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Surenspace Event Furniture is the rental industry’s leading supplier of event furniture. By raising the bar in design and functionality, our mission is to revolutionise event furniture. All of our items are specifically designed and constructed for rental for events. More than a decade ago, as one of the first entrants to the modern event furniture rental market, we spent years designing, perfecting and producing furniture to simplify and withstand the day-to-day demands of industry professionals while offering a sleek and polished look. Our modular systems integrate the latest event design trends with the functionality required by the industry.Profit from our know-how in terms of practise, design and development.

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Event venues need a number of furniture requirements. The tables, the benches, the decorative seats, the lounges, the sofas, the barstools, the moving tables, the folding tables, the portable pars, the pub tables, etc. For a variety of event circumstances, these furniture options allow venues to rent out spaces. Weddings and celebrations, galas and award dinners, dances and graduations, all of which have a few things in common: people, food, and the need for a place to put them all.

There are hundreds of seating and table choices to choose from, with Event Supply. To satisfy all types of customers, stock up on the furniture your venue needs.

The most common of event venue specifications might be tables and chairs, but there are several styles to be careful of. Chiavari resin, plastic or wood chairs do not fold. Stability and a look of permanence were seen. These chairs are common in many event halls in rounded or square shapes.

Folding chairs are just the thing for leasing companies for events. Folding chairs are easy to transport and store, and are available in metal, wood, and resin options. Our chair carts provide a fantastic way to transport these voluminous objects through indoor and outdoor event spaces. And these carts provide a wonderful storage solution when the component is done.

But not all the seating for an event is at a table. Lounges, couches, sofa beds, and luxurious cushioned seats. These can be used in wedding venues for more convenient photo shoot seating arrangements. A few strategically located lounges at parties and galas offer a perfect place to relax after dancing, or for older people who may need to sit for long periods of time.

Both shapes and sizes come with tables. Banquet tables are a great solution to so many specifications for an event. Tables are important for gatherings, ceremonies, and just about every other event you may think of, either circular or rectangular, or in the more rare half circle configuration.For any event rental company, a wide range of folding and durable table options are required, from dining to buffets, from keeping DJ equipment to gifts, from weddings to baby showers. Our line of folding tables is available in plywood and resin.

For more than just event venues, our portable furniture, seating options, event benches, and tables are suitable. The bulk ordering of such items will help restaurants, hotels, convention centres, offices, and even colleges.


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And what about that bar Event Furniture?

We’ve got you covered. Portable bars are just the thing to take on the road for your catering company. Event rental companies know that at almost every event, portable bars are a must-have. We sell not only the bar but also pub tables, bar stools and pub chairs so that any bar arrangement a customer may want can be accommodated by your venue. To help decorate and populate their dining rooms, restaurants take advantage of the consistency and bulk quantities they can order from us. There are wood and metal on our barstools and pub chairs.

Are looking to buy well-tailored event furniture?

Event Decor Direct is the best place for you to get what fits your needs and budget if you are looking to buy well tailored event furniture. We are a well-established business that has supported clients from numerous locations and, for this purpose, we have been able to enhance the event furniture we offer for sale. Because of the many offers, you are bound to get upon buying event furniture, such as bride and groom chairs, from us, you need not worry about the authenticity of our services. Everything you need to do is to visit our restored furniture surenspace site for the best services. All our pricing regulations are in line with what a decor company like us is supposed to have. We are not looking forward to seeing our clients suffer due to overpricing or unfair item valuation.

Offering you a full range of items such as Modern Cross Back Gold Metal Wedding Chair, Round Back Wedding Steel Chair, Cross Back Wedding Chair, Transparent Napoleon Chair, White PP Chiavari Chair and Wooden Bamboo Folding Wedding Chair.

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Don’t worry about the distance there is. We are always committed to ensuring that your event furniture is delivered to your location and at no extra cost. All you need to do is submit your payment and every detail that can help us deliver the furniture for your event. Note that unnecessary delays that may work against your expectations are not exposed to you. For that purpose, we have sufficient staff to deliver your event furniture within the specified time period. For more details regarding the type of items we have in stock and which can complement your event furniture, you can also contact our support to make your event more attractive and unforgettable. All this information is instantly available upon request.

Corporate activities, celebrations, engagements, banquets, or anniversaries take place. At every event, you need to be a good organiser and plan the event from beginning to end. Furniture is an important part of every case, but it can be very exhausting to make these decisions. Here is a guide to event furniture based on a vast amount of event management experience based on surenspace.

Event Furniture types

Celebrations may be performed either outdoors or indoors, depending on the season. The guest seating needs to be distributed throughout the room. This is very easy to do, and there are businesses that specialise in renting different furniture styles:






Let’s see which type of furniture to select, based on the theme or format, as well as the event’s practical needs.

Styles of furniture for events

Your rental of event furniture should comply with the event format you are attempting to plan, as well as the specifications for the location and other activities.

Recently, in-house training sessions and other corporate activities have become very common, lasting from one to several days. You have to pick smart room solutions, like furniture, up to a certain amount. Spacious open spaces and co-working spaces are much easier to rent if the room is filled on your chosen event day. However, you should organise comfortable furniture when you plan to stay at the office. It is a must for even the simplest office chairs and tables.

Event Furniture for dining

Tables and chairs are traditional dining furniture that are mostly used at corporate functions, weddings, awards ceremonies, or banquets on a large scale. Rental of tables and chairs, as well as kitchen equipment, may be an alternative option for corporate events with a large number of seating places where there was no space for the required capacity or the number of guests arriving was too many for the capacity of the venue. Take tables that are rectangular and round. The tables, such as tablecloths, napkins, and table skirts, also have style solutions. You may also carry covers and decorate them or use the seats with fancy bows.

Event Furniture for the bar

If the main feature of the event is the need for people to connect in an informal environment through successful networking, a bar is a good idea. To have a seat, feel comfortable, and communicate openly with each other at the bar counter, you need to find a suitable bar counter and chairs and position them for the guests. In some locations, it is also important to offer trash bins and ashtrays. Kitchen equipment can assist when arranging the drinking of tea. A bar counter, bar chairs, and some appliances can consist of bar furniture.

Furniture for outdoor events

A swimming pool, a lake with artificial fountains, a log bridge, and more may be available. In a picturesque location, the official part of the event can take place. It is also a good place for guests to encourage positive feelings and to find the photographer. With the use of natural materials and warm tones that blend with the natural background, everything you need for an outdoor event is available when selecting furniture and decorating it. Or choose more functional, durable, and sometimes plastic outdoor furniture that does not dirty easily. They often cost less than products that are natural.

Build your own furniture guide for events, and provide event suppliers with as many specifics as possible.

How to put your Event Furniture

While in the room that you have planned, try to put yourself in the role of your guest. Visualize the route from the entrance to the exit for your guests. Is that direction going to mess with furniture? With the aid of the event furniture, you can also cover the room’s shortcomings or decorate it if space allows.

Event seating is arranged a little differently when contemplating weddings organised at a country house with big grounds. Guests sit in two columns, in which the newlyweds march to a storm of applause. Classy chairs made of natural materials such as wood are often appropriately decorated here and positioned in an open room. For dining purposes only, tables with chairs can be put under a tent. It is always monochrome; for wedding seating, white or shades of white are used.

Illumination for event furniture

Lighting can make an event happen or break it. The interior and the external concept of the event are shaped by lighting and furniture. Whether it is a spotlight in the direction of the stage or a light on a stand, the light helps focus attention on the key points of the event. Use colour illumination and lights with varying intensities in conjunction with furniture in certain colours and textures to do this. Lighting, including the furniture, can help to illustrate the desired elements of the décor.

How much Event Furniture are you going to need?

The furniture amount is calculated on the basis of the capacity of the venue, the number of attendees and the number of seats. To decide on furniture and other details, do not hesitate to ask your customer about a potential event spot.

The design idea you chose should affect the mood of the event as a whole. Organizers choose a minimalist style more and more often. This enables individuals to move freely and communicate with each other in space. This is particularly important for activities in which a large number of people join together.

Think of how people can interact with each other when using such a seating arrangement when you arrange furniture. If you plan an outdoor gathering, for example, then bar counters and chairs will encourage the guests’ constant movement behind them, and the small islands with seats will make for more intimate conversations. With the aid of a seating plan, it can be simpler than you thought.

TABLES, TABLES from event furniture

Wide round or rectangular tables are often the best choices for formal dinners and seated receptions. On the other hand, informal events may require only a few shared tables. And setting up cocktail tables can be optimal for activities like corporate parties and non-profit gatherings where guests mingle.

CHAIRS from event furniture

To keep the look unified, you may want to select matching seats, benches or bar stools if you’re renting tables. For a wedding ceremony or presentation-type event, folding chairs are a budget-friendly choice but consider padded chair types to ensure your guests stay relaxed.


Beyond the normal tables and chairs, you may need additional seating. Couches, armchairs and portable furniture for events provide the visitors with cosy places to relax while adding visual appeal as well. Look for colours that complement your party style, or shades that fit your brand for corporate and business functions.

Where Can Buy Event furniture in India?

Easy to buy Event furniture at suren space with offers and buy any location in india

What would be the Event furniture average cost?

The amount is based on the quality of the material and particular products what's you want.

What types of furniture available in Suren Space

Event Tables, Chairs and Sofa more from our site.

In India who is the Event furniture Manufacturers?

Suren Space is the one of the Event furniture Manufacturers in India (Jodhpur)

What will be the delivery time for Event furniture?

Depends on the your locations We deliver - India ,Asia,Europe,Oceania,Africa,North America,South America. and more.

What types of materials used for Event furniture?

The Indian furniture industry encompasses a wide range of styles. One such style that brings out the craftsmanship of the talented Indian artisans is carved furniture. The journey of carved Indian furniture started with the arrival of the Dutch traders. Suren Space is taking this journey forward by leaps and bounds. A perfect example is the Maharaja Inspire Carved High Head Rest Design Indian Hotel Resort Bed, which is sure to be the star attraction of your event furniture.

Why Suren Space Event furniture ?

There are many reasons why Suren Space would be your first choice Event furniture. Whether you are a homeowner or a factory owner, whether your interests lie in canvas or carved furniture, Event furniture, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction will ensure that we meet your every demand. Honesty, integrity and professional team work are the qualities that define Suren Space Event furniture.

what Rustic Style of Event furniture ?

Rustic furniture is a way to bring the great outdoors into your home or workspace. Characterized by the use of mostly natural materials like wood and stone, earthy colours and sturdy fabrics, the rustic style of furniture connects you to Nature.So, if a ‘natural, simplistic look’ is your desire, Suren Space is your destination for Event furniture

Who are we? whats our Event furniture?

‘We’ are a Event furniture manufacturing company, which strives to infuse form and character to raw materials Event furniture, thereby creating exceptional works of art.Our talented team takes great care in the manufacture, polishing and final inspection of our products, after which they are ready for delivery across the globe.Holding a Event in Bangalore and going crazy to find the right decorator for your Event? You can now simply search through all the top wedding decorators, read their reviews, see their ratings from previous customers, and browse through all the Event they have done previously to experience the style.

How to meet us ?

This has been an incredible journey so far, with many milestones achieved along the way and many customers’ dreams fulfilled. We would love to include you in our customer family! If you are interested in being a part of our journey, do reach out to us. Phone: +91-63777-12297 Email: [email protected]

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