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Black Finish Console Cum Counter Table in Automobile Pattern

Brass Antique Cycle Design Console Table

Dear Blue Unique Automobile Counter Cum Event Display Unit

Duel Finish Distress Design Automobile Wine Cabinet

Duel Scooter Low Bench Design

Hand Painted Car Design Automobile Counter

Indian Moped Unique Design Wine Cabinet

Indian Old Moped Design Display Cum Service Counter

Indian Scooter Design Automobile Display Cabinet

Indian Truck Design Automobile Counter

Old Moped Army Green Finish Banquet Table

Silver Antique Scooter Design Display Cabinet


“SUREN SPACE” an INDIAN FURNITURE manufacturer, exporter & supplier company from JODHPUR (INDIA) welcomes you to our online store, which is stuffed with various categories of furniture. Here is a representation of “ AUTOMOBILE / AUTOMOTIVE FURNITURE”. AUTOMOTIVE FURNITURE means, Furniture made from old recycled auto parts or upcycled new auto parts and has been inspired by the Automobile Industry. In the growing demand of today’s world, “AUTO FURNITURE” is in high demand. Furniture, made from scrap auto parts, is the latest eye-catcher. Our automotive furniture products are based on the theme of automobile necessity and reusability, hence they resemble auto parts but actually, they are furniture. As we are specialized in making AUTOMOTIVE FURNITURE in India, all of our auto-themed furniture is robust, long-lasting, and also light-weight in structure. All the manufactured pieces have wonderful & catchy designs that will surely bring back your old memories and will leave an unforgettable appearance on every viewer. As it is inspired by old auto parts or waste auto parts and crafted by the hands of our great artisan’s team, we understand the need for sustainability. In the global furniture market, we have to understand the value of making waste to be wealth for a sustainable culture. 

                            Our gold range of furniture made from AUTO PARTS has a wide collection of all types of unique and old vehicle parts furniture including Ambassador sofa, Car sofa, Car bench, Truck bar, Moped bar, Tractor bar cabinet, Scooter display unit, Tractor design home unique bar, Sofa design of a back portion of the car, Jodhpur taxi design bar cabinet, Jeep style console table, Old truck style bar cum reception counter and many more. 

Here, we are describing to you some of our most loved categories of Automotive Furniture:

Ambassador Sofa:

 This iron and wooden material mix old Indian car auto parts Ambassador sofa gives a perfect sitting with an antique vibe to your surroundings. The seat of this car sofa is handcrafted with old vintage car parts and wooden after that repurposed as Sofa seating. The front sidelights are in working condition and give a bright appeal to the product. This fabulous product will grab anyone’s attention and can be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries, any event, clubs, etc.

Dual Tone Indian Moped Bar Counter 

A fabulous Moped Bar Counter, manufactured by “SUREN SPACE” is one of a kind pieces and we can say it’s a conversation starter place. It looks so attractive and gives an automotive vibe to the space. The wooden-made smooth platform gives a proper storage option and the amalgamation of white & Red colors makes it perfect for theme-based events, also can be used in bars for displaying wine or any other bar essentials. 

Indian Old Scooter Display Unit

The fantastic Scooter display unit creates a wow factor in any bar area. It is framed out by our great artisan team with an old automotive original scooter and repurposed as a display unit for bar areas and any theme-based events. Its features include a smooth platform made up of solid wood and a metal cabinet with doors in the center. 

Tractor shaped Bar Cabinet

It’s a fantastic and one-of-a-kind piece of AUTOMOTIVE from “SUREN SPACE”. It is handcrafted with an old Indian Tractor’s front part and has a bright red finish on it. The upper portion has a smooth platform, made up of metal and solid wood for storage purposes.

Jodhpur Taxi Design Bar Cabinet

This fabulously designed product is inspired by “Jodhpur taxi design”. It is partially constructed by an old taxi design of Jodhpur. Its smart features include a smooth platform, made up of superior quality wood for storage & display items, and also has a mixture of bright yellow and black color on its frame that makes it perfect for event purposes. The splendid automotive product can be used in any bar area, pub, and restaurant also. 

 Apart from the above-mentioned categories of automotive furniture, you will see a myriad of collections of different automobile furniture for various purposes on our online store, also you can customize the product according to your desire and needs. “SUREN SPACE” has provided bespoke furniture to many of its customers. So just send us an order and we will make your dreamy furniture real. 


We are always eager to create all kinds of automotive furniture that will rightly suit each & every corner. We have manufactured the product to give you a lavish feel with super comfort. Our products are designed amazingly by our great artisans in different shapes, styles, categories, and sizes from the original automotive parts. So you can pick the best one according to your choice as we pay attention to all the aspects of the product from purpose to style, from quality to budget-friendly. Our craftsman follows a labor-intensive process to create something unique for our customers and always strives to stay committed to creating a unique & modern style while giving an Indian vibe to the product.


Not only the product but Our online purchasing gateways for buyers are also so smooth and hassle-free because we have included secured payment methods with various options. Apart from the great range of automotive furniture that we have manufactured, we provide our customers bespoken or customization facilities also. Our skilled craftsmen also make fresh designs as per the client’s requirement. So just tell us about your choice and send a design to us, we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Timely delivery of the furniture pieces would be ensured by us so that you will surely enjoy the convenience of shopping from us in every possible way. one more smart perk “SUREN SPACE” offers OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facility. So as an OEM we can help you to complete your designs partially or wholly and also provide you all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom.