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What makes guests attracted to a Restaurant? Of Course the food and price menu but what about the furniture placed in it? Yes! It is also an important aspect of a restaurant and plays a major role in attracting customers. Customers not only want excellent food but also want to sit comfortably while enjoying food and you can’t give them satisfaction without adding a perfect seating option. So here  SUREN SPACE a JODHPUR(INDIA) based Largest Restaurant Furniture manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler & supplier company offers its voguish range of Metal Chairs for Restaurant Space!


Metal-made chairs are said to be an integral part of any Restaurant space because these are resilient to everyday wear and tear which is one of the main reasons that it is the number one choice for Restaurant purposes. Metal is much harder, stronger, and heavier than other types of furniture like wood and plastics, which means that this type of furniture survives for many years and this is the only type of chair which are easy to use and does not require much maintenance.



For dining space, we have manufactured high-quality metal made chairs that have upholstered seats made up of various types of premium quality fabric, leather, etc to give a comfortable seating for hours. Also, they have a comfortable backrest to maintain proper body posture while giving support to the back and upper portion of the body. By browsing in this category you will see various top quality chairs like METAL LEATHERETTE SEAT BACK chairs, METAL FRAME PRINTED FABRIC DINING CHAIR, BENT METAL MINIMALIST CHAIR DESIGN, GENUINE LEATHER MS REGULAR CHAIR WITH BACK LEATHER seats, GOLD FINISH LEATHERETTE DINING CHAIR, etc.


To give a perfect ambiance to the lounge area we are introducing a plush range of metal chairs that not only give perfect seating but also enhance the overall vibe and beauty of the surroundings. The stylish design and appearance of the chairs with perfect seating can grab anyone’s attention on the first appearance. You can select from various products like STAINLESS STEEL ROPEWORK CHAIR, BENT METAL CHAIR designs, CAST IRON PATIO CHAIR, INDUSTRIAL ROPEWORK CHAIR designs, METAL MESH CHAIR WITH WOODEN seats, MS ROD CURVE BACK METAL CHAIR, etc.


Outdoor dining areas allow you to serve more customers at a time. Adding outdoor dining lets you serve more customers thus we have manufactured a wide variety of outdoor metal chairs that will be the perfect setting option in various designs, styles, finish, and color options. You can go for a METAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGN OUTDOOR CHAIR, METAL OUTDOOR SPACE MESH CHAIR IN BLACK FINISH, PURE METAL DESIGNER OUTDOOR CHAIR, ARTISTIC METAL UPHOLSTERED CHAIR, UNIQUE DESIGN INDIAN INDUSTRIAL METAL CHAIR, METAL BASE FUNKY DESIGN OUTDOOR SEATING CHAIR, METAL CHAIR IN DUAL FINISH, DUAL FINISH METAL CHAIR WITH BLUE & WHITE, etc.


Stackable chairs are referred to as space maximizers. These are light weighted chairs that can be moved and put everywhere. These space maximizers take up vertical space and not floor space. With these chairs, you can make extra seating space in any portion like the garden area, outdoor and indoor, or an event and the cleaning also becomes easy. From this category you can choose our CROSS PATCHWORK SEATING CHAIR, METAL MADE MESH CHAIR DESIGN, YELLOW SOLID METAL CHAIR DESIGN, REGULAR METAL MESH DESIGN OUTDOOR CHAIR, METAL MADE FOLDING GARDEN CHAIR, MS OUTDOOR AREA FOLDING CHAIR, UNIQUE METAL DESIGN STACKABLE AND FOLDABLE CHAIR and many more.

Apart from the above-mentioned category of chairs you can browse all the categories of Restaurant Metal Chairs and any other categories of handcrafted furniture online at “SUREN SPACE” which is an ocean of handcrafted furniture.


We provide convenience and stability by having a trusted partner you can work with. You can count on the quality of Indian craftsmanship, sourced materials, and service every time you contact us. We prioritize every order and understand how important it is to our customers. Our customer care support is always there to help you out. We appoint a manager who oversees the whole work, from the initial inquiry to its final packaging, so you’ll be able to know all the consideration points. If you have any doubts during this time, it’s easy to get hold of us, and we love to hear your advice and offer options to ensure that you will be delighted with the final product.


SUREN SPACE” also provides customization facilities to its clients. So you can tell us about the design and material of the metal chair and we will surely hand over the exact product you desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are secure; you don’t have to worry about payment security as we have introduced more than one payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be so easy and secure. To make things easy, we are honest and straightforward with your intentions, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities to its customers as well. So, as an OEM, we can help you to complete your collections and designs partially or entirely while providing you with all the advantages ranging from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging, including handling shipping and customs. So to beautify your restaurant area space with the addition of metal chairs in it. Order today and get a satisfactory buying experience from “SURENSPACE”.