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Resorts are meant to be a source of fun, comfort, and luxury when it comes to travelers popping in for a few days. Resort furniture is merely supposed to be one of the things that are supposed to ensure that a picturesque view is created that draws in people from all over. With the cool waters of a clear turquoise pool, the cerulean sky above, aesthetic-looking rooms, and delicious meals vacationers only expect the best when they book a room here. To let them down would mean to never see the likes of them again that would be a nightmare for your establishment. This is why if you are trying to furnish it in a way that makes it appear pleasing to the eyes, we can certainly be of great help.

Resort Furniture

Quality made outfitting providers for more than 30 years. Resort Furniture is one of most confided in makers and providers of elite accommodation furniture with more than 30 years industry experience. We furnish our clients with top of the line outfitting answers for resorts, inns, lodgings, understudy convenience and outfitted condos. We likewise have some expertise in restorations for hard and delicate inside fit outs.

Resort Furnitures

Standard quality items that are highly requested on the market are the Resort Furnitures provided by us. Significant numbers of clients enjoy these resort furnishings. These are available at affordable prices on the market. We deliver standard quality items that are highly requested on the market. The Resort Furnitures. Significant numbers of clients enjoy these resort furnishings. These are available at affordable rates in the industry


Industry Leader In Hospitality Furniture In India

We are happy to declare that the furniture produced under the aegis of our rumored organization suren space ready to procure acclaim in the Indian market.

The underlying foundations of the organization exist in Jodhpur. The best nature of wood that is Teak, Sheesham, Acacia, Mango, Pine and stick/Rattan is utilized to fabricate the furniture for lodgings and resorts.


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Furniture That We Can Provide You:

If you want the furniture to make your resort look inviting, we can offer it to you exactly the way you want it. That includes comfy couches, chairs, and umbrellas that you can set by the pool for guests to lounge on and bask in the sun to have a relaxing day. It also includes fashionable beds and wardrobes that you can have set up in the rooms where your guests will be lodging while staying at the resort. Coffee tables and chairs to create an inviting setting for them to entertain their own guests from time to time is also a must especially if you are offering suites. Some resorts even have tiki bars or such that you can allow guests to make use of for which we can set up a bar for you with bar stools that will blend right into the theme.

While decorating the rooms, you can also have a choice of side tables and dressing tables that you can purchase in varying designs from us. If your resort has a spa where people can have a massage and feel all their stress ebbing away, we can help you create a peaceful theme by providing narrow beds where they can be treated to facials and massages as well as recliners where they can get manicures. No matter what kind of vibe you want to give out, we can ensure you successfully get the image that you envision.

How To Make Your Pool Look Inviting:Resort furniture

One of the main aspects of resort furniture is normally focused on the poolside. Such things usually set them apart from regular hotels that do not always have pools or are not positioned beside beaches to offer a scenic view. Vacationers clearly want relaxation and we as resort furniture suppliers can make sure that is exactly the case.

If you are an interior designer looking to help a resort get the right kind of vibes, you may browse the various kinds of furniture that we are available to make for you. A very commonly observed trend when it comes to poolside is that resorts prefer to keep the furniture in light shades that merely contrast the deep turquoise of the water in the pool. You can have small intimate sets of chairs surrounding round tables sheltered by a wide umbrella that guests can sit under and sip cold tropical drinks. You can also go for lounging chairs where people can sunbathe or relax after having a refreshing dip in the pool. Comfy couches where guests can enjoy at night if you have pretty lights surrounding the pool may also be a good way of letting them absorb the view. No matter what kind of comfort or aesthetics you are focused on providing, it is our job to ensure that you get just what you are looking for.

The Current Rage For Resort Furniture:

Current trends are actually rooting for bright and vivid colors more than the neutral palette that resorts usually go for when it comes to the exterior. So perhaps instead of soft beige, ivory, white, pale yellow, or shades of brown you should switch it up to something entirely different.

Some shades that have been trending more often in recent times include all shades of greens that may be in the spring green range or even a deep jade. The idea is to promote botanical hues that can encourage a more environment-friendly approach while also giving it a tropical look that is sure to wow and make guests feel as though they are in an exotic location.

Other colors that you can also go for include purple, orange as well as metallic shades such as copper and bronze that can truly liven the place up in addition to your guests’ moods.

Just because you are not adding in any neutral colors does not mean you cannot add earthy tones to the place. Before getting any kind of furniture you should make sure it is able to give you a natural vibe as that has been seeing a rise lately.

When you are decorating the interior clean, stark lines and furniture is still the best way to go, as that way, if you add in potted plants or miniature trees to give it a nature-loving appeal, the contrast can stand out well. As people now prefer to blend in both the interiors and exteriors, you will have to be careful about how you mix the two to create a perfect balance.

Furniture for resort

Surnspace is presenting, quality manufactured furnishing suppliers.and resort furniture

Resort Furniture, with over 30 years of industry experience, is one of surenspace’s most trusted producers and suppliers of world-class hospitality furniture. We offer high-end furnishing options for resorts, motels, hotels, student accommodation and furnished apartments for our customers. We also specialise in refurbishments, offering furniture kits for hard and soft interior fit outs.

Re-imaging the rooms:Resort furniture : Using Resort Furniture to create spacious, vibrant spaces.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Surenspace Resort Furniture is one of the most trusted producers and suppliers of world-class hospitality furniture in India. We offer high-end furnishing options for resorts, motels, hotels, student accommodation and furnished apartments for our customers. We also specialise in refurbishments, offering bespoke hospitality furniture packages for hard and soft interior fit outs.

The commercially designed hospitality furniture packages of Surenspace Resort Furniture provide a wide range of versatility and customizations to suit any size establishment, on any budget. We take pride in providing you with the best quality from the initial design, all the way to prototypes, management, distribution, implementation and the final product to ensure the success of your establishment.

Through a comprehensive consultation with our team of seasoned professionals, our world class furnishing services ensure that your establishment is supplied with the highest quality and most suitable furniture solutions. Each furnishing solution is customised to the individual environment. We thrive on our won reputation of always producing furniture on time and on budget.

Redressal of Consumer:Resort furniture

We are dedicated to the highest degree of customer service at Suren. In our Frequently Asked Questions section on our website, you will get answers to most of your questions relevant to your purchase. If you still have an unanswered question, please feel free to contact us at the coordinates below:

Welcome to Furnishings for Surenspace Furniture

Suren is dedicated to supplying our customers with a wide variety of high-quality furniture from reputable, trusted brands, as your premier source for commercial outdoor furniture. Our goal is to have a great range, excellent value, and committed support and customer service.

Suren is where the artists express their imaginations and produce forms and designs for your home of such exquisite beauty that they can only be defined as illuminating art. These goods are meticulously designed to give a superior quality for those who appreciate what fine living is all about by highly renowned artisans and craftsmen made of handmade handicrafts. Know For More..

If this does not fulfil your needs and you are looking for the best alternative, you can visit the renowned furniture manufacturing companies online. No matter whether you are going to build a new home or spa, you must have different requirements to include. High-class resorts require a wide range of bedroom furniture, dining tables and chairs, bathroom fixtures, lighting, and artwork that can complement the theme and colour of your resort.

Each and every restaurant, resort, bar might have different designs, colours, themes, but all of these should be balanced. You should visit us to get the high quality for your resort requirements, since we only have the form of furniture that is easy to maintain and repair. In relation to the type of furniture and all the stuff, people who visit our suren site will have their desires.

Outdoor furniture, including sun chairs and small patio tables, is frequently needed. Too many changes will include custom hospitality furniture that is delicately crafted and made from materials of the highest quality. If you want to get attention from potential customers and ensure repeated customers, it is important to think about the entire look of your establishment.

It might not be enough for the ideal manufacturers of resort furniture to compliment the identity of your trade. They also have to remember that the foundations are well maintained, so they will return from time to time. You must also ensure that your furniture must be resilient and can withstand use again, apart from being cost-effective.

There’s no need for you to spend a lot of money on fixing your furniture. Keep in mind that your customer base will also expand as your company goes forward, so it is important to produce the best quality furniture.

All company, resort or home owners should consider purchasing bulk furniture, an effort to benefit from wholesale discounts. In comparison to procuring them at standard retail prices, this would certainly minimise the outlay for furniture pieces.

Furniture pieces are made using high-quality material in many of the cases and delivered to each and every resort, restaurant. This will also cost less than buying the parts at each location from different resort outdoor furniture suppliers. In order to look for the ideal resort furniture wholesaler, it is not a cumbersome job, but you need to be willing to put in the effort to access the different selections available.

SPECIES of WOOD : Resort furniture

Both furniture components that are revealed are solid hardwood. Usually, birch, ash, cherry, or other chosen hardwoods are used. Other woods, as most US wood species are available, may be listed.

Vertical surfaces over 3⁄4″ plywood or MDF are veneered” (Medium Density Fiberboard). All veneers are hand picked for colour and grain uniformity, and matched at the plant.

Poplar, pine or other chosen hardwoods are internal furniture elements, such as corner blocks or supports. The mouldings are hardwood solids.
Material MOISTURE :Resort furniture
Depending on wood styles, all wood is dried to a humidity content of 9 percent to 13 percent.


Working surfaces, unless otherwise specified, are usually high pressure laminate (HPL). All US suppliers, including WilsonartTM, FormicaTM, LaminartTM, NevamarTM and PioniteTM, accept the laminate requirements.

Many alternative top surfaces are also available, such as stone, glass, hand-hewn solid wood and our new, lightweight ClearTekTM.


Drawer sides are French dovetailed into the face of the drawer and are English dovetailed in the back corners.

“All drawer sides, fronts, and backrests with a plywood or hardboard drawer bottom are 1⁄2” x 9 ply veneer.

The drawer bottom is reinforced at all 4 corners with wood corner braces, and extra drawer tracks are placed on larger drawers to ensure smooth drawer operation.

Heavy-duty 80lb., full-extension, ball bearing glides with a black powder coat are drawer glides. Mounted Side.

Drawer interiors are fully sanded, stained and smooth in finish.
METAL OVER: Resort furniture

From cut-and-weld steel to forged iron, our production facilities produce a wide variety of metal products. Specifically crafted for contract use, we sell plated, powder coated, hammered and durable patina finishes.


For optimum case strength and longevity, classic wood joinery methods such as English Dovetailing, Mortise and Tenon, and Locking Miter Joints are customary.

The positions of metal welds are sanded and neatly finished; metal edges and corners are free of any sharp surfaces.

To ensure smooth running, drawers are customly fitted. The drawers, with a case clearance of 2 to 4 mm, are carefully aligned. The drawer interiors are smooth, stained and finished with sand.

FINISHE: Resort furniture

All furniture is finished as defined by the client with a double-coat Catalyzed Lacquer (NC) or Polyurethane (PU) sealer.

Prior to the colour stain process, wood surfaces are carefully sanded, pre-stained and sealed where appropriate.

Multiple paint stains, like case interior elements and inside drawer cases, are applied evenly, eliminating “blow-by” shadows and voids.

In a dust-free setting, polyurethane finishing is applied, ensuring a satin smooth finish. We suggest Polyurethane finishing for superior moisture and chemical safety for most commercial furniture applications.

Other specialist finishing methods, including our ClearTekTM Polyester (PE) p, are used.


We invite you to browse through our latest projects that highlight a wide range of custom furniture designs, including modern lodge furniture, metropolitan neoclassical, contemporary desert, and whimsical coastal systems. With our vast experience in materials such as exotic hardwoods, metal, natural fibres and synthetics, we are sure that your artistic ideas can be faithfully interpreted. To help visualise the ideas and for end-user presentations, we are pleased to include 3D conceptual renderings.

Furniture for resort

It is no simple task to set up a resort. There is a lot that goes into a resort’s making. Building a resort means making the right choices at reasonable rates, right from the selection of the location, to selecting the right kind and style of furniture to decorating the resort. One of the main goals of building a resort is to provide individuals with luxury. Therefore, when you are building a resort, buying good quality comfortable furniture items is important.

As far as the hospitality industry goes, there are many new designs that have appeared in furniture. In the markets that especially cater to resorts, furniture pieces have been built and launched. From lobbies, bedrooms, dining rooms, recreation rooms, cottages, patios and furniture for outdoor areas to media rooms, lounges and furniture for other rooms, specific custom designs are available.

The majority of resort furniture is made using solid hardwoods. Typical furniture pieces required for a resort are patio tables and chairs, lounge chairs, lobby chairs and tables, swing benches, coffee sets, stools and tables, furniture for the reception area, pool side furniture, outdoor sofa sets, furniture sets for the bedroom, furniture accessories such as cushions, umbrellas, deck accessories, etc.

The leading supplier of commercial outdoor pool furniture, wholesale pool furniture, and contract patio furniture at the lowest guaranteed wholesale rates. We include the top resorts, beach clubs, homeowner groups, property managers, neighbourhood pools, restaurants and hotels with a large range of bargain sling lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, wholesale wooden beach chairs, and outdoor patio tables.

Specializing in resort hotel decor

Provide commercial outdoor pool and patio furniture contracts at the highest wholesale discount rates. We provide property management firms, the hospitality and resort industry with a wide range of commercial grade aluminium sling and strap lounge chairs, patio tables, beach chairs, pool chairs and wooden market umbrellas at the highest wholesale discount rates.

Our team goes above and beyond to meet your wishes, understanding the desires of resort operators, investors and homeowners. We offer personalised guidance and execute everything we say, ensuring that you are always more than satisfied with our service, bringing our comprehensive expertise to every customer discussion and project.

We tailor our service to fit your property aspirations and budget by providing competitive pricing on our resort equipment, interior design service and furniture packages. Resort Supplies, well known for our fast delivery times on furniture, has built our reputation on knowledge, reliability and experience.


Decorating resorts can be a pretty challenging thing to do. Interior designers and furniture shops definitely know the hassles of giving resort owners great options that they are satisfied with.

You will not have to worry about that much anymore as we are here at your service to ensure that you only get the best and that the guests staying at the resort enjoy for as long as they can and even keep coming back for more.

You will not walk out disappointed as you can share your ideas with us and we can add in any personal touches you might like to give it an ideal look suited to your needs.

Resort Furniture Price List 2021

Resort Furniture Price List

Resort Furniture Name Approximate Price (India)
Resort Bar Furniture Rs. 31,791
Resort Leather Seater Sofa. Rs. 57,129
Luggage Racks Rs. 26,999
Accent Chairs Rs. 34,990
Side Tables Rs. 15,320
Cast Iron Based Bar Table Rs. 11,590
Wall Mounted Tv Unit Rs. 19,753
Distress Industrial Lamp Rs. 7, 790
Canvas Chair Pure Leather Touch Rs. 39, 120

What would be the Resort furniture average cost?

The amount is based on the quality of the material and particular products what’s you want.

what types of furniture needed for the Resort furniture?

The things you get here  Resort Tables and Chairs, Resort Lobby, Public Space Furniture more from our site.

In India who is the Resort furniture Manufacturers?

Decide for yourself to buy and use our products at once surenspace Resort furniture Tables and Chairs, sofa and more.

Where Can Buy Resort furniture in India?

Easy to buy Resort furniture at surenspace Resort furniture without restrictions with offers and buy any location in india

What will be the delivery time for Resort furniture?

Buy at any of these places anytime- India, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, North America, South America.

So, what do we do for Resort furniture?

While it is virtually impossible to provide an exhaustive list of our products Resort furniture, here is a glimpse into the World of Suren Space Resort furniture.

What Rustic Style of Resort furniture?

Rustic furniture is a way to bring the great outdoors into your home or workspace. Characterized by the use of mostly natural materials like wood and stone, earthy colours and sturdy fabrics, the rustic style of furniture connects you to Nature.So, if a ‘natural, simplistic look’ is your desire, Suren Space is your destination for Resort furniture

What types of materials used for Resort furniture?

The Indian furniture industry encompasses a wide range of styles. One such style that brings out the craftsmanship of the talented Indian artisans is carved furniture. The journey of carved Indian furniture started with the arrival of the Dutch traders. Suren Space is taking this journey forward by leaps and bounds. A perfect example is the Maharaja Inspire Carved High Head Rest Design Indian Hotel Resort Bed, which is sure to be the star attraction of your Resort furniture.

Why Suren Space Resort furniture ?

There are many reasons why Suren Space would be your first choice of Resort furniture. Whether you are a homeowner or a factory owner, whether your interests lie in canvas or carved furniture, Resort furniture, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction will ensure that we meet your every demand. Honesty, integrity and professional teamwork are the qualities that define Suren Space Resort furniture.

Who are we? What's our Resort furniture?

‘We’ are a Resort furniture manufacturing company, which strives to infuse form and character to raw materials Resort furniture, thereby creating exceptional works of art.Our talented team takes great care in the manufacture, polishing and final inspection of our products, after which they are ready for delivery across the globe.

How to meet us ?

This has been an incredible journey so far, with many milestones achieved

along the way and many customers’ dreams fulfilled. We would love to include you in our customer family! If you are interested in being a part of our journey, do reach out to us.

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