Hotel Room Furniture: You can find everything in one roof

Browse Suren Space exclusive collection of Hotel Furniture. Which Include Hotel Beds, Hotel Bedside Tables, Hotel Bedroom Benches, Hotel Dressing TablesHotel  Room coffee tables, Hotel Tv Stands, Hotel Room Study Table and more.

Finding the right sort of furniture is certainly no easy task. Different tastes call for variations in themes, colors, and designs that add complexity to the task. One of the biggest things to consider every time furniture is bought is whether its quality will be worth the money spent on it. Hotels that need to maintain their reputation and lure in a greater crowd need to be careful to be able to maintain that quality while also giving it a touch of either elegance, funkiness, or chic vibes that would give them a distinct personality. Luckily, those are all the categories that we deal in to provide the best sort of hotel room furniture to give hotels a desirable appeal.

Hotel Beds

High Head Rest Solid Wooden Resort Villas Bed Design

Honey Teak Finish Solid Wood Handcrafted Hotel Resort Bed Design

Indian Rosewood Natural Finish Resort Bedroom Bed Design

Maharaja Inspire Carved High Head Rest Design Indian Hotel Resort Bed Design

Natural Cane Solid Wood Carved Bedroom Hotel Resort Platform Bed Design

Old Door Recycled Antique Reproduction Bed Design

Pure White Luxury Interior Solid Wood Villa Bedroom Bed Design

Recycled Indian Old Wood Resort Guest Room Bedroom Bed Design

Solid Acacia Wood Hand Carved Pattern Single Resort Hotel Bed Design

Solid Acacia Wood Natural Finish Carved Tent Camp Room Bed Design

Solid Mango & Slipper Wood Natural Finish Hotel Resort Bed Design

Solid Wood Four Poster Guest House Bedroom Bed Design

Solid Wood High Head Rest Platform Resort Vacation Villa Room Bed Design

Solid Wood Walnut Design Platform Design Bedroom Bed Design

Solid Wood Walnut Finish Storage Resort Tent Hotel Bedroom Bed Design

Hotel Bedsides

Carved Solid Indian Wood Simple Camp Tent Bedside

Hand Carved Solid Wood Mahogany Shade Side Table

Hand Painted Dual Shade Coffee Table Cum Side Table

Metal Wooden Single Drawer Contemporary Style Side Table

Solid Acacia Wood Camp Tent Resort Side Table

Solid Indian Wood Modern Design Hotel Side Table

Solid Mango Wood Painted Modern Design Bedside

Straight Line Solid Wood Single Drawer Bedroom Bedside

Whitewash Solid Wood Modern Bedroom Side Table

Aara Finish Mesh Design Retro Bedside Table in Natural Finish

Aviator Finish Movable Metal Futuristic Design Bedside

Bent Metal Rustic Outdoor Compact Coffee Table

Bent Metal Solid Wood Wheel Base Resort Camp Bedside

Black Finish Serving Cum Display Cart With Drawer

Casting Wheel Rough Look Farmhouse Inspire Side Table

Cross Pattern Retro Style Side Table Cum Display Unit

Iron Mesh Work Black Finish Industrial Side Table

Mango Wood Rustic Finish Serving Trolley

Metal Artistic Design Low Height Center Coffee Table

Metal Base Rough Solid Mango Wood Industrial Bedroom Side Table

Metal Base Rough Solid Wood Industrial Bedside

Metal Frame Solid Wood Industrial Two Drawer Bedside

Metal Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table

Metal Industrial Solid Indian Wood Bedside Design

Multi Material Reclaimed Wood Iron Natural Metal Finish Bedside

Rough Mango Aara Finish Jodhpur Industrial Bedside Design

Rustic Finish Fridge Pattern Box Shape Night Stand

Set of Two Reclaimed Wood Center Coffee Table

Sky Blue Distress Shabby Chic Metal Mesh Bedside Table

Solid Grain Wood Hollow Design Side Table Cum Stool

Unique Design Compact Design Metal Industrial Side Table

One of Kind Old Indian Wood Side Table Cum Stool

Boat Wood Multicolor Three Drawer Bedside Furniture

Carved Design Recycled Indian Wood Bedside

Carved Patchwork Old Wood Three Drawer Side Table

Carved Reclaimed Four Drawer Long Bedside

Hand Carved Indian Style Multicolored Resort Bedside Cabinet

Old Distress Wood Casting Panel Bedside Table

Old Indian Wood Multicolored Farm House Side Table

Reclaimed Round Shape Side Table Cum Stool

Traditional Metal Jali Word Indian Style Reclaimed Bedside

Unique Colored Window Doors Old Wood Bedside Furniture

Whitewash Distress Carved Three Drawer Reclaimed Bedside

Old Metal Unique Street Design Side Table cum Coffee Table

One of Kind Old Wood Dark Blue Night Stand

Hotel Study Tables

Hotel Study Desk Lamps

Hotel Floor Lamps

Hotel TV Stands / Entertainment Units

Hotel Bookcases / Display Rack

Hotel Banquet Chairs

What Products Are Offered:

When it comes to hotel room furniture, beds are an absolute must. A room is simply not complete without a bed to rest on. Customers, when traveling, would definitely need such comforts after an entire day of watching the sights and so hotels must be careful to make it as comfortable as possible. When you have a bed, you might as well order bedside tables as well to have small lamps to light up the room or have a designated space to keep odds and ends. Whether you are an owner of a furniture store or a hotel owner looking to buy it directly from us, you must be aware that you should have a wide variety of products to tweak the theme however you want it. This is why we also provide sturdy or intricate-looking wardrobes that are definitely much-needed to hang up clothes and have them out of the way. Dressing tables and vanities can allow for an elegant look where people using the room can keep anything with ease. Accent chairs and coffee tables would make for a complete set as guests can be entertained well by customers if they have these in their rooms. You can even throw in a study table as people also travel for business and need to work rather than just leisure. The best part is we can offer all of these to you just the way you want it.

Why Furniture Is Important For Your Hotel:

When people are traveling to foreign destinations or even a different city they usually opt to stay in hotels. Not only will this give them a roof above their heads but since a lot of hotels provide breakfast, room service, and other such comforts they simply cannot resist the temptation of being tended to. Furniture plays a vital role when it comes to this and can be the key factor into determining whether guests will ever want to stay there again the next time they visit. Furniture is what truly determines what kind of a vibe you are hoping to give that will lure them in. If you want a lavish theme, we can provide you that with gilt, opalescent furniture that will be heavy-duty and attract those who prefer luxury. If you want minimalism, we can give you options that are sleek, modern, and aesthetic. No matter what theme you go for, it will be the defining point for customers to choose whether the hotel matches their personality. No matter what it looks like, it should always provide the greatest level of comfort. Our furniture is designed in a way to offer that and more that will help your guest feel completely at ease after a long day of slogging away.

Blast Into The Past:

Furniture in hotels in the olden eras was not always the way it is in modern times. Initially, splendid grandeur is what you could expect well-known hotels to provide, as that marked luxury that drew in those who could afford it. Eventually, hotel inns started to pop up and become increasingly common that dealt more in simplistic furniture as large families preferred those instead. That brought in an era of practicality and minimalism rather than just decorating hotel rooms with luxurious furniture.

Latest Trends Involving Hotel Furniture:

Some latest furniture trends might help you get exactly what you seek so you can know just what you want to get before you go for it. One of those preferences that are growing more popular by the day is having green furniture. As a lot of people are gaining awareness and a likeness for eco-friendly trends, it is no surprise at all that it is being applied to furniture as well. This is why we aim to use non-toxic glues among other such methods to ensure that the pollutants being released in the environment are as minimal as possible. You can have your hotel be well-known for joining hands in this noble cause as well that can draw in a large number of those who care about the environment.

It is also highly important for a hotel to use furniture to appear versatile. You cannot choose who comes and stays in your hotel. First a large family may come and stay there followed by a lone traveller who prefers solitude. The furniture should be present in a way that can provide enough room and comforts to both cases so that everyone can be satisfied with what you can offer them. Clean lines, impeccable upholstery, practical coffee tables and chairs seem to be the current trends to consider when buying furniture.


Whether you want furniture for your furniture shop or even to decorate a hotel room, we are perfectly capable of providing you with a plethora of designs and colors that can give you a great deal of variety. Decorating hotel rooms will be made all the easier when you can find so much offered all at one place. No matter what kind of a vibe you are trying to set for your hotel rooms or what kind of guests you are hoping to attract, we can help you make the most of it.