Innovative Office Cafeteria Design Ideas That Every Employee Will Love

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Innovative Office Cafeteria Design Ideas That Every Employee Will LovE

Innovative Office Cafeteria Design Ideas That Every Employee Will Love

Design creates culture, culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” – Robert Peters

The cafeteria is a community that brings people together – between colleagues at work and the organizational institution. Cafeterias are not just the area or canteen services of any institution. This is a shared space where people in the same business can communicate and coordinate with one another. 

This means that a cafeteria should have a high morale to ensure the employees are able to conduct their activities throughout the day. It should be comfortably equipped with all the comfort but not too posh. If you want to achieve a certain laid back feel on a large scale such as in a company then a company cafeteria is a very important factor.

Employers are searching to stop the workplace from drifting in a world where remote working is possible from the kitchen, a café, or even a workplace. To make the workplace more desirable, key concepts borrowed from hotel lobby and KTV, residential lounge, cafe, etc. However, café style can be singled out as the most distinct layout of this trend which has emerged as an evident characteristic of modern cafes. Cafeterias and lounges are some examples of the common areas in the office that create an environment of lively and healthy conversations as a result of providing gatherings meant for social interaction.

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Lets know with an example

This is not the same today; an office break room is not only a place to take coffee and some food. However, the work cafe exists to facilitate collaboration, casual exchanges and idea sharing, and informal gatherings and thus runs more like a coffee shop. Reflecting on work cafés as the “third space”, which is like meeting places that promote small talk, initiating contentious or casual conversations, and creating opportunities for interaction.

Presently people seek to work in an environment in which there is a certain degree of freedom and a café environment suits this bill. Ultimately, current workplace design approaches that would make your cafeteria area more appealing can be summed up by three words: form, entertainment, and usefulness.

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Below is a list of some ideas that can be utilized to design the office cafeterias

Understanding Colors

Colors are associated with consciousness and skillful application of colors in producing inherent emotions within a space. For instance, the color blue can in a great way be used in a cafeteria since it helps to elicit feelings of calmness. However, when it comes to invigorating colors that continue to keep you active at any one time, then no other color can best yellow. 

Given that been said, extending cheerful colors into the rather dull and uneventful neutral shades makes the eyes move around not only is good for relaxation but also has a psychological effect on one’s mood.

Exposed Material

External visibility which has produced a blatant appearance that creates a hospitable environment. This statement implies that concrete is trendy or popular in the same way that black used to be. For example, the phrase concrete is the new black can be used to express the same idea as black is the new white. Versatile and long-lasting, concrete remains a good fit for any type of climate.

Rustic look

A combination of various types of browns for the shades of the abode with a stony finish for the walls and light accents in the form of exposed brick walls and dim lights adds that rough feel to the house. The overarching look of such a space gives a warm feel and a comfortable environment where people can bring their working and personal lives in balance.

Color Block

Another fashion that has originated many years ago and that has come back in fashion is color blocking fashion originated in the 60s. When it is understood the use of the color wheel, one can obtain sharp, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing colors and arrange them in such a manner that would complete a simple but aesthetically appealing space in a building. A benefit of this style particularly is a consideration of cost as the minimum one needs for this project is one which is paint.

Quirky Style

One can choose to have the fun uptown style that you desire in your home. The main target audience of an office cafeteria can be the millennials, and therefore, the concept of the institution can be lighthearted and youthful. The advantage of this style of design is that one can always upcycle or recycle the older material, fabrics, and other items. The more, the better.

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The Light Play

The cafeteria should be well lit with light coming intrinsically from windows or by use of artificial light. Lighting can chiefly be natural with additional lighting coming from facilities external to the specific interior of a given structure. It does not only make the space well ventilated but also makes the space cool and open to any amount of traffic. Lighting can also be general lighting, secondary or feature lighting and decorative lighting.

Designing with Natural Elements

A little bit more oxygen in our lives would not really do us any harm. In fact, your office cafeteria can have greens from the ceiling or in what is called as vertical gardens, to just pots. This gives life to the place, gives a comfortable, clean and fresh atmosphere, and, consequently, reduces stress. Food Is also a preferred option that can include stone accents and water features for a touch of the natural environment in the cafeteria.

Technology equipped

New generation corporate cafeteria requirements proactive, smart, and high-tech environments. From this case, creative people can come up with new ideas at any time and in any place, thus a space such as a cafeteria should be in a position to let people work or meet in any place.

Trying to maintain a comfortable yet stylish living, void of visible woodwork, is like trying to grab a mist – not achievable! Interior design entails various aspects that are related to the combination of materials and colors. That represents earthy colors with wooden accents which add homely touches.

Design using Seating options

One needs to balance between the functional aesthetics and layouts as this is a vital aspect. The human mind is always created to consider other options or innovations other than the normal way of doing things. Well then why limit the movement by just adding only that type of seating in such a space?

The environment is another aspect that should be taken into consideration since a cafeteria can offer an irregular shape, free formed seating with a range of styles for different types of activities and moods.


Often we pass our productive years at the workplace, and while being active, let’s kill the dull looking and monotonous design of the environment around us. And you must try it, as they say, the very innovative ideas come along when you are sipping coffee across a table.

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