Office Chair Manufacturer

Need to write about the office chairs suren space offering for hospitality spaces and corporates clients in different category ( industrial, reclaimed, slipper wood, ) and materials ( wood, metal, leather, etc


Let’s talk about the working hours the professionals spend in the office—a report released recently by the International Labor Organization. India has an average work week of 48 hours; in other countries ​​, a full-time employee in the United States works 45+  hours per week. So comfortable office chairs are a must-have in the office because they support every component of the body and thus help to relieve the body with perfection while keeping the body muscles relaxed.

So to maintain good posture while working is not a big task anymore! Here” SUREN SPACE” represents an exotic collection of Office chairs that can create a stress-free office for your employees. Our fabulous collection of Office Chairs specifies the comfiest definition of office furniture. The convenient shape, back portion, and broad seat ensure comfortability for those who sit for long hours, resulting in productive working hours and higher business growth. 


We used various types of wood like solid Indian mango wood, acacia, pine, teak, Sheesham, and reclaimed wood, which comes from the different regions of our country. A perfect combination of timber and Metal is also used in construction, giving an industrial touch to the product. Apart from Wood and Metal, high-quality Leather is also used in the building for upholstered chairs.



Our collection of these 24 hours chairs is ideal for continuing sitting during work hours. These are fabulously designed with a heavily padded seat and extended backrest for comfortable sitting hours. These are designed using various materials and are available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. 


These are specific, luxurious  OFFICE CHAIRS having a tall back and upholstery sitting option for providing superior comfort and support to the entire upper body. These are ingeniously designed by our excellent artisan team using various materials to give an extra level of comfort that will adorn your office premises. You can choose a high back, mid back, and low back chair from this category according to your desire and comfort.


Our exotic collection of foldable chairs can grab anyone’s attention on the first appearance. These chairs can be used in places where permanent seating is not practical. These are specially designed Metal made chairs with folding options so that you can move them anywhere and play an essential role in keeping us sitting correctly at work. 


Our stackable chairs are a space-efficient solution for the office premises. These fabulously designed chairs can be used to maximize the seating area for an event or meeting, and when it is over, you can neatly stack them away. These are called “Space Maximizers “that take up vertical space, not floor space. Using these chairs makes cleaning the office premises accessible, and they provide excellent suitability and won’t cause fatigue after sitting for an extended period.


The Armless chairs are the particular type of chairs for better seating experience in a minimum space as it consumes less space than armchairs. So they are most suitable for meetings, events, and conferences. Enveloped in high-quality material and upholstery with Premium quality Leather, they ensure great sturdiness and durability. One more feature is that they are compatible with carpet floors.


 A guest chair/reception area chair is a part of your office’s all-important “first impression,” so, with our stunning collection of Reception chairs, we make sure your clients have the most comfortable guest chair while they wait in your office. They are crafted using various superior quality raw materials, ensuring excellent robustness. We offer Reception chairs in multiple sizes, shapes, and finishes in different materials.


We provide a level of convenience and stability to have a trusted partner you can work with furnishing your hotel. You will be able to count on the quality of Indian craftsmanship, source materials, and service every time you contact us. We take every order as our priority and understand how important it is for our customers. That’s why our customer care support is always there to help you. We appoint a manager who oversees the whole work from the initial inquiry to its final packaging, so you’ll be able to know all the consideration points. If you have any doubt during this time, it’s easy to get hold of us, and we love to hear your advice and offer options to make sure that you will be delighted with the final product.


“SUREN SPACE” provides customization facilities also to its clients. So you can tell us about the exact design and material of the side table, and we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are also straightforward and secure; you don’t have to worry about payment security as we have introduced more than one payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be so easy and secure. To make things easy, we are honest and straightforward with your intentions, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM, we can help you to complete your collections and designs partially or entirely, and we will provide you all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom.