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Metal Finish Industrial TV Cabinet

Functional and Stylish Hotel TV Units at Suren Space

Suren Space is a well-known name for manufacturing and supplying hotel TV units in India. We are driven by the proven track record of providing high-quality, modern, and functional TV units designed to upgrade the guest experience in hotel rooms. Our comprehensive range and dedication to superiority have become the favorite option for hotels pursuing reliable entertainment solutions for hotel rooms.

A well-planned hotel TV unit is more than furniture; it’s the core of the guest experience. Quality TV units have not only a stylish look but also functional storage and practicality. At Suren Space, we appreciate the importance of integrating style with practicality, guaranteeing our units perfectly match any hotel room decor while delivering a premium viewing experience for guests.

Why Choose Suren Space for Hotel TV Units?

1. Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Suren Space is among the top manufacturers and suppliers of hotel TV units in India. We have placed importance on providing high-quality products that satisfy the requirements of hotels nationwide. Our comprehensive collection guarantees that we know the specific needs of the restaurant industry.

2. Commitment to Quality and Style

At Suren Space, quality and style go hand in hand. We utilize the best materials to manufacture TV units that are not only strong but also visually attractive. Our designs range from modern to classic, guaranteeing that our products improve the overall appearance of any hotel room.

3. Customization Options

We know that each hotel has exceptional requirements. That’s why we deliver customization choices for our TV units. Whether you require a specific size, color, or design, we can adapt our products to suit your precise needs. This resilience guarantees that our units completely match your hotel’s decor and practicality.

Wholesale Solutions

For hotels seeking to furnish multiple rooms, Suren Space has affordable wholesale furniture options. Buying in bulk from us guarantees you get high-quality units at the best prices. Our wholesale options make it effortless for hotels to retain brand identity across all rooms while working within budget.

Hotel TV Units for Every Room

At Suren Space, we offer a wide range of hotel TV unit furniture that is compatible to be used in every room;

1. Compact Console Units

Our compact console units are intelligently manufactured to optimize space efficacy. Whether your hotel room is comfortable or expansive, these units work perfectly. Wall-mounted or freestanding, they adapt smoothly to any layout.

Clean lines, simple surfaces, and a priority on practicality determine our console units. They improve the room without overpowering it, making them perfect for modern hotel designs.

Despite their compact size, these units have intelligent storage options. Hidden compartments, cable management, and reliable spaces for remotes and media devices keep everything managed.

2. Spacious Entertainment Centers

Our luxurious entertainment centers turn the TV area into an appealing main point. Guests are immersed in their preferred shows or movies.

Multiple shelves, drawers, and cabinets deliver ample storage. From DVDs to gaming consoles, there’s a place for everything. Plus, guests can exteriorize the display with decor items.

Whether your hotel emits classic refinement or modern chic, our entertainment centers accommodate. Select from wood finishes, metal features, or glass elements to meet your artistic needs.

3. Multi-Functional TV Cabinets

TV cabinets serve dual roles: housing the TV and offering additional functionality. Perfect for suites or executive rooms. These cabinets integrate open shelves for display and closed compartments for private storage. Guests can showcase travel souvenirs or take away personal items.

Some cabinets come with built-in speakers, charging ports, or even mini-fridges. It’s all about improving comfort and guest delight.

Hotel TV Unit Design and Styles

At Suren Space, we distinguish ourselves by delivering hotel TV units that perfectly combine modern design with endless style. Here’s why our designs stand out:

1. Modern and Classic Designs

Our stylish, modern designs have clean lines and simple artistic taste. Designed from high-quality materials, they will make any room look luxurious.

For those who value tradition, our classic designs include luxury detailing. From decorated designs to rich wood finishes, these units ooze everlasting charm.

2. Matching Units with Hotel Room Décor

We know that hotel room design values. Our TV units are adaptable, and accommodating to different interior styles. Whether your hotel favors modern chic or classic style, our units perfectly fit in.

Select finishes, colors, and dimensions that go well with your existing décor. The result? A cohesive and inviting guest experience.

3. Innovative Entertainment Solutions

Our units go beyond aesthetics. Integrated cable management keeps cords tidy while charging stations cater to guests’ tech needs.

 We stay abreast of industry trends, ensuring our designs evolve alongside guest expectations.

Transform Your Hotel Rooms with Suren Space TV Units

Ready to elevate the guest experience in your hotel rooms? Choose Suren Space for top-quality, stylish, and functional hotel TV units. Regardless of your decor, you’re sure to find the right design for you with our diverse range of classic and modern designs. Moreover, our commitment to quality ensures durability and aesthetic value.

Our customized options and innovative entertainment solutions cater to your specific needs, making each room a perfect retreat for your guests. Choosing us means investing in products that make your hotel rooms more functional and ambiance, leaving your guests with a lasting impression. We at Suren Space create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for your guests with our extensive range of hotel TVs. 

Elevate Your Hotel Experience with Custom Hotel Entertainment Units Online India

Suren Space is the leading TV units manufacturer in India that serves global customers. Our magnificent range of TV units online in India is designed to improve the environment of your hotel rooms and provide your guests with an indelible experience.

Discover our collection of hotel room TV units, including custom-made TV units, slatted TV stands, and much more. Whether you’re searching for a traditional touch, a modern vibe, or something indeed unique, we have the ideal solution for you.

Custom-Made Entertainment TV Units Online India for Hotels

We know how important it is for hotels to offer a relaxing and attractive environment to guests. That’s why we deliver a broad assortment of entertainment units in India that can be customized to fulfill your precise requirements.

Our customized process guarantees that you can acclimate every part of the design to match your hotel’s decor, from the selection of wood and finishes to the overall sizes and characteristics.

Consider our built-in units, an excellent choice for hotels that strive to maximize space and deliver a seamless, integrated look. These units can be customized to suit completely within your space’s structure, whether you require them to be incorporated privately or create a bold statement.

For those desiring a rustic and friendly environment, our rustic wood entertainment units are ideal. Crafted with care, these units bleed the magnetism and qualities of natural wood, carrying a touch of nature indoors. They can be designed to include storage space, shelves, and display areas, guaranteeing that they satisfy both functional and stylistic necessities.

Display and Storage Solutions

Our hotel entertainment units are not only about TV arrangements; they deliver adaptable solutions for displaying and holding items. With choices such as wardrobe-integrated units and those furnished with storage, you can deliver your guests with comfort and dignity. Imagine offering your guests a unit that integrates a beautiful display for their unique items with great storage space to hold their belongings. This level of attention to detail can leave a lasting impression.

The wall-mounted units in our collection save useful floor space, making them excellent for compact hotel rooms. These elegant and stylish units are created for easy installation and add a modern touch to your rooms. For those looking to add a touch of originality, our units come with racks and cabinets, offering both practical storage and the possibility of stylish decor collections.

Diverse Styles for Every Taste

Suren Space prides itself on delivering a wide range of entertainment units to fit any hotel decor. Whether you choose vintage magic, modern sophistication, or an industrial advantage, our collection has something for everyone.

Explore our long, elevated, and modern units that cater to different room designs. From small units for comfortable spaces to extendable choices for larger suites, we’ve got you covered.

Our classic designs prompt a sense of timeless elegance. They adroitly integrate into an assortment of decor themes, offering a touch of sophistication that implores distinguished visitors. In contrast, our modern units are the perfection of modern design, with sterile lines and minimalist aesthetics. They are perfect for hotels that desire to make a sleek and stylish setting for their guests.

Hotel Entertainment Center Essentials

When it comes to hotel room comforts, a well-designed hotel entertainment center is a must-have. Our hotel LCD units and hotel room TV stands are made to improve the guest experience. They deliver a prominent point of entertainment and relaxation in the room, making your guests’ stay more delightful.

We understand that durability is a paramount concern for hotel furniture. Our entertainment units are made using hardwood, known for its stability and longevity. This guarantees that your investment will survive for years, even in high-traffic hotel environments.

Cost-Effective Luxury

We believe that luxury doesn’t have to come with an excessive price tag. Our cost-effective choices guarantee that you can deliver your guests top-quality entertainment units without hurting the bank. Take benefit of our sales and analyze our ready-assembled units for hassle-free installation. By selecting Suren Space, you are making a wise investment in your hotel’s comfort and style without compromising your budget.

Shopping for Hotel Entertainment Units Made Easy

With Suren Space, shopping for hotel entertainment units has never been easier. We offer customized hotel units online in India that are made to meet your needs, and you can buy them in bulk. Our promise to provide luxury without the high price tag, coupled with our emphasis on aesthetics, functionality, and durability, makes us the best choice for hoteliers across the country.

Elevate the guest experience at your hotel with our top-of-the-line entertainment units. Explore our collection today and transform your hotel rooms into havens of comfort and style.

Hotel LCD Furniture & TV Units in India

A hotel room is incomplete without adding an “entertainment unit.” These entertainment units have now become style statements in modern homes. An entertainment unit is a piece of furniture crafted to store modern-style slim television sets, sound systems, and other entertainment gadgets, so it helps organize the hotel room. An entertainment unit adds an extra touch of beauty to the hotel room. Moreover, they also provide ample storage space. 

Wide Range of TV Stands for Hotel Rooms, Lobbies, & Outdoors Offered by  “Suren Space”

“SUREN SPACE” is a JODHPUR (INDIA) based handicraft TV units furniture manufacturer, exporter, and supplier company that actively provides hospitality furniture in different categories. We offer you the perfect set of options to choose from our vast collection of entertainment units and hotel room TV units. All the products are space-efficient, budget-friendly, provide proper ventilation for electronic products, and score high on aesthetic value. We offer many options in different sizes, shapes, and finishes that match the interior decor of the hotel room and keep the space organized. We have a complete range of Indian TV Units/Cabinets for hotel rooms in various categories: industrial, modern, antique, reclaimed, retro, contemporary, boho, vintage, and many more.

High Quality Materials Used in Making Entertainment Units

We used different types of wood like solid Indian mango wood, acacia, teak, Sheesham, and reclaimed wood, which come from our country’s other regions. Apart from different types of wood, we also use superior quality metal. A perfect combination of wood and metal is also used in construction, giving an industrial touch to the product. Here are glimpses of some of our most loved TV cabinets and entertainment units.

Rustic Finish Metal Design Entertainment Unit with Mesh Work

This splendid piece is made of metal (iron) and will surely accentuate the overall look of the interior decor. It has four cabinets on both sides and a mash-worked cabinet in the center. The side cabinets are covered, but the center cabinet is open and has a beautiful mash-up that gives a peppy vibe to the surroundings.

Industrial Finish Metal Multi Wood Entertainment Unit

This fabulously designed industrial-finish product is constructed using premium-quality multiple blocks of wood and high-quality metal, ensuring great sturdiness and durability. It has two drawers in the center and two cabinets on both the left and right sides, making it an ample storage medium and enhancing the product’s overall look. The black finish on the product gives a great appearance and makes it rust and dust-free.

Reclaimed Wood Two Drawer, Single Door Entertainment Unit.

This stunning product is constructed using superior quality reclaimed wood, thus ensuring great robustness and longevity. It has two drawers and a cabinet for storage that gives it a regal look. The rustic finish makes the product more attractive and a fabulous product for hotel room purposes.

Indian Reclaimed Wood Wheel Base Entertainment Unit

It’s an Indian furniture unit with a delicate design that has shelves, drawers, and cupboards aligned in it. It is crafted with fine quality reclaimed wood, hence ensuring great sturdiness. The blank edges between the frame and storage space give an ecstatic look to the unit. This furniture is coated with a fabulous wood grain pattern on it. It has a wheelbase also so that you can move it simply anywhere.  Well, it is impossible to describe all the products, so for more related products, just explore “SUREN SPACE” and get the exact product of your own choice.

Benefits of Purchasing Hotel LCD Units Furniture By “Suren Space”

1. Client Care

Our Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for us. Hence we provide our support and care regarding the product in the best possible way to make them happy. We prioritize every order and understand how important it is to our customers. Our customer care support is always there to help you out. We appoint a manager who oversees the whole work from the initial inquiry to its final packaging, so you’ll be able to know all the consideration points. If you have any doubt during this time, it’s easy to get hold of us, and we love to hear your advice and offer options to make sure, regarding the product, you will be delighted with the final product.

2. Customization & Bespoke Furniture

As a custom furniture manufacturer, we make an order completely for you according to your desire. So you can get a more personalized product. You have to tell us precisely what you want, and we will deliver you the same effect, which is the second advantage of working with us. If something happens to any furniture piece, we are here to use the existing blueprint according to your time frame and needs. So for customized and Bespoke Entertainment Units for a hotel room, call us and send us an order and we will deliver you the product of your choice.

3. OEM Facility

“SUREN SPACE” provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM we can help you to complete your designs and provide you all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging with handling shipping and custom too. Just call us or send an order and let your hotel room be organized, clutter-free with wires and cables with our stunning entertainment units/ hotel room tv units and you will always get happy and returning guests.