Upholstery Furniture Manufacturers

Suren Space is a furniture upholstery company that produces high-quality, custom-made products for discerning customers. We upholster furniture for both residential and commercial spaces, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional pieces that will last a lifetime.

We take great pride in our work, and our team of skilled artisans ensures that each and every piece meets our high standards. Our products are made to order, so you can be sure that your upholstered furniture will be one of a kind. When you work with Suren Space, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible product and service. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Furniture plays a vital role in our lives and now has become an integral part. Every type of furniture has its characteristics that can give us solace, comfort, and style. We are using various types of furniture in our day-to-day life but if we talk about UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE; it is truly capable of giving us the utmost comfort and a complete makeover to our surroundings.

It is the work of providing furniture (especially seats) with comfortable padding, webbing, cushioning, fabric, and leather covering. Upholstery furniture is widely used everywhere hence; manufactured at a higher level. Various things can be done to create upholstery that can make upholstered furniture superior to its higher level of comfort. Upholstery involves padding, to be comfortable to sit on. 

So various types of upholstery are to be done on furniture according to the type of furniture. There is a wide range of upholstered furniture available for any space. Whether the structure of the furniture is made up of wood or metal, it can be beautifully done by various processes and using tools to give a beautiful look along with a softer appeal. This upholstery furniture can be placed in any home, hotel, villa, restaurant, resort, commercial space, or hospitality space.

Whenever we wish to buy upholstered furniture, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is: Where to buy the best-upholstered furniture from India? So concerning this question here we are providing you a ready reckoner about the largest upholstery furniture manufacturer of India in the below segment. 

Best Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers in India

India’s furniture industry is growing at a faster rate and according to a survey conducted recently, it is flourishing and is predicted to grow by more than 6% in the upcoming years. So we can say that India’s furniture market is growing at a double digit. 

If we talk about the upholstered furniture manufacturers of India there are numerous leading upholstered furniture brands who are actively engaged in providing the best quality furniture to India and abroad some of them are GODREJ INTERIO, EXCEL FURNITURE, METRO PLUS, BEST OF EXPORTS, SUREN SPACE, SHIVA CREATIONS, ALL INDIA FURNITURE, ZUARI FURNITURE, etc. 

These all are online stores; so you can get them easily by using the internet. All Indian upholstered furniture manufacturers provide the best quality upholstery furniture at a budget-friendly rate.

Manufacturing Process Of Upholstered Furniture

The production process and raw materials used for manufacturing upholstery furniture vary based on the type of furniture. The manufacturing process starts with Designing and this designing process is done according to the requirement. Various types of superior-quality Wood and Metal are used in production. 

A perfect shape is given to the raw material according to the required size of the furniture. In the following step, the most important SEASONING PROCESS is done by giving various types of chemical-based protective layers to the furniture according to the quality and type of furniture. Now various parts made up of raw material are being assembled with the help of adhesive materials and joining tools by our great Indian artisans who are skilled in their work. After that furniture piece is undergone coloring and protective coating on it to make it rust and dust-free. 

In the next step, various types of upholstery are also done by using superior-quality fabric, leather, etc. Finally, the furniture is allowed for an inspection process to check its balance, quality, and various aspects and when it is checked in every aspect it becomes available to sell.

Fabric Categories Of Upholstered Furniture

Choosing suitable upholstery fabrics can transform the overall furniture and increase the aesthetics of the interior decor theme of the surroundings. Various types of upholstery like Silk, Cotton, linen, Rayon, and Wool are used for furniture upholstery design. All these types of upholstery give a comfortable and cozy appearance to the furniture while making it beautiful. 

Some synthetic fibers like acrylic and polyester are also used widely for comfortable upholstery. Apart from these superior qualities, Leather is a popular choice that adds elegance and style to the furniture and makes it perfect to use in any space. Nothing can beat the easy maintenance and coziness of leather upholstery. The comfort you receive from upholstered furniture is worth every penny you invest. 

You can choose any type of upholstery furniture from the diverse collection of fabrics and materials if you choose Cotton, it is said to be one of the soft and comfortable fabrics as compared to others also it is suitable for all types of weather and from the wide category of fabric you can choose plain fabric, velvet fabric, and printed fabric as all are considered one of the most durable. 

Various Upholstered Furniture Designs and Collections

There are numerous types of upholstered furniture to choose from. Various types of upholstered furniture can be set up according to the space. You can use in your space various upholstered sofa for snuggling, Ottomans for some elegance and comfort to legs, Wingback upholstered chairs to sit, Armchairs for a comfortable and relaxed seating experience, Luxurious and elegant sectional sofa sets the beautiful settee, Chaise lounge to snuggler, Tub style chair for a relaxed sitting, slipper upholstered chair for a cozy dinner, etc. 

So there are endless options in the category of upholstered furniture for setting up every type of decor theme. All these upholstery furniture can be set up in every type of space if you want to place it in your lovely home or if you are an owner of any hospitality space like a hotel, restaurant, etc; this cozy and comfortable piece of furniture unit will give you and your guests the utmost comfort while adding glamor to the overall surroundings. 

Why Choose “SUREN SPACE“ as Your Upholstery Furniture Manufacturer

“SUREN SPACE” a JODHPUR(INDIA) based handcrafted furniture company stands as INDIA’s top upholstered furniture manufacturer. Our upholstered furniture fulfills the demands of today’s market and the need for emerging trends while satisfying customers’ comfort. 

We offer superior-grade upholstered furniture that can add class and glamor to any space while providing a comfortable and cozy experience. Also offer an extensive range of various upholstered furniture that comes in various designs and styles to suit any decor theme. From UPHOLSTERED SOFA TO COZY CHAIRS, FROM CLUB CHAIRS TO UPHOLSTERED POUFS AND OTTOMANS, DINING UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS TO UPHOLSTERED BOOTHS FOR ANY HOSPITALITY SPACE any others, we have every type of upholstered furniture so you will get ONE STOP SHOP for your buying. 

Get Fully Customized Upholstery Furniture From“SUREN SPACE” 

“SUREN SPACE” an online handcrafted furniture manufacturer & exporter company offers exclusive CUSTOM MADE offer to its customers because we understand that one size never fits all places in every aspect. 

So apart from our standardized range we also provide bespoke facilities to our clients. With a team of professional furniture designers, we can transform your dreamy furniture into reality. You can customize all types of upholstery furniture from down to the inch, which will be perfectly fit for any space. 

So we customize the upholstery furniture using a myriad of fabrics, leather, and in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Each piece is handcrafted by our skilled Indian artisans. So from the ongoing trend to all-time classic furniture, you can customize all types of furniture under the roof of “SUREN SPACE”. 

Some Important Things that Our Furniture Provides You are –

1. Comfortability and Luxity

Upholstered furniture provided by “SUREN SPACE” gives the utmost comfort of sitting while giving luxury to the overall aura. Not only does it give comfort and coziness but it also never fails to give extra glamor to the space. 

The plush padding and vibrant fabric color upholstery of furniture are sure to glam up any space. Whether you wanna take it for your lovely home or wanna use it in the hospitality sector, our upholstered range of furniture is sure to give a stylish comfortable experience to all.

2. True Value of Your Money

Furniture brought from “SUREN SPACE” will return the true value of your money invested as our superior quality furniture built provides extreme durability and longevity of the product and gives you a sense of satisfaction while escaping you to spend more money so you can think after purchasing that it was a great deal because the exact value of furniture is not just about its price tag but also the long-term durability and sturdiness of the product that you are buying and how much use you will get out of it.

3. Our Policies and Business Ethics 

“SUREN SPACE “ is committed to higher standards of ethical conduct in its business activities in INDIA and GLOBE and covers a wide range of business practices and procedures. All of our business activities are morally correct and honorable. We set the basic principles for guiding all of our employees. 

Every employee of the company along with an individual working on the company’s behalf is responsible for conducting the business of the company professionally and honestly. The company’s policy is to comply with the laws and regulations of all countries in which our company does business. Each of us is responsible for creating a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees and individuals who are directly or indirectly related to our company. 


Q.1 What is Your Lead Process Time?

Answer1. The term “lead time “ refers to the time from getting an order to the final dispatching of it. The lead time is normally 4-6 weeks depending upon the type and quality of material used in manufacturing the product. We believe in the timely delivery of the product because customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

Q.2 What are Your Payment Terms?

Answer2. “SUREN SPACE ” provides you with many online payment options so you don’t have to worry about the payment securities. By choosing your most convenient method you can pay us through cheque or debit and credit cards issued by banks. 

Q.3 What are the Types of Upholstery?

Answer3. Upholstery on furniture can be done by using various fibers such as cotton, linen, polyester, wool, nylon, rayon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. Various types of upholstery have a different level of comfort and quality.