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Welcome to Suren Space, your premier source for high-quality bar tables in India. As one of the leading custom bar table manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers, we take satisfaction in delivering a magnificent range of bar tables that are suited to various needs and styles. With a deep loyalty to quality and innovation, we welcome you to explore our comprehensive selection and advance your bar or restaurant’s environment with our outstanding furniture.

Suren Space Offers Different Bar Tables Online in India

Commercial Bar Tables Wholesale

Are you in pursuit of long-lasting and modern commercial bar tables? Look no further. At Suren Space, we provide a wide range of commercial bar tables at wholesale prices, specially designed to improve the look and functionality of your business space. Our commercial bar tables blend form and function seamlessly, creating an attractive environment for your customers while ensuring longevity and durability. From elegant and modern designs to timeless classics, our commercial bar tables are an excellent fit for any establishment.

Industrial Style Pub Tables

The industrial style has made a proactive view in interior design, and our industrial-style pub tables are no oddity. Crafted with careful awareness to detail, these tables bring together raw materials and simple design to make a statement piece that adds personality to your pub. Whether you’re striving for a modern urban vibe or a fusion of vintage and modern, our industrial pub tables present adaptable styling options that resonate with your organization’s character.

Reclaimed Round Hotel Bar Tables

Embrace sustainability and style with our reclaimed round hotel bar tables. Prepared from recycled materials, these tables are a testimony to our promise of eco-friendly design. The extraordinary textures and grains of recycled wood assemble each table as a work of craftwork, adding warmth and appeal to any hospitality space. Upgrade the environment of your hotel’s lounge or bar area with these eye-catching pieces that reveal a story of environmental accountability and craftsmanship.

Adjustable Cast Iron Pub Tables for Sale

Flexibility satisfies style with our adaptable cast iron pub tables. These adaptable tables allow you to flexibly acclimate the height, creating them a perfect complement to spaces that are suited to different events and gatherings. The sturdy cast iron base guarantees stability, while the flexible feature delivers convenience and adaptability. Whether it’s a casual brunch or a personal evening meeting, our adjustable pub tables provide a practical and stylish solution.

Reclaimed Boho Wooden Pub Table

Infuse a glimmer of bohemian style into your pub with our reclaimed boho wooden pub tables. Prepared from recycled wood, each table maintains a unique story and a one-of-a-kind design. The boho style memorializes identity and creative expression, making these tables a central point in any setting. Whether you’re making a comfortable corner in a cafe or adding a diverse characteristic to your bar, our reclaimed boho wooden pub tables are developed to delight and inspire.

High Retro Metal Pub Tables

Enchant your customers to an ancient era with our high retro metal pub tables. These tables produce memories with their vintage design, permitting you to make a space that pays praise to a classic style. The durability of metal construction assures these tables will fight the test of time, while their retro charm adds a unique characteristic to your venue. From diners to bars, these high retro metal pub tables invite guests to reflect and relive the past.

Commercial Beer High Top Bar Tables

Upgrade the beer-drinking experience with our commercial beer high top bar tables. These tables are created with beer aficionados in mind, delivering an elevated space to enjoy the flavors and camaraderie. With their taller height, they encourage social interaction and relaxation. Whether you’re preparing to set up an outdoor beer garden or making a vibrant bar environment, our commercial beer high top bar tables form a comfortable and inviting space for customers to enjoy their favorite brews.

Our Services as a Leading Bar Table Manufacturer in India

At Suren Space, we offer a wide range of services to respond to your unique needs:

Custom Bar Tables

Searching for a specific bar table that fits your vision? Explore our custom bar tables, available online in India. As your trusted bar table supplier and manufacturer, we take pride in carrying your creative ideas to life. Our custom bar tables are a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to select materials, dimensions, and finishes that reminisce your brand’s identity. Let us convert your vision into a tangible masterwork that enhances your space.

Wholesale Bar Tables

For businesses seeking to furnish their commercial spaces, we offer wholesale bar tables that harmoniously incorporate quality and affordability. Our wholesale bar tables are created to meet the needs of high-traffic facilities without compromising on style. By selecting our wholesale opportunities, you acquire access to a range of carefully crafted tables that improve the overall impression of your venue. Promote your business with our top-notch products that are customized to your budget and design choices.

Shipping and Delivery

Rest guaranteed that your orders are in the right hands with our trustworthy shipping and delivery services. We comprehend the hurry of timely deliveries in the hospitality industry and are committed to assuring your products reach safely and promptly. No matter where you are in India, our reliable logistics team is committed to creating your experience seamless and hassle-free. You can count on Suren Space to manage the logistics, allowing you to condense on creating extraordinary experiences for your guests.

Elevate Your Space with Suren Space

Your exploration for the perfect bar table finishes here. Suren Space fuses craftsmanship, style, and affordability to deliver you an outstanding choice that converts your space into a beautiful environment. Don’t miss out on the chance to reinvent your venue’s atmosphere. Explore our diverse collection today and take the first step toward developing a charming atmosphere for your customers. With a stringent commitment to quality, invention, and customer happiness, Suren Space is your trustworthy partner in enhancing the appearance and functionality of your restaurant or commercial space. Contact us today to consult your unique requirements and let us show you in making an environment that echoes your brand and vision.


For restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes and more, bar stools make for ideal seating. They’re classy, they’re comfortable, they’re sociable – and paired upon with the right design, they can bring a unique look to your premises with little effort.  It’s important, however, that you think carefully before diving into buying bar stools outright – have you considered the vibe and atmosphere of your venue?  Stools can be immensely versatile as they can be put to work in more ways than simply giving your clientele somewhere to sit.

Decorating one’s kitchen has several stages. One of them is shopping for furniture. If you decide to have a bar table, it should become one of the most memorable elements of your kitchen décor. So, you have to choose it as carefully as any other furniture unit in the kitchen. These tips on buying quality bar tables for the kitchen should help you get started:

History Speaks

Bar tables are part of British history. We’ve been drinking in pubs and bars for around 2,000 years, ever since the Romans introduced the taberna, or tavern, to these shores. It’s also from the Romans that we get the word “table”, or “tabula” in Latin, which means, among other things, “plank”.

And that’s exactly what a bar table would have been in the earliest pubs and inns: a simple wooden plank or board, supported by trestles or perhaps blocks of stone, and later barrels, on which food and drink would be placed. Over the centuries, the bar or pub table has evolved into a multifaceted creature: it has grown legs, it now comes in various heights and materials, and is highly mobile.

So, if you run a bar or a pub and are thinking about bar or pub tables, this last point is perhaps the first thing you should bear in mind: how flexible do you want your layout to be? On the one hand, customers are generally resistant to change; they might have a favorite seat or corner in your bar, so if they arrive one day to find that it’s been moved, they will not be happy. On the other hand, you might want to change your furniture layout to cater for different events or even for different times of day (lunchtime and evening, for instance). The answer might be to have a kind of “skeleton” layout of seats and tables in settled positions, with the rest of the space given over to more flexible furniture.

Why you need it?

Bar tables for a kitchen are a great alternative or an addition to a bar counter. They are as high as bar counters but require less space. So, if you have a small kitchen, you can move a big dining table into the dining room or any other room and put a bar table in the kitchen. On the other hand, even if you have a big kitchen, you can use a bar table once in a while — for example, to take a break from your household chores.

Where to start?

It is better to think over your budget first; then, you can start choosing a bar table design. A bar table should match the décor of the kitchen. If you pick a classic kitchen, this can be a massive bar table with carved elements; and if your kitchen is minimalistic, you can choose a small modern bar table. Note that the same style is not always necessary, as a bar table can make a great modern accent in your classic kitchen and vice versa. Your bar table can be made in the same shade as the rest of your kitchen furniture, but it is not obligatory either. What really matters is making a bar table a part of your end decoration picture, alongside with the rest of the décor elements. Once you have figured out the table design, you can start choosing the materials.


First, remember that you are buying a bar table, not a fast food table. So, choose the materials wisely. If you want to decorate your kitchen on a small budget, choose MDF over wood. Do not forget to make sure that the finish is waterproof, resistant to temperature changes, fats and physical impacts. Sure, wooden bar tables are reliable and convenient. You can choose from a great variety of forms and colours. Lately, they have become very ergonomic as well, so, all of these features contribute to the functionality of a bar table immensely. Glass bar tables extend the kitchen space visually because they seem to be weightless. The majority of them are of great quality, as their defects are more obvious than those of wooden bar tables. Besides a tabletop, you should pay much attention to its legs and hardware, which are also very important to ensure the long life of your new furniture piece.

Even though a bar table is not the one you ever use for cooking, its quality is still vital because it should serve your family for many years. And, of course, do not forget about bar stools for the kitchen to make your interior complete.

Commercial Bar tables styles and finishes

This brings us to the question of styles. If yours is a contemporary-looking bar, then it would be best to continue this theme with your tables and chairs, using the bright, clean-looking chrome and metal finishes and laminates now widely available. But often it’s better to mix things up, with perhaps a more traditional-looking sofa and a low table in the corner or against the wall where drinkers can sit and linger; regular-height tables and chairs in another part of the space; and the rest of the room given over to high “poseur” tables and high stools. These higher tables are ideal for small groups who might just be popping in for a quick drink. Another factor to bear in mind is that if space is limited, tables with rounded rather than square edges make it easier for customers to move around without banging their legs or catching their clothes or bag straps on table corners.

Starting low

Low tables are generally referred to as “coffee tables”, although they are of course fully capable of supporting all kinds of drinks. Although their use in bars is not widespread, they are sometimes used along with a sofa or chairs in a corner or against a wall; if seating is low, then a table will need to be low, too.

The next stage

It’s likely, though, that your bar will mostly use tables of a regular “dining” height of around 68-70cm. A good table will accommodate a small group of customers. It weighs around 20kg, making it extremely sturdy and stable, but not so heavy that it can’t be moved around as required.

The difference between a bar and a pub is not clear-cut, and therefore it’s not easy to say what constitutes “bar furniture” as opposed to “pub furniture”. Often they will cross over. But it’s true that bars tend to be furnished and decorated in a somewhat less traditional style than pubs. A clever way of using wall space is to put a banquette or bench seat up against the wall, with chairs facing it, and tables in between.

High society

Then we come to the high furniture. This is the kind of furniture that’s found almost exclusively in bars. If your bar has a counter where people sit, then high bar stools are essential. There’s something very American about sitting on a high stool at the bar, catching the bartender’s eye when your drink needs refreshing, and perhaps catching the eye of a fellow drinker. For a stylish, contemporary look, we have many tables that will win over your heart, with its elegant curves, or with metal frame and pressed plywood seat, are ideal.

Groups of customers may want to cluster around a high “poseur” table, and there are numerous stools that would fit this set-up. This would look good with one of our tables in either black or chrome. A more decorative, but still modern design the, which comes in the same range of wood finishes.

Customer Preferences

People come to bars for different reasons: sometimes for a quick drink and a chat before moving on, sometimes for a date, sometimes to meet up with a group of friends for the whole evening. If space is sufficient, a well-furnished bar will be able to cater for all these needs: poseur chairs and tables for the first, smaller tables with more comfortable chairs for the second, larger tables with comfortable chairs or perhaps even sofas and low coffee tables for the third. Trent Furniture has many more options than the ones listed here. But the key to furnishing a bar is that it’s more than a question of simply going out and buying a job-lot of functional chairs and tables. By putting thought and care into it, you’ll end up with a proper bar – and customers who keep returning.

5 Different Types of Commercial Bar Tables

Pub-style tables are making waves and for good reasons. They’re fashionable and versatile, rendering them valuable in a variety of settings at home.

  • Counter Tables

These tables look like conference room tables because they are rectangle-shaped and come with sturdy feet. They usually have sturdy metal frames and a wooden top, and they come in various sizes and designs. Often, they are available in a metal and wood materials that make them long-lasting and they can even come with an antique finish. The main design aspect of a counter table is their rectangle shape and lengths that accommodate a lot of people sitting or standing around them, much like you’d need for a meeting or a large family event.

  • Round Bar Tables

These tables are very common in bars, and they consist of a round table that is roughly 24 inches in diameter and around 30 inches in height. They are made for people to stand around and chat with one another, not to sit around, so they are designed to be small in size.

One of the main aspects that makes round bar tables unique is that they often come with a swivel top that turns in both directions, as well as a foot pedal you can use to make the table either higher or lower. Like other bar tables, they are made to withstand whatever the customers put them through, and they usually comes with excellent warranties.

  • Square Tables

Like the name suggests, these types of tables are designed with a square structure, but they can come large or small, tall or short. There is a wide variety of designs when it comes to square pub tables, and whether you want them to be used as a way for people to set their drinks down while enjoying the atmosphere of the bar, or as a regular table used like other tables, with chairs included so that people can sit down and enjoy a meal if this is what they want, you can easily find what you’re looking for. They can come with four chairs or in a more intimate design with only two chairs, but they are always designed for the comfort and convenience of their customers.

  • Unique and Unusual Bar Tables

The designs associated with these tables may surprise you, because they even have tables with wheels on them that you can easily roll across the floor to different locations, as well as tables that look just like large whiskey barrels. The ones that have wheels on them come in a wide selection of designs, including round or rectangle shapes, and one of the most interesting things about some of these designs is that they contain wine racks, shelves, and even drawers to help you hold some of the things you’ll need while transporting it through your bar and fixing drinks for people.

  • 3-Piece Dining Sets for Bars and Pubs

Designed for tight spaces, thanks to the fact that most pubs and bars are very crowded, these 3-piece dining sets are there to accommodate customers without taking up too much floor space. After all, bars and pubs are intimate and more small group-friendly, meaning patrons don’t like to be too far apart from one another when enjoying their drinks or listening to live music.

Final Verdict

When choosing tables and stools for your outdoor oasis, it can sometimes be tricky deciding which style and heights fit your setup best. Your goals for your outdoor space will ultimately determine the style of set you choose.

Buying a bar table may not be a life changing moment but it is important to get it right otherwise your bar tables might not be up to the job they were bought for and could prove to be unsuitable or worse uncomfortable. As with other types of furniture – the prices of bar tables vary due to the design, materials used and functionality.

Suren Space: Best Source for Commercial Bar Tables And Chairs

Suren Space is your ultimate destination for wholesale commercial bar tables and chairs! We are the pioneers in commercial furniture, delivering top-notch quality and exceptional variety globally.

Our primary focus is on providing the finest selection of commercial pub tables and stools, catering to all types of establishments. From sleek modern designs to rustic charm, our collection is crafted to elevate any space, ensuring memorable experiences for your patrons.

Our strength is our comprehensive range and dedication to superiority. Whether buying in bulk or pursuing customizable choices, we’ve got you covered. Our factory in India produces high-quality furniture with precision, ensuring durability and style.

If you’re in search of commercial pub tables and chairs that combine aesthetics with functionality, explore our range today. Discover unbeatable deals and transform your space with Suren Space!

Commercial Bar Tables and Chairs

Discover our thoroughly hand-selected variety of commercial bar tables and chairs, conscientiously manufactured to serve the various requirements of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re decorating a bustling bar, a quaint café, or any commercial space, our bespoke solutions await.

A unique feature of our commercial bar furniture is its unparalleled adaptability. With an expansive choice of sizes, shapes, and materials at your disposal, finding the perfect partner for your space and design aspirations is effortlessly possible. Whether you prefer chic high-top tables or cozy pub-style seating, we have choices tailored to your exact specifications.

Beyond mere philosophy, our commercial bar tables and chairs emphasize both comfort and functionality. Our user-friendly designs and durable construction assure a delightful experience for your guests, enabling long-term comfort.

Choosing our commercial bar furniture symbolizes a strategic investment in your business’s success. Explore on a journey through our collection today and find the seamless combination of premium quality, refined style, and effortless functionality for your commercial space.

Commercial Pub Tables and Stools

Commercial pub tables and stools are important pieces of commercial furniture designed for businesses worldwide.

Our commercial pub tables and stools are carefully manufactured to satisfy global standards, blending durability with style for sophisticated organizations.

A highlight of our collection is the variety of high-top designs available. These high-top tables offer several benefits: creating intimate spaces within larger areas, fostering social interaction, and maximizing seating in limited spaces.

Our range includes diverse styles, from sleek modern to rustic charm, ensuring options to match any decor. Ergonomically designed stools enhance comfort for patrons, encouraging relaxation and enjoyment.

Whether for a trendy urban bar or a cozy neighborhood pub, our Commercial Pub Tables and Stools elevate commercial spaces with style and functionality. Explore our collection today for the perfect fit.

Direct from Manufacturer: Wholesale Commercial Bar Tables and Stools

Delve into the advantages of purchasing wholesale directly from the factory with Suren Space. We offer competitive pricing associated with excellent quality and remarkable customer service.

By sourcing directly from the manufacturer, you avoid go-between costs, guaranteeing substantial savings for your business. Our simplified production process and competent operations translate into affordable prices without compromising on workmanship.

At Suren Space, we distinguish ourselves by offering a competitive price range, making high-quality commercial bar tables and stools available to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re equipping a single organization or multiple locations, our wholesale options accommodate your budgetary needs without renouncing quality or style.

Choose Suren Space for wholesale commercial bar tables and stools directly from the manufacturer and unlock invincible value for your business. Experience the difference today.

Why Choose Suren Space for Your Commercial Pub Tables and Chairs?

Suren Space stands as the top option globally for businesses pursuing commercial pub tables and stools. Here’s why:

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is our emphasis at Suren Space. Our commercial pub tables and chairs experience careful workmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability and ageless style. Each piece exceeds expectations, from strong construction to flawless finishes.

Extensive Selection

Our range has a diverse array of commercial pub tables and stools, supplying every artistic preference and practical need. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or everlasting classics, our collection accommodates all preferences.

Customization Options

We understand the unique requirements of every business, delivering customization opportunities to tailor our products to your precise needs. From adapting dimensions to choosing materials and finishes, we partner closely with you to provide the perfect solution for your space.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Suren Space, customer satisfaction is important. Our dedicated team gives personalized attention and quick service, guiding you through every step from product selection to delivery and beyond.

Competitive Pricing

Despite providing top-quality products and superior service, we stay determined to offering competitive pricing. We know the significance of abiding within budget without compromising on quality, delivering value-driven solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Transform Your Commercial Space with Suren Space

Refresh your commercial space with Suren Space’s incomparable collection of premium bar tables and stools. With detailed craftsmanship, lasting quality, and excellent service, we raise the standard for commercial furniture.

Find the ideal combination of style and practicality in our various ranges, supplying every artistic and functional requirement. From smooth modern designs to ageless classics, each piece is manufactured to transcend anticipations and reinforce your environment.

Join countless satisfied customers worldwide who have chosen Suren Space as their trusted partner in commercial furniture. Transform your space and elevate your brand with Suren Space today.