Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in UAE

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Top 10 restaurant furniture suppliers in uae

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in UAE

The furniture market in the United Arab Emirates is growing and diverse due to the increasing disposable income per capita, population, and an increasing foreign community. It has a variety of traditional and modern furniture for sale and competes between local and international branded furniture.

This has been popularizing the domestic market and at the same time many players have emerged while eyeing the same market. They compete on product quality and material used due to the stiff competition amongst manufacturers and retailers within the region. The furniture makers generating bristle as a brand are slowly but steadily coming to the forefront in this context.

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in UAE

This is the list of ten of the best restaurant furniture suppliers in UAE:


Overview: Over the years, SUREN SPACE has become one of the leading Furniture Brands in the context of UAE today due to its focus on fashion and elegance of its products and services. Being a predecessor of delivering quality products, the company is highly-favored by the customers and experts in the field. Their designs are very versatile, that can look beautiful and be practical at the same time, for different personalities and ways of living.

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2. Gold Line Movers Dubai

I think it’s quite self explanatory why good movers are vital. If you plan to move and you are searching for the number of movers and packers in Dubai then GOLD LINE MOVERS is the one. Whether it is the local moving to the specific premises in Dubai or seeking commercial moving service. You can use our service whenever needed in bur Dubai or other places within the UAE. You can also contact us for. International Moving Our Company can fulfill all Your Moving Needs.


Introduction: To mention IKEA is not necessary as it is an international furniture company that offers furniture for a reasonable price and focusing on the simplicity and functionality of the items. IKEA remains committed to offering a broad variety of furniture solutions for UAE living spaces as it has expanded its product portfolios to encompass a wide selection of furniture designs in various styles. 

IKEA has a wide choice of furniture be it restaurant furniture and home accessories for every room and every theme, as per customer need. Hence, the key issues in IKEA as an organization that is synthesizing affordable furniture and home appliances for residents in the UAE are its functionality and affordability.

 4. Casamia Building Material LLC

Casamia Building Material LLC was established in the rapidly progressive city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a reliable provider of superior building materials, suitable for various construction and remodeling endeavors. 

This is the reason why Casamia has tasked itself with delivering quality and innovative products that can create style, functionality, and durability for all consumers in today’s modern homes. Furniture & Lighting: The catalog includes furniture and lamps, modern and classic, minimalist or handcrafted, for a visually stunning and functional interior design.

5. Home Centre

Overview: The furniture retailer has a strong consumer preference in the UAE market and provides furniture and home accessories, office furniture etc. This company has for instance recently become quite famous for its creativity especially when designing products that incorporate advanced technologies. The company is environmentally conscious in that it develops habits of sourcing materials responsibly, and cutting down on carbon emissions.

6. Amna For Furniture Trading

Amna For Furniture Trading Co. LLC Company is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is a leading furniture company that aims to provide luxurious furniture and interior design solutions. With a dedication to craftsmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Amna For Furniture offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to elevate any space:With a dedication to craftsmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Amna For Furniture offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to elevate any space.

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7. Tribe Dubai

Established in 2015 and leading furniture studio of Dubai is the independent Tribe. Through Tribe and its various operations, awareness of ethical sourcing and sustainability has been championed in the region. Tribe selling custom, handcrafted furniture and accent items that dovetail both the classical and contemporary. The fact that the studio strictly purchases goods from ethical producers globally, selecting craftspeople instead of factories, makes it pioneering.

8. Marina interiors

Here is the company I have been suggesting as one of the most sophisticated and timeless designs – Marina Interiors. This brand consists of luxury furniture and home accessorizing, many of which feature fresh design trends with a hint of ethnicity. The company which aims to satisfy the international level of comfort is one of the most popular companies in Dubai and Marina Interiors represents it as a company that focuses on the superior quality of living.

9. Aati contracts

Aati Contracts has a prestigious place in the field of commercial furniture in the United Arab Emirates particularly in Dubai. As a special contractor offering furniture for the hotel, restaurant, and other commercial sectors in Dubai, Aati Contracts has contributed significantly to the furnishing of some of the emirate’s most famous buildings.

10. The one

The One is one of the most familiar stores in Dubai for furnishing; they offer rich and diverse interior designs. Known for high quality and creativity of manufactures, the furniture and decoration in The One series are available in various styles that can meet customers’ demand scope. Stay modern or go timeless: Regardless of the preferred aesthetic, The One continues to be the perfect place to shop when in search of fashionable and exclusive home accessories.

In the end

This industry includes cafés and restaurants where food and non-food services are sold in the UAE and currently expanded rapidly as the result of the growing interest in food and the further development in tourism. Apart from this, multiculturally populated with an increasing number of expatriates, the UAE has become perhaps the most eating-out-oriented country. Overall, all the above-mentioned suppliers are involved in restaurant furniture – contact them for more details.

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