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Suren Space – Your Premier Hotel Furniture Manufacturers, Supplier & Wholesalers in India

At Suren Space, we take incredible pride in being one of the best hotel furniture manufacturers in India, we provide a diverse range of furniture to meet your hospitality needs.  With our uncompromising commitment to high standards and quality, we have emerged as trusted hotel furniture wholesalers in the country. Here at Suren Space, you can find a collection of hotel furniture catering to all your unique needs.

Our Popular Product Range of Hotel Furniture in India

Our comprehensive product range encompasses a variety of furniture pieces that cater to different aspects of your hotel or resort. Let’s explore some of the key offerings:

1. Hotel Dining Chairs

Suren Space is a trusted hotel dining chairs manufacturer. Our hotel dining chairs are a perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort, making your dining areas truly inviting. Crafted with precision by our dining chair manufacturers, these pieces add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your establishment. Your search for the hotel dining chairs supplier ends at Suren Space.

2. Hotel Outdoor Furniture

Create beautiful outdoor spaces with our durable and stylish hotel outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for a hotel outdoor dining table supplier that offers relaxing poolside furniture or comfortable patio furniture, you will find many options here that make outdoor experiences memorable for your guests.

3. Hotel Lobby Furniture

First impressions are everything, and our hotel lobby furniture ensures your guests are greeted with elegance and warmth. From statement sofas to eye-catching center tables, being one of the leading hotel lobby furniture suppliers, we have the options to set the tone for a delightful stay.

4. Resort Furniture

For luxurious resorts seeking opulent furnishings, our resort furniture range is sure to impress. From lavish bedroom sets to expansive outdoor seating, resort furniture suppliers offer pieces that embody the essence of luxury and comfort.

5. Hotel Outdoor Dining Tables

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with our exquisite range of hotel outdoor dining tables. These tables, crafted with precision by our hotel outdoor dining table supplier,  complement the overall environment of your hotel’s outdoor spaces, be it a garden, terrace, or poolside area.

6. Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Create a peaceful and inviting environment in your guest rooms with our luxurious hotel bedroom furniture. From plush beds to chic nightstands, our bedroom furniture ensures that your guests enjoy a restful and refreshing stay.

7. Hotel Lounge Furniture

Create comfortable and inviting lounge spaces with our pleasing luxury hotel furniture suppliers, perfect for relaxation and casual meetings, our lounge furniture improves the overall guest experience.

What Materials are Used to Make Hotel/Resort Furniture?

Suren Space use different types of woods (like mango, acacia, teak, sheesham), reclaimed wood from different parts of India. Other materials that are widely used in today’s growing demand are RATTAN & CANE. Rattan & Cane are also used in manufacturing our hotel furniture.

No. 1 Hotel Furniture, Restaurant Chair, Banquet Furniture Manufacturers in India

“SUREN SPACE” : a trustworthy hotel furniture manufacturers, supplier from India. We specialize in providing furniture to hotels, resorts, and the leisure sector.  We only provides “the best” India-made furniture designs that offer a level of convenience and stability to have a trusted partner with whom you can work to furnish your hotel.

We have maintained the standard in outdoor hospitality furniture with the budget-friendly prices and top-quality products options. Suren Space care for their customer requirements, we offer a type of furniture that will surely match your hotel’s style, interior, and design.

Why Choose Us as a Hotel Furniture Manufacturers & Wholesalers in India?

Selecting the hotel furniture suppliers for your hotel is a critical step that can greatly impact your guests’ experience. As a leading hotel furniture manufacturer in India, Suren Space understands the significance of making a friendly and welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some compelling reasons to partner with us for your furniture needs:

1. Impeccable Craftsmanship

At Suren Space, we bring tremendous pride in our skilled artisans who bring years of expertise to every piece of furniture they make. Whether it’s the motel’s solid wood furniture or the elegant hotel dining chairs, we pay keen interest to every detail to create furniture that gives off refinement and charm. The use of solid wood and premium materials ensures impeccable craftsmanship, making our furniture stand out for its exquisite detailing and durability.

2. Extensive Product Range

As reputable hotel furniture wholesalers, we offer a vast product range that caters to all aspects of your hospitality establishment. From supplying exquisite motel solid wood furniture to elegant hotel room chairs and tables, we have the perfect solutions to elevate your interiors.

3. Tailored Solutions for Your Business

As reputable hotel furniture wholesalers, we offer a vast product range that is suited to all aspects of your hospitality establishment. From supplying beautiful motel solid wood furniture to elegant hotel room chairs and tables, we have the perfect solutions to boost your interiors.

4. Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Quality is one of our most essential matters. Before our furniture comes to hotel room chairs and tables for furniture buyers, it goes through strict quality testing to ensure the furniture’s quality and durability.

5. Client-Centric Approach

At Suren Space, we prioritize our clients and strive to exceed their expectations with our exemplary service. As dedicated hotel room chairs and table furniture buyers, we value your input and collaborate closely with you to understand your vision. Our experienced team offers expert guidance, ensuring that the furniture selected complements your property’s theme and elevates the guest experience.

Hospitality Furniture Suppliers & Manufacturers of Choice

Our reputation as one of the top online hospitality furniture manufacturers in India stems from our dedication to excellence and innovation. As hotel dining chair suppliers, hotel dining chair manufacturers, luxury hotel furniture suppliers, and hotel outdoor dining table suppliers, our products have transformed numerous hospitality environments into luxurious settings of comfort and refinement.

Hotel Furnishings Suppliers & Manufacturers for Every Need

With a wide customer base that includes hotels, resorts, motels, and commercial establishments, we are experienced in supplying different furnishing requirements. Our customer’s trust in us as reliable hotel furnishings suppliers is the assurance of our commitment and ability to deliver.

Our Luxury Hotel/Hospitality Furniture Collection

At “SUREN SPACE,” we manufacture a vast range of furniture for hotel/hospitality purposes. For us every order is our priority and serve all our clients from the heart. All types of luxury hotel furniture is crafted with premium quality material to ensure great sturdiness and longevity.

We sell wide range of luxury hotel furniture collection such as sofas, chairs, & tables for seating in outdoor & indoor areas of the hotel (metal and wooden-made armchairs, wing chairs, patio chairs, swing chairs, garden chairs, etc.), dining sets, beds, wardrobes, mirrors, benches, for the bedrooms of the hotel as well as side & end tables, luggage racks, serving carts, or serving trolleys, coffee tables, console tables, display cabinets, bookcases, and many other categories of hotel furniture.

Innovative and Sustainable Hotel Furniture Wholesalers & Suppliers

As conscientious hospitality furniture manufacturers, we are deeply committed to sustainable practices. Our manufacturing processes prioritize eco-friendly materials and techniques, ensuring that our furniture contributes positively to the environment.

Suren Space takes immense pride in being a premier hotel furniture supplier in India, driven by a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you require exquisite motel solid wood furniture or a comprehensive commercial hotel furniture list, our diverse range of products has got you covered. As trusted hospitality furniture suppliers, hotel dining chairs suppliers, hotel dining chairs manufacturers, luxury hotel furniture suppliers, and hotel outdoor dining table suppliers, we are committed to enhancing the ambiance and comfort of your establishment.

Hotel Furniture Manufacturer from India

Browse Suren Space exclusive collection of Hotel Furniture. Right from Hotel Lobby to Hotel Room, Hotel Dining to Hotel Banquet Hall, and Even Lighting. A hotel is a place where people come to rest or stay temporarily until their work is done in a particular area.

Hotel Furniture, Restaurant Chair, Banquet Furniture Manufacturers in India

Accommodation is the catchphrase for all inns and cafés. It is additionally about lighting plans that can add wonder to the perfect furnishings. Toughness is significant as the visitors need to have the solace remainder that is high for support. Antique furniture is additionally liked in numerous inns particularly in the banquet room. This is the primary resource between a guest and the inn aides and henceforth must be outfitted appropriately.

The person who will stay in your hotel will use the furniture that is in your hotel and will form an opinion about your hotel in that way. They will recommend your hotel to other friends only based on your opinion. Therefore, ultimately the progress or growth of your hotel is solely dependent on your hands or indirectly, in your furniture hands.

The furniture of the hotel would be used by the person and so it should be clean and of top quality. However, there are also certain things that people must be careful while buying hotel furniture. These things or points should be kept in mind and one must always consider them while buying the furniture for their hotel.

What are these points? We’ll have a look at them as well, however, first, let’s understand what type of furniture is needed for a hotel. Let’s have a look at the hotel furniture you would be needing.


To upkeep the spot and standing we have gotten throughout the long term. We are working in a certified manner effective in getting one of the main concerns of the business. Aside from this, since we have footed around here. We lay huge accentuation towards the appropriateness of our customers, to verify that they are happy with our items. Too, our quality administration and efficient valuing structure have all around kept the validity. We have worked through our diligent effort.

Types of hotel furniture

In the hotel, furniture is needed for every area. Be it a bedroom, hall, dining area, restaurant, reception, or anywhere else. The most important thing that is required in a hotel is furniture. Depending upon their location, many factors should be considered while buying the furniture.

Let’s see what are the factor one needs to consider well before buying furniture for their hotel.

Size of the hotel

How big or small your hotel is important if you want to decide the furniture that you would like to buy for the hotel. The size of the hotel will give you a rough estimate of how big or small the furniture should be. You mustn’t buy big furniture that would block the movement in the hotel or buy small furniture that neither suits the area and are too small to use.

Before buying the furniture, have a look at the size of the hotel and its space. It will give you a rough estimate of the size you should go while buying the furniture.

Color of the furniture

Appearance is everything in a hotel. How good your hotel looks to a customer is also very important and most people like a hotel, only if the hotel is good looking. To make your hotel pretty, it is important to select the color of the furniture.

Make sure that the color of the furniture is in the transition to the background painting of the hall. Make sure that the furniture color will suit your hotel and will increase its beauty. What’s look good will feel good.


Probably, one of the most important things to consider while buying hotel furniture is the durability of the furniture. How long the furniture will last is an important factor to consider as the cost of the hotel furniture are high and these should be a one-time payment only. So, the person should make sure that they spend the right money on the right product.

Buy durable and long-lasting furniture. This furniture will last longer and they won’t break easily. Many people buy less durable furniture that breaks in a few years and they have to spend all the money again to buy the same furniture again. This not only causes more money but also causes loss of time and energy.


The cost of furniture is also an important factor while buying hotel furniture. Sure, hotel furniture should be good and might cost more, however, they shouldn’t cost more than what your budget is. Don’t go overboard trying to buy furniture that not only costs more but also is not that good. Buy furniture that lasts long and is affordable. To find such furniture compare each furniture with its price and features. See if the price and feature ratio is good. If it’s good, then you should buy that furniture, otherwise, it would be good to move on to other furniture.


While buying hotel furniture, you might want to have a look at the features of the hotel furniture. The hotel furniture may come with a lot of inbuilt features. Generally, these inbuild features are what causes a surge in the price of the hotel furniture. If hotel furniture has enough features, then you could buy the hotel furniture otherwise, there is no need to buy the furniture, if it does not have enough features and the cost of the furniture is high as well.


Comfort should be the top preference in your list of buying hotel furniture. The hotel furniture should provide the best comfort and should not cause discomfort to the user in any way. The hotel furniture would be sued by many people and if they find it comfortable, only then would they ever recommend your hotel to other people. Do not be so into the price that you buy hotel furniture that is not comfortable. Such hotel furniture would have no use in your hotel and would never be used by any user.


The material form which the furniture is made of will tell you many things about the type of furniture that you would buy. If the furniture is made from high or good material then it means that it would be long-lasting and durable. The cost of such furniture may even be high; however, the durability of the furniture would be worth paying for. On the other hand, if the furniture is made from low-quality material then it means that it will break easily and you should not buy such furniture.

Pet friendly

Check for this feature, only if you are allowing pets inside your hotel. Many people have different types of preference and some prefer pets while others do not. If your hotel allows pets, then make sure to check whether the furniture would be able to take on the pets or not. Check if its pet friendly to not.

Hotel furniture

Buy hotel furniture online from Surenspace at the best price in India. … For your hotel interiors, find anything under one roof at Surenspace. … Surenspace provides a wide range of hotel room furniture to give your hotel what it is made for.

Surenspace provides a range of hotel furniture that looks beautiful and gives guests unparalleled comfort. You should explore distinct styles and models of furniture units to sustain the speed of utility and elegance. Our range of items offered are made from premium solid wood quality to ensure longevity and attractive looks. Our specialty is custom furniture, which offers dream furniture units right at your hotel for customers to stay happy and comfortable.

A hotel’s furniture shares an intimate friendship with both the clients and the hotel staff. The choice of furniture plays a major role in the overall success of a hotel, from providing the workers and the people at work with ease behind the closed service doors, to soothing the guests and ensuring that they have genuinely luxurious and enjoyable experiences during their stay. To make it the best match for your hotel, we offer a wide range of comfortable, sturdy and luxurious furniture with a variety of customizations. and You can also find everything Wholesale Restaurant Furniture In India

With a professional scheme, creative concept, and economic budget for each hotel project. Get to know the following protocol with our custom service

Broad range of catering for home & office segments for quality furniture. Purchase right now! Long-lasting furnishings. Economical Furniture. Convenient furniture. Quick delivery. Nice Mattresses. Furniture with a classy look. Types: living room, bedroom, dining room, furniture for your office.

Categories Hotel Furniture, we are specialist manufacturers from India, Hotel Furniture, Hotel Restaurant Furniture suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality items, we have full after-sales service and technical support for modern hotel furniture R&D and manufacturing. I am looking forward to your partnership!

Hotel Furniture Suppliers of Surenspace

The furniture factory specialises in the design, manufacture, integration with other related industries in the Indian and foreign markets around the world of hotel furniture, home furniture and all kinds of solid wood furniture.

Because of the best quality and price, Surenspace hotel furniture is still a common hotel project buyer in many countries.

Children’s paint, all colour choices (blue, red, orange, golden, purple, green, black, etc.) Packaging, first packing plastic bags, then packing a large box to prevent a hit. Feature, hotel / banquet facilities / restaurant / family furniture. You can pack them in a cardboard box as well…

Hotel Furniture Price List: Hotel Furniture Price List India

Hotel Furniture Price List

1 Solid Wood Walnut Finish Storage Resort Tent Hotel Bedroom Bed Design Hotel Furniture Rs. 37550
2 Solid Acacia Wood Hand Carved Pattern Single Resort Hotel Bed Design Hotel Furniture Rs. 45700
3 Honey Teak Finish Solid Wood Handcrafted Hotel Resort Bed Design Hotel Furniture Rs. 49150
4 Carved Solid Indian Wood Simple Camp Tent Bedside Hotel Furniture Rs. 17350
5 Bent Metal Solid Wood Wheel Base Resort Camp Bedside Hotel Furniture Rs. 23550
6 Reclaimed Wood Block Printed Design Almirah Cabinet Hotel Furniture Rs. 25070
7 Industrial Finish Iron Mesh Work Commercial Almirah Cabinet Hotel Furniture Rs. 33,570
8 Old Teak Antique Design Study Table Hotel Furniture Rs. 29330
9 Vintage Style Old Teak Kind of Study Table Hotel Furniture Rs. 19330
10 Tufted Leather Modern Design Office Chair Hotel Furniture Rs. 26330

Buying hotel furniture – All the stuff you need to know before buying

A massive area to cover is hotel furniture. There is much to worry about and too many spaces that need to be packed with various kinds of furniture. To help, we’ve put together a guide to what you need to know when buying hotel furniture. and also Leather Furniture

Furniture for hotels-purchasing basics : What types of furniture do you need for a hotel?

It can be a challenging job to buy hotel furniture for the suites, reception, restaurant and additional areas. In order to know what is required and how much furniture can fit into each room, it is necessary to plan the process in advance. Find out how to use hotel furniture to get it right.

Options for hotel furniture

Hotel furniture is huge and can range from the bedroom to the bar, so a number of colour choices are available.

Chairs and sofas

To provide comfort, every hospitality business needs to provide an acceptable amount of seating, but hotel seating can come with the highest level of expectation.

For all generations, catering

It’s worth getting something for guests of all ages when purchasing hotel furniture.

Bases of Customers:

Appealing to upmarket clients:

It doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive) to buy hotel furniture for upmarket rooms.

Appealing on a budget to clients

Appealing to budget clients does not imply sacrificing a friendly atmosphere. Without having to pass the high costs on to your clients, the right hotel furniture at the right price can be enticing.

Make dog-friendly your hotel

It can be overwhelming to let pets into your hotel, but is it worth giving up out on a major market that wants to take their dog on holiday with them? Here are some furniture tips for dog-friendly hotels, if you’re considering making the move.

Concept hotel:

Channelling the history of your hotel

Hotel furniture that conveys the heritage of India is constantly the way to make visitors happy, though trends come and go. For building a hotel packed with Indian heritage, here are some design tips.

Purchasing hotel furniture for tiny rooms

Small rooms do not compensate for convenience. A selection of layouts and furniture choices can be added to a compact area.

No constrains-the new hotel layout
Hotel furniture has many functions to fulfil, and recent research reveals that the limits are more blurred than ever before. In the hotel world , in particular, the millennial generation look for less specifically defined spaces. Discover what hotel furniture customers are searching for.

Make use of Sofa – Entire Hotel
Hotel owners want to satisfy as many trusted customers as possible, and because of its flexibility, one of the single best things in which you can invest is a sofa.

furniture should be near to plug sockets
Hotels have traditionally tended to keep plug sockets behind desks and partitions, but placing their seats near electrical outlets is becoming more important for hotels.

Customers have visibility to enjoy the view

For this one, you don’t need to be surrounded by breath-taking views-you will be shocked at what tourists consider to be a fascinating view from further afield. Comfortable furniture placed by a window would give tourists the opportunity to pause, take a break and watch the world go by.

Tips for seasonal hotels: Hotel furniture for Christmas

As travellers getaway during the Christmas time, there’s a feeling of celebrations.

Furniture for the hotel for Valentine’s Day

It is a wonderfully romantic gesture to be whisked away for a weekend break. That adds a glamorous sparkle to romantic Valentine’s Day getaways. you can choose best. hotel room furniture for Valentine

Best Hotel decor ideas for satisfied travelers

The hospitality industry is facing much tougher competition today, than ever before. The guests of the millennial hotel look beyond the fundamental facilities and comfort and explore experience. Hotel owners are fighting for new ways to make their guests happy and offer exclusive stay experiences every time, with homestays and imaginative accommodation choices contending against conventional solutions.One of the main improvements that we see today in hotels is the interior layout and design of furniture. When the times and desires of individuals shift, so do their furniture expectations. Especially in hotels, people are not looking for functionality as much as they want aesthetics.

Curved Furniture Furniture

In the early 2000s, edgy furniture with sharp lines and angled designs was high in demand and in fashion. Not anymore, though. Curved furniture is now preferred by people, particularly in seating and lounge options. But they’re gotta be sleek. It appears more friendly and soothing and gives a sense of warmth to rounded seats, trendy sofas and chairs with soft edges and round dining tables.

Furniture that’s eco-friendly

The modern consumer is conscious, well-informed and highly aware of themselves and the world. You should look at eco-friendly fabrics for furniture concepts to help such people, and also become a major contributor to environmental sustainability. Wood, bamboo, rattan, cane, linen, recycled fabrics, and even hemp are untreated and recycled, allowing for environmentally friendly and sustainable furniture. These are perfect for holiday retreats or casual hotels, where you want to add a rustic touch and create a cosy atmosphere and a homely feel.

Contrasting elements of style

To radiate exclusivity, the latest trend in furniture design is all about combining designs and colours. In modern times, though monochrome is not dead, design creativity calls for contrasting colours and the combination of textures and patterns on antique fabrics and classic silhouettes to give space a unique sense of style and character..

A move beyond convenience

In a hotel setting, the comfort of customers is and will always be the primary objective of furnishings. But today’s concept is to render ‘people-oriented’ furniture and fixtures. By combining both functionality and aesthetic appeal, this will further elevate the guest experience and take it to the next level and give them a special and memorable stay.

What’s Furniture for Hospitality?

It seems so straightforward. “Yet, answering the question, “What is furniture for hospitality? “requires a great deal of detail.

You can find hospitality furniture in a hotel, restaurant or commercial environment in high-traffic areas. This includes, but is not limited to, headboards, nightstands, coffee tables, toilets, television systems, dining tables, chairs, etc.

So, what makes furniture for hospitality different from furniture you’d find at home?
What makes furniture for hospitality different?

Unlike residential furniture, hospitality furniture is renowned for its capacity for long periods of time to withstand wear and tear from continuous use. Most notably, to satisfy the commercial grade requirements, it must undergo stability, longevity, and weight inspection.

Hospitality furniture is often intended to be easily maintained and to be resilient for a long time. Many major hospitality brands need owners to update their hotel furnishings every 8-10 years (Note: this also happens so designs within the hotel room are kept current).

A trained manufacturer of hospitality furniture understands and can inform you on how your project is influenced by these criteria.

Furniture for hotel

The choice of hotel furniture is strictly linked to the mood that you want to give to a given resort or other tourist accommodation that you need to decorate, while the mood is strictly linked to your customers’ goals.

This is why you need to anticipate reactions to the atmosphere you are building by selecting a furnishing style when purchasing hotel furniture. A broad choice of designer pieces for hotel bedrooms and bathrooms, reception and lounge areas can be found below.

surenspace is happy to help and find either alternatives or produce hotel furniture from scratch if you don’t find what you are searching for.

NEW WIND in the decoration of the hotel

Our hotel and hotel furniture projects are reinforcing the success that we have shown in classic furniture and luxury decoration projects. In a short time, with our hotel room decorations that we designed and applied locally and abroad, hotel lobby decoration, hotel projects restaurant decoration, we have become the most valued hotel decoration business in the world. We design and produce hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture, hotel furniture made of natural wood, hotel furniture that we manufacture.

Esthetics and quality are the subject of hotel furniture.

We pay special attention to aesthetics and stability when designing hotel furniture. The general decor and furniture of the hotel is certainly the first item that catches the interest of guests who stay. In the eyes of your clients, the hotel lacquer furnishings and the huge hotel furnishings that are favoured in luxury hotels make you a class. Particularly the first glory and elegance that was never forgotten by the guest entering the hotel. For him, as surenspace, we pay careful attention to the decoration of the halls and to the decoration of the reception.

Classic furniture for hotels? Fashionable?

Though classic Ottoman style hotel furniture has recently been favoured in luxury hotel projects, modern and prestigious hotel furniture is used in some projects. Typically, avant-garde hotel furniture, art-deco hotel furniture or country-house furniture is favoured for hotel concepts that must make a choice between traditional and modern. Like surenspace, in hotel decorations, we can harmoniously use classic, modern and avant-garde lines.

Safety in decorating hotels

While the hotel’s furniture is built, there is also a safety aspect besides the aesthetics and quality to be taken into account. For hotel furniture, protection is a significant point that can never be overlooked. When decorating hotels in different countries of the world, from different cultures, we will avoid designs that will jeopardise guest safety. For example, we do not create furniture that is too sharp to prevent accidents when designing hotel furniture.

To stop the overturning of moving furniture, we instal it on a wall, ceiling or floor as much as possible. We use premium materials for sliding and hinging on cabinet doors and drawers. In hotel rooms and hotel curtains, we use non-flammable fabrics.

Protection and sound insulation at the doors of hotels

The doors of the hotel are another significant point in the decor of the hotel. A classic hotel door, a luxury hotel door or a modern hotel room door, suitable for general hotel decoration, can be designed by suren. The most significant point is the security at the doors of the hotel. The latest trend is hotel room doors, which are becoming more safe with electronic door locks, while providing customers with a more convenient and secure sound insulation climate. It is possible to use non-flammable materials on hotel doors as well.

Entrance furniture for hotel

suren creates designs for lobby furniture that will achieve the reputation of the hotel. The lobby of the hotel is ergonomically built on the hotel entry levels, situated in an area where guests have little time to rest. For a relaxing and enjoyable period for all guests, ergonomic hall furniture should be preferred in the lobby of the hotel. Asortie Furniture designs, develops and implements beautiful furniture that will give priority to hotel companies’ corporate structure. Asortie blends convenience and beauty in its items in the lobby decor, decorating spaces where you can please your guests best.

Not just furniture, but also the décor of hotels

All the items that the hotel needs are planned and introduced, such as hotel curtains, hotel carpets, bathroom furniture, hotel table sets, hotel lighting accessories, chairs, etc. Since the items used in the decoration of hotels have to form a harmonious whole. We have signed eye-catching designs tailored to the room in the projects we carry out in the area of prestigious hotel furniture. In hotel projects, surenspace furniture models that inspire many designers.

The level of service Hotel furniture surenspace

It is not just the decor and furniture that make a hotel luxurious. It is extremely important to have the quality of service, the precision of the workers, and the more or less broad range of choices provided to a guest. Nonetheless, the initial impression is undoubtedly made by the manner in which each setting is furnished, and the nature of the furniture and its functionality absolutely have a powerful effect on the experience of a visitor.In order to be luxurious, a hotel must make the stay of its guests memorable, creating comfortable and at the same time aesthetically pleasing spaces, decorated with taste and with a maniacal attention to detail. Initially, one would assume that there is less space for a hotel than a home, but nothing could be more wrong. Inside a hotel, there are a wide range of contexts: not just the lobby and the suites, but also the spa and the meeting room, to name a few. To achieve a luxurious end result, everything must conform to a particular style and must be carefully furnished. Now let’s look at how to furnish a luxury hotel step-by-step.

How to furnish any hotel inside a luxury hotel

The hospitality world is continually changing. Hotels are trying to give their guests a special experience more and more often. What? How? In order to guarantee customised experiences, by designing and changing the interior and exterior spaces, turning their stay into a true escape from life, and at the same time providing maximum comfort with high quality furniture.

When it comes to furnishing a luxury hotel, what settings do we pay special attention to?

The lobby and the rooms in which the bathroom should be given special attention are undoubtedly significant, but the halls, meeting rooms, restaurant, outdoor areas, and spa (which is necessary for a luxury hotel) are all very important as well. We will, therefore, start with the hotel’s lobby, or reception room.

Furnishing the Lobby of a Luxury Hotel

The lobby of a hotel includes reception, luggage storage, a restroom, and a waiting area. It is the first thing that a guest sees as he or she steps through the door, therefore it is extremely essential and furnishing it in the style that will then be maintained throughout the entire hotel is fundamental.

First of all, we must ensure that visitors, either visually or functionally, are never bored. The furniture must be designed in such a way that it does not create barriers, depending on the particular style chosen, and must be laid out intelligently according to its intended intent. For instance, as soon as the guest enters the lobby, the reception desk must be easily reached, while the armchairs and sofas must provide a separate and cosy atmosphere. Opt for neutral or pastel colours that can be livened up with accessories like pillows, lamps, vases, and rugs if you want a classic look. Do not forget to spread books and magazines on the tables so that visitors have something to hold on to.If you want to construct a futuristic setting, on the other hand, play with sofa and armchair shapes and colours, adding electric blue, steel inserts, or irregular and sinuous shapes. In this case, you should provide accessories made from high-tech or steel materials, such as paperweights or tabletop ornaments, and include specialised magazines that might attract your guests.

What would be the Hotel furniture average cost?

The amount is based on the quality of the material and particular products what's you want.

What types of furniture needed for the Hotel furniture?

Hotel Lobby, Public Space Furniture, more from our site.

In India who is the Hotel furniture Manufacturers?

Proudly we can say we are one of the Hotel furniture Manufacturers

Where Can Buy Hotel furniture in India?

You can buy Hotel furniture at Suren Space without restrictions with offers and buy any location in India

What will be the delivery time for Hotel furniture?

Depends on the location it takes up to 30 days we deliver any of these locations - India, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, North America, South America.

What Rustic Style of Hotel furniture?

Rustic furniture is a way to bring the great outdoors into your home or workspace. Characterized by the use of mostly natural materials like wood and stone, earthy colors, and sturdy fabrics, the rustic style of furniture connects you to Nature. So, if a ‘natural, simplistic look’ is your desire, Suren Space is your destination for Hotel furniture

What types of materials used for Hotel furniture?

The Indian furniture industry encompasses a wide range of styles. One such style that brings out the craftsmanship of the talented Indian artisans is carved furniture. The journey of carved Indian Hotel furniture started with the arrival of the Dutch traders. Suren Space is taking this journey forward by leaps and bounds. A perfect example is the Maharaja Inspire Carved High Head Rest Design Indian Hotel Resort Bed, Hotel furniture which is sure to be the star attraction of your Hotel furniture.

Why Suren Space Hotel furniture?

Suren Space is the leading hospitality furniture in India. Furniture is needed for every area. Be it a bedroom, hall, dining area, restaurant, reception, or anywhere else. The most important thing that is required in a hotel is furniture.

Who are we? What's our Hotel furniture?

‘We’ are a Hotel furniture manufacturing company, which strives to infuse form and character to raw materials Hotel furniture, thereby creating exceptional works of art. Our talented team takes great care in the manufacture, polishing and final inspection of our products, after which they are ready for delivery across the globe. Holding a Hotel in Bangalore and going crazy to find the right decorator for your Hotel? You can now simply search through all the top wedding decorators, read their reviews, see their ratings from previous customers, and browse through all the Hotels they have done previously to experience the style.

How to meet us?

This has been an incredible journey so far, with many milestones achieved along the way and many customers’ dreams fulfilled. We would love to include you in our customer family! If you are interested in being a part of our journey, do reach out to us. Phone: +91-63777-12297 Email:

Hotel furniture for sale in Bangalore

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