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As an owner of a HOTEL, You always want to keep returning your guests every time, so first and foremost, you must pay attention to the BEDROOM FURNITURE of the hotel. Since the guests spend most of their time in the Bedroom and always want a comfortable & relaxed zone. Whenever you give higher satisfaction to your customer, it will always result in higher business growth. So first of all, the bedroom furniture should be well thought out, sleek, unique, and the most comfortable. 


 A bedroom is a place in a HOTEL that truly reflects uncompromising comfort. Therefore, it is important that the room’s furniture looks organized, space-efficient, and inviting. When guests enter a hotel, firstly, they wish to unwind themselves, and after that, they only want “COMFORT”. They expect to get a good night’s sleep. So the quality of the bedding plays a vital role. Apart from the bed, the guests always seek other furniture items like Bedside & End tables, Dressing Table, Wardrobes, Wall-mounted Shelves, and Mirrors in their Bedroom to be able to do their daily routine tasks easily. 


“SUREN SPACE,” a JODHPUR(INDIA) based company, manufactured a vast range of contract furniture for HOTEL purposes. We consider every order as our priority and put all of our clients at their heart in every possible way. The most acceptable range of luxury hotel bedroom furniture is crafted with premium quality material, ensuring excellent sturdiness and longevity. We have an array of multiple bedroom furniture and must-have pieces in your hotel bedroom. So here, we recommend to you some most loved categories, which are necessary and will be helpful for a welcoming and comfortable hotel bedrooms:


Beds are undoubtedly the essential furniture item in a hotel Bedroom because it is the only place that can give your guests the utmost comfort with creating an experience that remains unforgettable for them. We have a vast collection of various distinctive hotel beds available in numerous styles like Single beds, Platform beds, King size beds, Queen size beds, Bunk beds, etc. We manufactured all the categories of beds using different types of superior quality materials like wood, metal, fabric, etc. 


The Bedside & end table is a must-have piece in the hotel bedroom as They will be helpful for guests by keeping things handy and playing a massive role in improving the interior of the Bedroom. So Check out our fantastic collection of bedside & end tables that are classy, spacious, and attractive that serves the purpose of style with storage. These tables with multiple drawers will help your guests store many items. 

Casting wheel farmhouse-inspired side table, Cross pattern retro style bedside table, and Aara finish mesh design end tables are some of the most loved categories of our buyers.


We provide a variety of Luxury sofa sets in various themes, designs, materials, and color options. Every Bedroom of the hotel can find its perfect sofa while providing the utmost comfort to the guests. So Whether your taste is Modern OR Traditional, Antique OR Contemporary, Classic or Vintage, Retro OR Rustic, Coastal OR Farmhouse, Industrial OR Reclaimed, you will find everything featuring different styles and different seating options, and these sofas tell a lot about the way you wish to treat your guests. These are available in various types & seating options with multiple options such as Fabric Sofas, Buff Leather Sofas, Wooden Sofas, Leather Sofas, Rajasthani Gudri Sofas, etc. 


Hotel bedrooms always need a Closet or Wardrobe as the guests firstly want to unpack their accessories. So to fulfill this demand of your guests “SUREN SPACE” offers a great range of wardrobes from single door, double door, with or without glasses, etc. You will find various products in different materials like wood, metal, a combination of the metal with wood and in different finishes with industrial & Iron Almirah, Metal made Amirah, Retro almirah, rustic wardrobe, shabby armoires with the option of 1 door, two doors, three doors, sliding door, etc. Our rich collection reflects the personality while revealing the taste of interior decor based on Indian culture and is full of ingenious and beautiful designs of almirahs that would blend with any decor in a hotel bedroom. 


 A coffee table & center table is a kind of furniture with a low height to be placed in front of a sofa or chairs to place magazines or books while enjoying coffee and tea in a hotel bedroom. These are not only the center of attraction but will also perform many functions such as storing cups, remote controls, books, mobile, and anything the guests want to put over as per convenience. We can say proudly that the furniture we manufacture & export says the glory of Indian tradition and culture. We have a wide range of these tables in various categories: metal center/coffee table, retro center & coffee table, rustic center & coffee table, wooden made handcrafted tables, with or without glasses, and a shabby chic coffee, and center table and so many different types. BARREL DESIGN MS WALNUT FINISH CENTER TABLE, BENT METAL RUSTIC OUTDOOR COMPACT COFFEE TABLE, BLUE DISTRESS IRON MADE COFFEE TABLE, CAST IRON SOLID WHEEL RETRO STYLE COFFEE TABLE are, some of the most love categories of tables by our clients. 


Choosing the correct mirror for a hotel room is very important as it complements the rest of the furnishing. A decorative mirror design can make your visitors stop for a second to glace themselves. Full-length mirrors in bedrooms are a functional blessing to adorn the overall aura of the space. We have the most acceptable range of Mirrors for hotel bedrooms, constructed using premium quality materials like wood and metal. You can browse for Round Shaped Mirror, Rectangular Mirror, Wall Mirrors, Full-length Mirror, etc.

                                    Buying hotel furniture from our online store will give you both functional and practical benefits and an opportunity to embellish your dream hotel in your style. Also, it will make your space comfortable for the guests to stay for a long time. Our unique furniture designs will draw attention at first sight and help you stand out in the era of competition in the hospitality industry.


As a custom furniture manufacturer, we make an order completely for you according to your desire. So you can get a more personalized product. You have to tell us precisely what you want, and we will deliver you the same product, and it is the second advantage of working with us. If something happens to any furniture piece, we are here to use the existing blueprint according to your time frame and needs. So for CUSTOMIZED HOTEL FURNITURE, call us and talk to our skilled designers about what you want. We love to hear your ideas & desires.


After buying, You don’t have to worry about the payment securities as we have introduced more than one online payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be easy and secure. We are honest and straightforward with your intentions to make things easy, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM, we can help you complete your collections and designs wholly or partially. We will provide you with all the advantages from manufacturing a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom. So without making any delay, send us an order, thank us later for your desired product and let your guests be surprised by seeing the furnishing of your HOTEL/ RESORT.