In the words of American poet Gary Snyder, ‘Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.’ Today’s fast-paced life is mostly spent in concrete jungles trying to achieve innumerable ‘goals’. Consequently, pausing to connect with Nature is no longer a luxury – it is rapidly becoming a necessity. More and more people are craving a slice of peace and tranquility in their day-to-day hectic lifestyles.

What is common between this desire to commune with Nature, and Suren Space? The answer: outdoor furniture. Furniture has become an essential component of our daily comfort. Whether it is our home or workspace, a hotel or restaurant – no decor is complete without suitable furniture. Can you imagine such places without a chair to sit on?

Furniture is as important inside our homes, as outside. In parks and gardens, playgrounds, even on patios and terraces, furniture not only adds aesthetic appeal, but functionality too. A well-furnished outdoor area often becomes a natural extension of your living space, and a favourite place to relax and unwind while soaking in the beauty of Nature.

Suren Space is a market leader in the world of furniture, specializing in the design, manufacture, wholesale supply and even export of all types of furniture. From hotels and resorts to holiday cottages and supermarkets, from wrought and cast iron to leather and reclaimed wood, Suren Space’s furniture is synonymous with excellent craftsmanship, unique designs and, above all, superior quality.

Suren Space’s outdoor furniture is hugely popular in India and across the globe. Dining tables, chairs, center tables, dining sets – the range is quite exhaustive. Be it in commercial spaces like hotels and resorts or in private homes, Suren Space’s outdoor furniture is a perfect match everywhere!

What is outdoor furniture?

Also known as garden or patio furniture, outdoor furniture is specially designed to weather the elements, using hardy materials like aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, etc. While there are many types of outdoor furniture – from individual tables and chairs to complete dining sets – there are certain characteristics that define all categories of outdoor furniture.

  • Weather resistance and durability – Outdoor furniture, as the name suggests, is placed out in the open, where it is subjected to varying temperatures, rains, winds and all other vagaries of Nature. That is why furniture manufacturers like Suren Space choose strong, weather resistant materials like metal and wood to create their outdoor furniture. Weatherproof upholstery fabrics are used, so that your outdoor furniture still looks like new after many years!
  • Comfortable and stylish – Comfort is a key ingredient of an enjoyable experience. Soft padding and cushions are often used to make the outdoor seating arrangements more comfortable.

Style is an essential part of outdoor furniture, which enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Comfort and style go hand in hand in Suren Space’s collection of outdoor furniture. Every piece of furniture is artistically designed and crafted to add timeless beauty to your outdoor living space.

  • Easy maintenance – The use of weather resistant and easy to clean materials makes the regular maintenance of outdoor furniture a time and cost-effective job. With proper care, your outdoor furniture will retain its aesthetic appeal for a long time.

‘Weatherproof material’ is an umbrella term for a wide variety of sturdy, durable materials like cast iron, aluminum, plastic, wood, etc. The material chosen depends on the aesthetics, the weather conditions of the place, the functionality required, etc.

  • Aluminum furniture is lightweight, easy to clean, rustproof and requires little maintenance.
  • Wrought iron is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. Wrought iron furniture, while long-lasting, may need an occasional coat of paint to increase its longevity.
  • Plastic furniture is one of the most affordable types of outdoor furniture. Versatile, easy to maintain and move around, plastic outdoor furniture can be used in almost all types of outdoor settings.
  • Wooden garden or patio furniture is one of the more popular types of outdoor furniture, for a number of reasons. The main reason is the natural beauty of the material itself. Every piece of wood, with its distinct colorings and markings, can be crafted into a unique piece of furniture. Suren Space’s wooden outdoor furniture is highly sought after in the international market.
  • Metal furniture that is used outdoors is usually made of aluminum, wrought and cast iron, steel, etc. Metal furniture is not only hardy and long-lasting, it can also be decorated with intricate and elaborate designs.
  • Wicker outdoor furniture, like wooden furniture, blends perfectly with Nature. Originally, natural materials like rattan were used to make outdoor wicker furniture. Due to the relatively higher maintenance of natural wicker furniture – regular waterproofing is needed, apart from frequent indoor storage – synthetic resin became a popular alternative for garden furniture. Easy maintenance, lower manufacturing costs and greater durability are some of the reasons behind the popularity of synthetic wicker outdoor furniture.

History of Outdoor Furniture

The concept of unwinding in the lap of nature dates back to several centuries ago. It all started in ancient Egypt, where wicker furniture from Nile River reeds became immensely popular. Greeks and Romans used stone and marble benches, while the medieval ages saw turf benches become an important aspect of garden furniture.

Teak has always been a favourite material for outdoor furniture, right from the 18th century, when English gardens saw the creation of masterpieces in the form of teak furniture. The late 19th century witnessed the popularity of ornate cast iron and wrought iron furniture, which was followed by inexpensive, mass-produced wire furniture.

In the 20th century, the garden became more than just a place to enjoy the beauty of nature – it became the popular venue for social gatherings. From chairs and benches, outdoor furniture expanded to include dining sets, sofas, coffee tables, etc. The trend that started on the banks of the river Nile is now a global phenomenon, thanks to furniture manufacturers and suppliers like Suren Space.

Outdoor furniture courtesy Suren Space

Ever since its inception in 2013, Suren Space’s exquisite designs, excellent craftsmanship, customer-centric focus, dedication to quality and the sheer variety of furniture it has to offer has made the company a household name in India and across the world. Be it restaurant or bar furniture, hotel, cafe or resort furniture, retro or contemporary furniture, leather or carved furniture, Suren Space’s presence is everywhere!

The world of outdoor furniture is no exception. Garden tables and chairs, dining tables, event furniture, industrial furniture – Suren Space brings to you a wide range of furniture that adds grace, charm and beauty to your outdoor living space.

  • Furniture for hotels and resorts – Nowadays, a good hotel or resort experience is not only about lavishly decorated rooms, beautiful décor, top class service, etc. Most people want the ‘total experience’, which includes outdoor events like picnics, barbecues, campfires, etc. With Suren Space’s comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture, you are sure to have a wonderful experience!
    • Cast Iron Hotel Resort Home Outdoor and Garden Table
    • Cast Iron Marble Top Hotel Outdoor Space Folding Table
    • Bent Metal Artistic Hotel Resort Outdoor Chair
    • Bent Metal Rustic Outdoor Hotel FResort Garden Chair
    • White Distress Folding Metal Resort Outdoor Camping Chair
  • Furniture for restaurants, cafés, etc. – People living in concrete jungles look for a chance to enjoy the serenity of Nature, even if for a short while. It is to satisfy this desire that many eating establishments like restaurants, cafés and bistros have outdoor dining arrangements, courtesy Suren Space.
  • Furniture for personal use – Parks and gardens are a popular choice for hosting large scale events like weddings, barbecue etc.

With the help of outdoor furniture, our living space has crossed the confines of walls and boundaries and has extended into the lap of Nature. Ample space, beautiful surroundings courtesy Mother Nature, and stylish, one-of-a-kind décor thanks to Suren Space – what more could one ask for?