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“Suren Space” is an Indian handicraft furniture manufacturer, supplier & exporter company from JODHPUR (INDIA), showcasing an extensive gold range of MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY STYLE FURNITURE. Whether your taste is modern or Contemporary, all furniture categories are available under the umbrella of “SUREN SPACE.” 


Modern furniture refers to the type of furniture produced in the late 19th century. Modern Furniture Designs refer to the architectural styles popular in the early 1900 and 1950s. To make less time-consuming and attractive designs was the first motive of modern designs. With the use of modern machines, modern furniture quickly came into existence, promoted factory modules, and focused on the design of the object to save money, time, and material. Nowadays, Modern furniture has become very common in every household and the hospitality sector because it adds perfect glam with many stylish designs. Modern furniture designs have unique features like Minimalist designs, smooth surfaces, clean & straight lines with perfect curves, and warm neutral colors. Modern furniture designs are one of a kind in themselves and stay unmatched. 

                                   “SUREN SPACE” a Jodhpur (India) based Modern Furniture Manufacturer, exporter, and supplier company that offers you a wide range of MODERN FURNITURE. We established ourselves as a credible brand for buying Modern Furniture. So if you are in search of affordable Modern Furniture Designs, you are on the right platform. Whether you want MODERN FURNITURE for your home, hotel, restaurant, and resort purposes, or do you want to buy it for event and contract purposes? We have an utterly enticing range for various sectors in splendid designs that will make a style statement with a luxury look in your space.


A contemporary furniture design refers to the type of furniture that is currently in trend, growing and changing with the latest vogue, and has the benefits of advanced and emergent technologies and materials. Contemporary style furniture has features of primary forms, clean lines, and beautiful and simple frames with a focus on comfort and coziness. Contemporary furniture looks luxurious according to today’s growing demand and is often used for the type of furniture that is popular. It has several different designs that reflect today’s age of furniture.

                                Here, “SUREN SPACE” represents its CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE DESIGNS for your living room, modular kitchen space, bedroom, and dining room. Hence, all the types of home decor furniture in contemporary style are available at our online store. Apart from home furnishing, if you are an owner of any hotel, restaurant, cafe, or villa, We have a complete range of contemporary furniture designs for the hospitality sector also. The world of SUREN SPACE is stuffed with endless MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE DESIGNS; nevertheless, we are showing you some of our special categories:


These tables are not only of unique look but are multifunctional also. These side/end/bedside tables cum display units can also be used as living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kid’s table furniture. You can arrange your prized possessions and precious pots with all the care they deserve, and you will give space efficiency to the items. 


We have a complete range of different types of beds in Modern & Contemporary styles. All kinds of king, queen, single, and four-posted beds are available at our online store to give you a cozy sleep with a luxurious look to the bedroom space.


You will see a myriad of modern categories of chairs & stools like metal, wood, and leather chair, backless, swivel, low back, and high back chairs, with or without armrests, padded & non-padded or upholstery on the seats, so that everyone can get comfortably sit themselves and their near & dear ones also.


Our modern & stunning HAND CARVED INDIAN BENCHES are finely crafted using superior quality material. These fabulous small furniture units are functional & sustainable and are of many types like backrests, with or without armrests, metal and wooden made, etc. It will help you get more comfortable seating in your compact space while providing a luxury look.


Lots of designs with various shapes sizes, and looks, from tall, narrow units to wide of our Chest Of Drawers, will fit in your lovely home and will be worth noticing for everyone. These modern & contemporary inspired designs are constructed with different woods and finishes. These cabinet types have multiple parallels and horizontal drawers to store various personal sundry items. Chest drawers are a great place to keep many of your household items.


“SUREN SPACE” also provides customization facilities as our skilled craftsmen make new designs per the client’s requirement. So you can tell us about your choice and send a plan to us, we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are also very easy and secure, you don’t have to worry about the payment securities as we have introduced more than one payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be so easy and secure. We are honest and straightforward with your intentions to make things easy, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM, we can help you complete your collections and designs wholly or partially. We will provide you all the advantages from manufacturing a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom.