Shipping & Payment

Shipping Information

Well, Suren Space deliver’s its items to the majority of the places in India and also globally, subject to certain MOQ. Kindly contact us, if you have any query related to delivery and shipping process, we will get back to you at the earliest.


ASIA : India, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Japan, Jorden, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey,  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Lebanon, Israel, Brunei, Iron, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Ajman, Mauritius,

EUROPE : France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Cyprus, Switzerland,  Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta,  Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden

OCEANIA : Australia, New Zealand, Kiribati, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Soloman Islands, Tonga.

NORTH AMERICA : United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica.

SOUTH AMERICA : Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ecuador.

 Contact us for other South American Location

  1. Production TAT: We will deliver your products on an average of three weeks (more or less depending on the volume of your order)
  2. Shipping TAT:
  3. Your items will be delivered within India from 3-8 working days.
  4. For deliveries anywhere outside India: Kindly get I touch with us, we’ll inform you about the number of days involved to ship to your country.

iii. Important Note: All our shipping agent are professional and experienced. However, there might be a delay due to natural calamity, unpleasant weather conditions or due to issues in transport lines. We hope you understand that such a situation is out of our control and Suren Space cannot be blamed for such unforeseen/unexpected delays. In case you are not notified about your tracking information, kindly check your spam email or bulk. We treat customer’s shipment with extreme responsibility and also relatively work with stakeholders to resolve/co-ordinate and dock the shipments in rare instances.

Transportation charges will be borne by you, which will depend on the delivery location and volumetric parameters. Transportation charges will be bases on the cost-basis (customers pay for the transportation charges imposed through shipping agents).

In case you recommend a shipping agent, we would be glad to work with that particular agent. All the charges are imparted transparently and upfront. Suren Space does not collect any hidden or mark-up charges.

If you think any shipping agency or an employee or Suren Space is approaching you for undisclosed or additional, or false amount, or unfair kindly contact at

Yes, you can track your order. As soon as your products move out of our gate, all the details will be mailed to you, which include’s shipping partner’s website and contact information and the tracking number. You just have to write the tracking number at the tracking section of the website of our shipping partner. You can also call them to get information about your shipping details.

Suren Space works with high standards of quality control to ensure the items is at the best possible standards the time you get it delivered.

If your product is damaged, you immediately need to get it informed to delivery personnel. For instance, you notice the damage later, kindly get in touch at or contact us at the customer care number.

Our team is always at your help, we will revert back to you after 48 hours along with the necessary solution. We will take the necessary steps to correct the problem or replace the item.

  1. For instance, damage related to transit like scratches or chip-off which can be solved at your location, our suggestion is that you call for a carpenter to fix the issue. Suren Space is ready to bear the repairing charges incurred, we will pay the charges to you. In this case, you need not wait for related paperwork or for replacement.
  2. If there’s major damage, Suren Space will replace the items along with one-side charges of shipping borne by Suren Space.

Below are extra helpful information (usually industry related) but you can contact us any time for any clarity:

  1. Taxes of Government: Charges which are levied by the government which are specific to customer’s geography i.e entry charges, taxes will be paid by the customer.
  2. Delivery spot: Shipping operators characterize conveyance as transport of products address on the record unhampered by physical an due to other instructions. Which implies deliveries will be considered as complete by delivery it to the ground-floor in case of a multi-storey building or others etc. Many of the shipment services will charge an extra amount to carry the item to a specific place or room. These additional charges will be mutual agreement between the shipping partner and you. So make sure that access will be suitable to deliver the furniture to the desired location.

Suren Space will not accept any cancellation of products during the time of delivery on the grounds that entry to the desired place isn’t possible (for example insufficient space to move the furniture from premises, a doorway which is narrow, road which is inaccessible to the delivery van and may such similar situation).

  1. Signature on a conveyance: You need to sign a conveyance confirmation form. It is the standard procedure that has to be confirmed with.
  2. Absence of the authorized receiver during delivery or at the delivery location: Shipping partners, in this case, will leave back a note at the address of the receiver notifying another delivery date or arrangement of pick-up.
  3. If any of your questions are not answered above, feel free to contact us to clear your query.

Payment Information

Suren Space follows the payment terms of industry-standards where payment has to be made through two parts. Advance amount of fifty per cent to seventy per cent is necessary for production and confirmation of the order. The remaining amount is to be given once products are ready and packed for shipping.

Payment system of International orders

The scan copy of the bill of lading will be shared with you once the container or order sail to the nearest seaport to transfer the remaining order amount.

We obey to banking and shipping rules of global standards for all the orders placed. Payments made to Suren Space will be handled by HDFC bank. This is one of the India’s leading bank and all the payment made through HDFC bank is convenient and safe under international norms.

Suren Space only partners with reputed and experienced shipping partners. In case you want us to ship your products with a particular shipping agency, we will definitely be happy to ship your items with them.

Any advances received from you is considered our responsibility and we treat it with standard care.

What are the payment options provided by Suren Space?

a. For any domestic payments:

  1. Any kind of internet banking like IMPS, RTGS or NEFT
  2. Demand Drafts and Cheques

b.For any international Payments:

As per UCP (Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credit), International payments can be made through the following modes:

  1. International Wire Transfer or TT Transfer

iii. Kindly NOTE: Delivery terms as per the INCOTERMS:

  1. Ex-Works (EXW)
  2. Free On Board (FOB)
  3. Cost, Freight and Insurance

In any situation, you want to cancel the order, you can give us a call within the time of 48 hours you placed the order so as to cancel it. No questions will be asked or charges will be levied.

Please understand that considering the nature of the work we undertake the cancellation won’t be possible after 48 hours of placing the order. The reason behind this is once the order processes all inputs like the fabrics, raw materials and base explicit to your request would have been placed into/ consumed to production.

If there is any query in your mind which has not been answered here, you can call us at +91-63777-12297 (you can Whatsapp or text us) or even email us at and we will try to reply back to your query as soon as possible.