.


The hotel lobby is the very first genuine guest experience in a hotel. To make this space more stylish and functional, a proper furniture set will help you make this welcoming area more attractive. It gives your customers higher satisfaction, always resulting in higher business growth. So the lobby area furniture should be thought out, sleek, unique, and the most comfortable, including lobby sofas, chairs, tables, reception desks, a good combination of chairs and tables, coffee tables and center tables, etc. 

                                           The lobby is considered the busiest place in any hotel due to the massive traffic from people coming into the building or leaving. So dark-colored designs that can withstand and hide stains and spills should be used in this area as dark-colored furniture is easy to clean within minutes. Also, ensure they can last several years of constant use.


LOBBY FURNITURE offered by “SUREN SPACE” can be used to make a warm and pleasant environment while your guests wait for service. Our collection of lobby seating has everything from versatile sofas to modular benches. Our Comfortable sofas, loveseats, benches, and chairs will help to make the hotel lobby area feel like home. We offer chairs in a wide variety of styles that are sure to complement any decor. Our Lobby tables provide the perfect place for stacks of magazines to keep your guests entertained while they wait. Also, they can enjoy tea or coffee while sitting. So here, we recommend to you some most loved categories, which are necessary and will be helpful for a welcoming and comfortable hotel lobbies:


 Whether your taste is Modern OR Traditional, Antique OR Contemporary, Classic or Vintage, Retro OR Rustic, Coastal OR Farmhouse, Industrial OR Reclaimed, you will find everything featuring different styles and different seating options, and these sofas tell a lot about the way you wish to treat your guests. These are available in various types and seating options (single-seater, 2-seater or love seats, 3-seater and 4-seater) with multiple options such as Fabric Sofas, Buffed Leather Sofas, Wooden Sofas, Leather Sofas, Rajasthani Gudri Sofas, etc. 


“SUREN SPACE” ranked amongst the top manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers for an excellent range of CHAIRS for the hospitality sector. There are plenty of options to select and buy the best. You can see many chairs’ shapes, sizes, and looks, from tall, narrow units to vast structures. So it will be a piece of cake to find a finish and design that will be a perfect blend of functionality & style. You will see a fantastic collection of armchairs, wing chairs, rocking chairs, folding and stackable chairs, revolving chairs, executive chairs, etc. All are crafted using high-quality raw materials like wood, metal, a good combination of metal & wood, etc. All the products guarantee long-lasting durability and an ever-shining look. Our charming collection of chairs is available in an array of materials and unique designs, so you can briefly browse the uniqueness of every design and the benefits of the material it is composed of.


Just give a big welcome to your guests with our stunning reception desks. These desks will ensure comfort in waiting areas as they can be used to put magazines, pamphlets, and decorative artifacts and as a flat space where guests can book rooms or ask questions. So whether you are looking for a large or small lobby reception desk, we have plenty of options with various designs, sizes, shapes, and materials. All are crafted using high-quality material that ensures the excellent sturdiness and durability of the product. You will also find that we carry several reception tables with ample space or shelving options. 


We offer a wide range of center & coffee tables for the hotel lobby area. These are available in various categories: metal center/coffee tables; retro center & coffee tables; rustic center & coffee tables; handcrafted wooden tables, with or without glasses; a shabby chic coffee table, and many more. All are available in different sizes and shapes ( round, square, and rectangular shapes). So you will find classic as well as modern designs in our online store, which will undoubtedly grab many eyeballs.


So as a furniture manufacturer for your hotel, you will always want to stick with us. We provide convenience and stability to have a trusted partner you can work with to furnish your hotel. You will be able to count on the quality of Indian craftsmanship, source materials, and service every time you contact us. We take every order as our priority and understand its importance for our customers. Our customer care support is always there to help you out. We appoint a manager who oversees the whole work, from the initial inquiry to its final packaging, so you’ll be able to know all the consideration points. If you have any doubts during this time, it’s easy to get hold of us, and we love to hear your advice and offer options to make sure, regarding the product, you will be delighted with the final product.


“SUREN SPACE” provides customization facilities also. So you can tell us about your choice and send a design to us, we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are also very easy and secure; you don’t have to worry about the payment security as we have introduced more than one payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be easy and secure. We are honest and straightforward with your intentions to make things easy, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities to its customers as well. So as an OEM, we can help you complete your collections and designs wholly or partially. We will provide you with all the advantages, from manufacturing a product to its final packaging to handling shipping and customs. So let your lobby area be attractive, comfy, and utilized smartly with “SUREN SPACE.”