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Recycled Furniture From India

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the world of furniture, this first step was taken nearly 5000 years ago, in the ancient Neolithic period. Since wood was still relatively scarce during that time, the stone was predominantly used. Dressers, cupboards and beds were amongst the first forms of furniture created. From ancient Egypt and Greece to ancient Rome and Renaissance Europe, the journey of furniture continued.

Over the centuries, various styles of furniture have developed, gone out of style and made a reappearance. Wicker furniture, for example, made its maiden appearance in the 17th century. The style was in vogue from the Victorian era till the early 20th century. Now it’s rapidly regaining popularity. The roll-top desk – originally conceptualized during the reign of King Louis XV – became a household feature in the 19th century.

Similarly, many pieces of furniture that have survived one lifetime, have received a new lease of life in a completely different form. Materials that were used for a particular purpose are being reused in a completely different way. Modern versions of antique furniture are gaining popularity as an economical way to recreate oldworld grandeur. This is what the world of reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture and reproduction furniture is all about.

Suren Space: Your Place for Recycled and Upcycled Furniture in India

Take a step into a sustainable living world where furniture is more than just functional. At Suren Space, we exceed the traditional, positioning ourselves not just as furniture experts but as stewards of a greener lifestyle. Our mission is clear: redefine living spaces across India through our curated selection of recycled and upcycled furniture. As you explore our diverse collection of recycled furniture in India, anticipate discovering not just pieces of furniture but a combination of custom artistry, the perpetual magnetism of wooden craftsmanship, and an innovative exuberance that characterizes us as prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers. Welcome to Suren Space—where sustainability meets unmatched craftsmanship.

Recycled Reclaimed Furniture

Have you ever seen an old, abandoned factory, or a discarded railway sleeper, and wondered what happens to all that wood? Well, the chair you are sitting on might have been made from that very wood.

The reclaimed furniture industry is based on the concepts of rescue and reuse. When old factories, warehouses and barns fall into disrepair and are abandoned, the wood used for screens, door panels, beams, floor boards, etc. are salvaged from the ruins. This is then repurposed to form beautiful, unique furniture.

So, why is reclaimed wood so popular today?

  • Environment – Probably the biggest advantage of reclaimed wood is that it lessens the strain on our already over-burdened natural resources. Wood that would otherwise go waste is reused to create reclaimed furniture, thereby reducing the need to demolish our already dwindling forests.
  • Old growth wood – Environment conservation efforts across the globe have made it virtually impossible to procure timber from trees that have matured naturally, namely, old growth wood. This type of wood is very sturdy and durable. Most reclaimed wood comes from old growth trees.
  • Character – Reclaimed furniture has the character of old wood that cannot be replicated. Deep hues, distinct patinas and rich grain patterns enhance the character of reclaimed wood furniture.

Countries like India, China and Indonesia, which have a rich tradition of hand-carved wood, have become exporters of reclaimed wood for the rest of the world. Intricately carved door panels and screens from India, for example, are being remodeled into sideboards and bookcases. The Indian furniture industry – with skilled craftsmen creating exquisite pieces of furniture – has been around since the Mughal era. Artisans from Jodhpur are traditionally famous for their intricate, elaborate and unique designs.

Suren Space is a leading manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporter of authentic, eclectic reclaimed wood furniture from Jodhpur, India. From restaurants to offices, from hotels to pubs, the demand for reclaimed furniture is rapidly on the rise. Suren Space is more than ready to meet this demand.

  • For restaurants, bars, etc. – Reclaimed furniture has a personality of its own. More and more restaurants are opting for reclaimed furniture to add a unique charm to their establishments.
    • Distress Cast Iron Reclaimed Wood Adjustable Coffee Table
    • Black Matt White Distress Reclaimed Seating Bar Chair
    • Blue Distress Reclaimed Wood Banquet Table
    • Cast Iron Adjustable Reclaimed Wood Café and Bar Table
  • For homes – In this ever-changing, uncertain world that we live in, reclaimed furniture brings to our living spaces a much-needed sustainability, a sense of belonging and permanence.
    • Metal Finish Reclaimed Wood Two Seater Bench Sofa
    • Indian Reclaimed Wood Fridge Pattern Wardrobe
    • Carved Reclaimed Four Drawer Long Bedside
    • Reclaimed Metal Shabby Chic Center Table
  • For the hospitality industry – Human beings have an innate connection with Nature. This connection is recognized by the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts use reclaimed furniture to create an eco-friendly ambience.
    • Metal Reclaimed Wood Industrial Banquet Event Chair
    • Reclaimed Old Wood Resort Rest Chair
    • Designer Style Indian Reclaimed Wood Four Doors TV Cabinet
    • Traditional Metal Jali Work Indian Style Reclaimed Bedside

Another type of reclaimed furniture that is widely being used today is boat wood furniture. As the name suggests, boat wood furniture is made from wood that has been reclaimed from old boats that are no longer in sea worthy condition. Fishing boats that are too damaged to be used are often found discarded along sea beaches. Since fishing boats are originally built to survive the rough seas, boat wood is usually procured from hardwood like teak and ironwood, thus making it intrinsically hardy and long-lasting.

Another attraction of boat wood furniture is the uniqueness of every creation. Since no two boats are identical, the wood reclaimed from these boats is also unique. Skilled craftsmen try to preserve the naturally aged beauty of the boat wood, which adds charm and authentic character to each boat wood furniture creation.

Suren Space, a leading reclaimed furniture manufacturer and exporter from Jodhpur, has also created a wide array of exclusive boat wood furniture designs to meet the varied market demand.

  • For projects and commercial spaces – Boat wood furniture is in great demand across India and in the overseas market as well. Several hotels, restaurants and resorts are testimony to the quality and standards of Suren Space’s boat wood furniture.
    • Jodhpur Furniture Design Boat Wood Entertainment Unit
    • Old Boat Wood Resort Room TV Cabinet
    • Indian Recycled Boat Wood Metal Frame Industrial Wardrobe
    • Boat Wood Multicolor Three Drawer Bedside Furniture

Old Recycled Furniture From India

The past few centuries have witnessed an ever increasing urge in mankind to develop, to urbanize and become more and more technology dependent. In this frenzy, people have almost forgotten to pause and consider the impact of their activities on the planet. With environmental degradation reaching alarming levels, awareness about Nature and its sustainability is slowly gaining ground.

Like the rest of the world, the furniture industry is also experiencing a growing demand for eco-friendly products. Along with an increased preference for natural materials, minimal use of harmful chemicals and the use of sustainable wood like bamboo, recycled and upcycled furniture is also gaining popularity.

Recycling is synonymous with sustainability, reduced environmental impact and provision for the future. Recycled furniture, thus, uses waste materials that would otherwise have added to the already overflowing garbage dumps and landfills. Toxic industrial waste, disposable food containers and even discarded clothes and shoes – everything is transformed into a usable form to create the most unique and exquisite pieces of furniture.

Why is the trend for recycled furniture so popular today? One of the main reasons is the urgent need to save our planet from further destruction. We live in a world of growing demands and limited resources to fulfil them. The creation of recycled furniture greatly lessens the demand for cutting down more trees. Moreover, by reusing waste materials, furniture companies are also helping to reduce the pile-up and overflow of garbage in landfills.

Another trend that is gaining popularity today is that of upcycled furniture. Like recycled furniture, upcycled furniture also reuses discarded materials, but there is a difference. While recycled furniture uses scrap materials and completely remoulds them to create new furniture, upcycled furniture simply remodels old and discarded pieces of furniture into something that has better use and value. The benefits of upcycled furniture include environmental preservation and the creation of unique, exclusive pieces of furniture.

Furniture manufacturers from India are also contributing to the global effort to preserve Nature. Suren Space, a market leader in custom-made furniture from Jodhpur, has carved a niche for itself in the recycled and upcycled furniture segment as well. From resorts, individual homes and commercial spaces to furniture stores, Suren Space caters to the ever growing demand for recycled and upcycled furniture.

  • For furniture stores – The growing demand for both upcycled and recycled furniture in furniture stores is an indication of the increased awareness about sustainability and eco-preservation in the country today.
    • Old Jeep Upcycled Automobile Console Table
    • Antique Finish Metal Recycled Table Lamp
    • Tractor Style Reclaimed Wood Upcycled Bench
    • Multi-coloured Recycled Old Wood Colourful Chair
  • For commercial spaces – All commercial spaces – from offices and hotels to restaurants and bars – are adopting the trend of environment-friendly recycled furniture.
    • Indian Recycled Old Wood Restaurant Chair
    • Old Metal Polish Box Recycled Hanging Lamp
    • Recycled Distress Unique Canteen Food Court Dining Set
    • Recycled Wood Hutch Cabinet Display Storage Unit
    • Sanitary Pipe and Meter Recycled Table Lamp
    • Indian Recycled Wood Credenza Cabinet
    • Recycled Drum Bench Style Chair

Recycled Antique Reproduction Furniture from India

The adage ‘Old is Gold’ holds especially true for the furniture market. Genuine antique furniture is out of bounds for most of our pockets. What makes matters more confusing is that we may be taking great care of a worthless chest of drawers – believing it to be an antique – while neglecting a really valuable rocking chair. It is very difficult to accurately judge the age and value of any piece of furniture.

To bridge the gap between the demand for antique furniture and its inaccessibility due to its price, antique reproduction furniture has come into vogue. Antique reproduction furniture is the budget-friendly look-alike of the genuine antiques.

There are many reasons why the demand for antique reproduction furniture is greater now than ever before.

  • Timeless – Antique furniture will always be in demand. So, reproduction furniture, which is designed to look like antique furniture, will never go out of style.
  • Practicality – A great advantage of reproduction furniture is that while it looks like the original, it can also be designed to suit modern needs.
  • Quality – Antique reproduction furniture is usually hand-crafted by skilled artisans, using tried and tested traditional furniture manufacturing methods. Unlike mass produced furniture, hand-crafted furniture is more durable. Moreover, since antique furniture is, well, old, it might not be in a very good condition. Antique reproduction furniture, on the other hand, is skillfully created to last a long time.
  • Price – This is the biggest advantage of antique reproduction furniture. We can adorn our homes with timeless creations for a fraction of the original cost.

Suren Space, well known for exclusive designs and skilled craftsmanship, has become a leading player in the antique reproduction furniture market as well. Resorts, offices, restaurants and individual homeowners – the demand for Suren Space’s antique reproduction furniture designs is steadily increasing. Antique Reproduction Storage Unique Resort Sofa

  • Real Old Door Antique Reproduction Resort Room Wardrobe
  • Hand Crafted Indian Antique Reproduction Center Table
  • Old Door Recycled Antique Reproduction Bed

The past is becoming part and parcel of the modern-day world today. Whether it is reclaimed furniture, recycled and upcycled furniture or antique reproduction furniture, treasures from yesteryears are once again decorating our living and workspaces. Trends may come and go, styles may evolve, but beauty is truly timeless.

Recycled Furniture India: Artistry in Sustainability

Explore our recycled furniture collection at Suren Space and find a seamless combination of artistic taste and eco-cognizance. Each piece tells a unique story, a testimonial to our dedication to manufacturing custom furniture customized to your choices.

Wooden Elegance: Quality Workmanship

Suren Space stands as a pioneer in the world of wooden furniture. With meticulous care, we select reclaimed wood, fashioning pieces that exceed mere elegance. Each item not only decorates your space with sophistication but also signifies our dedication to sustainable craftsmanship. By choosing Suren Space, you bring home not just furniture but timeless statements echoing the beauty of nature.

Upcycled Furniture India: A Symphony of Craftsmanship

Our dedication to superiority finds its true expression in our upcycled furniture collection. Here, creativity flows freely, and each piece pays tribute to unparalleled craftsmanship. From repurposed materials materializes a collection that enhances your living spaces and becomes a cherished part of your journey. The ingenuity behind our upcycled designs transforms everyday items into extraordinary, functional works of art.

Crafting Dreams into Reality: Collaborative Design at Suren Space

At Suren Space, collaboration is at the core of our design ethics. Our professional team functions hand in hand with you, translating your ideas into tangible masterworks. Driven by our experienced craftsmen, your concepts evolve into finalized products that exceed your anticipations. This collaborative approach isn’t only about crafting furniture; it’s about setting your aspirations and improving your living experience with custom designs tailored uniquely for you.

Why Choose Suren Space for Recycled or Upcycled Furniture in India?

As the premier recycled furniture provider in India, Suren Space is dedicated to green living and offers an exceptional sustainable design experience. Here’s why we’re your top choice:

1. Leading Eco-Friendly Innovation

Suren Space pioneers eco-friendly furniture, going beyond conventional practices. Our commitment to environmental consciousness shines through innovative designs and sustainable materials, establishing us as leaders in eco-conscious furniture.

2. Nature-Inspired Serenity:

Immerse yourself in the serene allure of our furniture. Suren Space draws inspiration directly from nature, creating pieces that not only complement but elevate your living spaces with tranquility and outdoor beauty.

3. Varied Furniture Choices

Your journey with Suren Space offers diverse furniture options, all reflecting our dedication to sustainability. Whether bespoke pieces, nature-inspired designs, or functional artistry, our collection suits various tastes and preferences.

4. Seamless Style and Functionality

Our furniture doesn’t just serve; it merges style with purpose. Each piece is functional art, shaping your spaces uniquely to match your taste and lifestyle.

5. Artful Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability at Suren Space isn’t jargon; it’s in our DNA. Our skilled team sources and repurposes materials meticulously, giving each piece a story while reducing environmental impact.

6. Ethical Craftsmanship

At Suren Space, ethics are ingrained. Our artisans don’t just craft; they do so ethically, ensuring each step aligns with high standards of fairness and responsibility.

7. Unmatched Recycled Furniture Expertise

Suren Space stands tall as India’s recycled furniture authority. Our expertise in crafting sustainable, chic solutions sets us apart for those seeking quality, innovation, and ethical practices.

Building a Greener Future, Piece by Piece

At Suren Space, furniture means more than objects; it embodies our dedication to sustainability. Each piece mirrors eco-friendly practices, innovative design, and ethical craftsmanship, encouraging a greener lifestyle. Discover sustainable design and ethical craftsmanship at Suren Space, the leading recycled furniture specialist in India.