Solid Wooden Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier, & Wholesaler In India

Solid Wooden Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier, & Wholesaler In India-surenspace

Solid Wooden  Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier, & Wholesaler In India


We at Suren Space feel extremely proud for being one of the eminent hotel furniture manufacturers in India, here we offer a wide gamut of furniture to serve the hospitality sector. By so doing our astute commitment to offer long lasting quality hotel furniture to our customers we have established ourselves as the most capable wholesalers of such furniture in the country. At Suren Space, you will get a complete series of hotel furniture to fulfill all your individualistic requirements.

Exporters of Solid Wooden Furniture in India

For every house, different are the pieces of furniture that can help transform a place into a home. Speaking of furniture, one material that is most in demand is the woody material. From the perspective of its appearance, wood has qualities that can be considered as exceptionally positive to make it such a likable option for furniture.

Suren Space furniture in India is full of enhanced grain patterns that are naturally obtained and add a beautiful touch to every room of your home. No matter if you have opted for the modern solid wood furniture or the age-old traditional wooden furniture, you definitely show off to any visitor to your house.

Regarding this, one more remarkable aspect is that we have a massive number of designs to showcase. Quality supported by diverse options is a perfect pairing which lets you receive the best copy of whatever design you prefer.

Our custom furniture will come in all the possible shapes and sizes and you will not have to worry of having to compromise your home size for a particular furniture. All our products are wonderfully made and that is why people know us for our quality products not only in India but also in other countries.

Wholesale Solid Wood Furniture Collection in India From Suren Space

It is our pleasure to present our magnificent collection of Solid Wood Furniture that is characterized by elegance and professionalism. Welcome to a brand new age of elegance and class, for we present to you a collection of impeccably created products that are made with utmost care to turn your living areas into cosying paradises. Bring about an improvement in the characteristics of your home through the beauty of warmth and durability as presented by solid wood.

  • Mango Wood Furniture
  • Acacia Wood Furniture
  • Sheesham Wood Furniture
  • Oak Wood Furniture
  • Pine Wood Furniture
  • Ash Wood Furniture

Once you begin to source your furniture from one of the many best solid wood manufacturers in India you will be in for a grand experience. Whatever type of solid wood furniture export you may be in need of you will definitely be able to get them from them.

Beds closets, cabinets, wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, sofa sets- everything you would wish to name, is available with the furniture. Indeed, everything is made in different styles to guarantee that every person finds what he or she wants. Actually, it is perhaps useful at this point to highlight some of the collections that can be found at our store, which are as follows.

1. Solid Wood Dining Table

The dining room is an extraordinarily friendly area where the whole family comes together to share a meal and some quality time at the end of the day. Therefore, the solid wood dining table is the kind of furniture that is fit to be associated with such a grand time. It is designed in many variants such that it can accommodate different people; there will be a minibus, tour bus and even full Sized bus.

2. Solid Wood Coffee Table

Coffee table is an aesthetic ornament brought in for the sheer elegance, which is required in the living room. This material can be described as one of the most visually attractive materials you are likely to come across; choosing the coffee table made from solid wood is, therefore, a wise decision.

3. Solid Wood TV Stand

The TV stand is in the middle of attention in the living room and, therefore, needs to be both stylish and functional. This is the best of both worlds if you decide to go for the solid wood TV stand to place in your living room.

In this case, its construction is from a solid wood desk/ study table out of plain mahogany wood or pine woods or others that are usually recommended for furniture making.

The surrounding space of studying or working should be conducted in a way that it makes you gradually transition to work. A study table manufactured from solid wood possibly will be a valuable asset as it might be a helpful resource.

4. Solid Wood Dresser

This piece of furniture is to be placed in the bedroom and used as a dresser; thus, a good dresser is a long-lasting, spacious furniture piece. On the other hand, when you opt for the solid wood dresser, then you will be able to have all of it in one make with very easy operations.

5. Solid Wood Bed Frame

A bed frame must be strong enough in a way that it will not give much difficulty for all the loads placed on it. Therefore choosing the solid wood bed frame is the best because it is wiser and more classy than the rest.

Talk To Us for Your Custom Solid Wooden Furniture Needs

Today Our team of experts is happy to assist you in offering you the best furniture of standard quality at a humble charge. There are many choices of styles and finishes one can select, and we are always ready to consult with you. You can always reach us on the phone to explain your concerns or visit our showroom to get an understanding of art in manufacturing the products.

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