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Browse Suren Space exclusive collection of Restaurant Furniture. Right from Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Tables Restaurant Sofas, Restaurant Booths and Bar Chairs, Bar Stools,  A  is Restaurant a place where people come to relax or enjoy temporarily with their family and friends.

The person who will stay and enjoy in your Restaurant will use the furniture that is in your Restaurant and will form an opinion about your Restaurant in that way. They will recommend your Restaurant to other friends only based on their opinion. Therefore, ultimately the progress or growth of your Restaurant is solely dependent on your hands or indirectly, in your furniture hands.

The furniture of the Restaurant would be used by the person and so it should be clean and of top quality. However, there are also certain things that people must be careful while buying Restaurant furniture. These things or points should be kept in mind and one must always consider them while buying the furniture for their Restaurant.

What are these points? We’ll have a look at them as well, however, first, let’s understand what type of furniture is needed for a Restaurant. Let’s have a look at the Restaurant furniture you would be needing.

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Features: Wholesale Restaurant Furniture In India

The style of industrial furniture can vary quite a lot, ranging from very simple and minimalist designs to more complex, almost factory-like aesthetics. Despite the variations, industrial furniture has a handful of features that are almost always present.

Wood  & Metal Combination

The fine combination of wood and metal in its architecture is arguably the most distinctive characteristic of industrial furniture. The wood’s warm tones contrast nicely with the metal’s coolness to add a calm and calming atmosphere to the place.

The wood for our tables and desks is used as tops. We use numerous types of high-quality wood at Steel Vintage at Vintage Industrial Furniture, including oak and walnut. To suit your industrial style, they can come with varying levels of tension, ranging from smooth to a strong rustic finish. From a large range, you can also choose the color of the wood so that your furniture can be customized as you want.

The metal used in industrial furniture is a striking contrast to the wood, which is what makes it stand out. Materials like steel and iron play a big role in industrial design. They add a rustic and vintage look to the furniture and makes the whole piece feel more solid and premium

Style and Comfort

Refresh your area with our vast range of furniture for restaurants. Our furniture is unique and offers a degree of style and comfort for your restaurant that will leave… Manufacturers and suppliers of quality furniture for restaurants in India.

The way our objects look

In our extensive range, you can easily find restaurant and cafe furniture. Here you’ll find table legs for the vertical table and dining table. You’ll find lower lounge table legs from us as well. Choosing light, and ideally, top-folding terrace table legs for the terrace is a good idea. In various colors, fabrics, and sizes, you can find the tabletops for the restaurant and café. According to your operating environment and business concept, pick the tabletop content. There are distinct features needed for the terrace tabletop than those intended for indoor use. Of course, our range also includes footstools and benches, restaurant sofas, restaurant tables, and restaurant reception and space furniture.

The way our company is growing

Your partner in building a restaurant – easily purchase restaurant furniture

Surenspace has been equipping restaurants in India with high-quality restaurant furniture for years. If you intend to set up a restaurant, a large and high-quality range of restaurant furniture can be easily discovered, even from your home sofa. We have thousands of restaurant furniture continuously ready for delivery. Once you have chosen high-quality restaurant furniture from our collection, please contact us and we will reserve the furniture of your choice, and when you know when the restaurant opens and renovations are done, we will settle on a delivery date. In lunch and food restaurants as well as catering and hotel use, our products can be found throughout Finland. Broad option, quality goods, and often low prices

Restaurant furniture wholesale, a cafe, and even a Restaurant lobby

One of the most significant elements of the interior and comfort of the restaurant, cafe and restaurant is the furniture. You can find furniture that is intended for public spaces for both indoor and terrace use in the Resta24 range. You will find what you need in our large range, but also directly in stock. Check out our range and ask our professional customer service for more.  You can order sofa for restaurant wholesale even in the fingertip.

Restaurant chairs, bar stools, as well as sofas and lounge furniture can be found here. Choose compatible ready-made tables or tabletops and acceptable table legs at the same time. In a wildly large range, you can even find the restaurant’s lodges and even shelves. never miss the opportunity to buy restaurant furniture wholesale price at Suren Space. you can also choose restaurant booths and tables wholesale price in India

Norms for furniture quality

Furniture for public spaces must endure heavy everyday use. All the furniture in our collection has undergone testing and has met the quality requirements needed.

Pet Friendly

Check for this feature, only if you are allowing pets inside your restaurant. Many people have different types of preference and some prefer pets while others do not. If your restaurant allows pets, then make sure to check whether the furniture would be able to take on the pets or not. Check if its pet friendly to not.

Surenspace Materials quality: Products at Wholesale Price

Our furniture materials have been checked and must comply with stringent quality requirements.

Visit our company sunspace for restaurant furniture India and check our quality, production system

Crockery, tableware, kitchen utensils, Restaurant furniture and workwear for professionals

We are a wholesaler and importer of restaurant supplies serving restaurant professionals. From us you get products and services for all styles and moods. We are involved in all stages of your restaurant from opening to everyday life and development. We will find nearly 400 brand choices for your restaurant that fit the latest set of dishes, glasses, serving utensils, kitchen supplies, restaurant furniture and working clothes.

But the most important thing is to build an atmosphere that will be remembered. And that’s where we are masters! For what is a meal without an atmosphere experienced by all the senses? Just eating. Come and be inspired by our Creative Studio and together with our products and services we will create a restaurant where your customers will say: what a good atmosphere!

Our online store also serves without a business ID. You can buy professional kitchen utensils, dishes and decorations from the stock selection in our online store. Read more about the range for consumers Welcome!

Industrial design has become a highly popular trend in recent years because of its ability to add character and completely transform a room or workspace. Influenced by factories and warehouses of old, it offers an interesting alternative to ordinary and predictable “modern” interior design we see a lot of today. Furniture is a fundamental part of interior decor so choosing the right pieces to add industrial flair is key. But what are the traits of industrial design furniture that make it so unique and distinct? What should you be watching out for? Let’s take a look.

Mechanical Particulars

The little mechanical details on display are another typical feature of industrial furniture. For all the world to see, nuts, bolts, rivets and even gears are often left exposed. For industrial design, this unique style is typical. It adds a certain elegance that with every other form of furniture you don’t find. Another indication of premium build quality is also it.

With these specific mechanical details, we render several furniture pieces at Steel Vintage. For some fantastic examples, take a look at our Brunel Table and Steampunk Desk from the Pinterest pins below.

Restaurant Furniture Price in India

SL No: Restaurant Furniture Name Approximate Price (India)
1 Restaurant Bar Furniture Rs. 27,550
2 Restaurant Sofa Design with Tufted Arm Chair Round Back Furniture Rs. 25,700
3 Restaurant Sofa Tufted Genuine Leather Fine Dine Furniture Rs. 17,150
4 Industrial Restaurant Chair with Canvas Leather Upholstered Furniture Rs. 23,350
5 Restaurant Chair with Compact Design Tufted Leatherette Furniture Rs. 21,550
6 Restaurant Chair Genuine Leather Metal Furniture Rs. 15,070
7 Restaurant Leather Modern Design Chair Furniture Rs. 23,570
8 Leatherite Restaurant Fine Dine Accent Chair Furniture Rs. 19,330
9 Restaurant Bar Pub Chair Iron Pipe Structure Leather Seat Back Furniture Rs. 15,110
10 Restaurant Metal Frame Bar Brewery Chair Furniture Rs. 13,170
11 Restaurant Booth Sofa Rs. 49,779
12 Restaurant Industrial Bar Stool Furniture Rs. 16,590
13 Restaurant Wooden Bench Indian Hand Crafted Solid design Rs. 35,150
14 Restaurant Black Finish Reclaimed Wood Industrial Stool Rs. 9,990
15 Restaurant Farmhouse Barrel Drum Metal Bar Chair Table Set Furniture Rs. 37, 970

Note: Above restaurant furniture price in India is updated today.

Suren Space Restaurant Furniture Supplier

Suren Space specializes in providing furniture and related accessories to restaurants, cafes, bars, and other dining establishments. The main function of a Suren Space restaurant furniture supplier is to offer a wide range of furniture options that meet the specific needs and style of a restaurant. They provide different types of furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, barstools, benches, booths, outdoor furniture, decorative furniture, and accessories.

Suren Space will work closely with the restaurant owner or operator to understand their unique needs and preferences and recommend furniture that will help create a comfortable, attractive, and functional environment for their customers. We will provide value-added services such as delivery, installation, and after-sales support, ensuring that the furniture is delivered on time and in good condition.

Detail focus on Wholesale Restaurant Furniture In India: Restaurant Chairs and Tables

There’s an explanation of why industrial furniture is more costly in general than other forms of furniture. There is an amazing amount of attention to detail that goes into these things that you don’t get anywhere else. Manufacturers do not afford to cut corners or take shortcuts. If they do, people will care.

We pride ourselves at Steel Vintage on the amount of care and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our pieces of furniture. Small touches make a considerable difference. We try to go the extra mile to have the best quality and service for our customers, from our optional cable shelves and glass tops to the polish we use on the fine steel and wood.

Our facilities

Although the design aesthetics and furniture choices can differ from project to project, one constant remains when working with CDI:

Restaurant Furniture Supplier: Outstanding Surenspace support.

We are an enthusiastic, hard-working group of professionals who always push to build lively interior environments infused with the brand and culture of the consumer. The highest priority of the Surenspace Team is to provide excellent support and a stellar customer experience. It is what keeps setting us apart. We have a super-talented, highly-skilled, in-house team that ranges from creative people to craftsmen and a great talent for teamwork. A team built to surpass consumer standards-surenspace.

Our work

Continuously creating inspiring ideas for the workplace and fulfilling consumer standards.

The knowledgeable surenspace team always put the needs of the customer first, consistently offering best-in-class service that has earned enduring relationships with customers and business partners alike. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, surenspace takes the pressure off the client by ensuring that every aspect is taken into account and guarantees the success of the project by keeping the project on schedule and within the budget. Surenspace is proud to partner with some of the Wisconsin area’s most creative and dynamic organisations and to represent their initiatives locally and around the country. Suren Space is the destination for those looking for restaurant tables and chairs wholesale price.

About industrial furnishings and accessories, there is something rustic yet modern! In an ultra-modern space, they can bring a weathered feel or add a splash of modern style to a traditional room. The industrial design finds featured today range from surenspace’s unique gems to bargain pieces that will help you add industrial flair on a budget to your space. For descriptions and purchasing statistics, read on

SurenSpace New Collection

make high-quality pieces with a creative twist, it blends a love of industrial and vintage furniture with modern and rustic inspiration. In reality, thanks to special touches such as text integrated into the furniture design, surenspace products are packed with personality. The latest collection is already selling out, and a few of our favourite items are being highlighted today. The 3-seater “Very Important Place” industrial bench, made of fabric and two leather strips, is shown below.

Tips for Industrial Furniture & Home Decor

The industrial style embraces the raw elements of metal, wood, brick and concrete, influenced by the open floor plans and bare bones of factories and warehouses. Industrial design furniture, however, is surprisingly malleable considering its edgy, urban appeal. With the right colour palette and the addition of subtle accents, a touch of classic, mid-century, or even boho-chic style can be easily integrated. Best of all, to achieve an industrial look, you do not have to live in a converted loft. Key pieces will go a long way in creating this look almost anywhere, such as reclaimed wood coffee tables, metal bookcases, or distressed console tables.

Start with the naked bones

Take a look at your home’s walls and internal makeup. The industrial décor is greatly influenced by exposed pipes and ducts, worn stone, unfinished flooring, and wood. Celebrate imperfections that add meaning to a space and other oddities.

Tone the color down. Texture Amp Up

Earth tones usually consist of an industrial colour palette. The colours of metal, wood, and white-washed spaces are closely mirrored in shades of grey, tan, and ivory. With pieces that integrate fabric, add depth and warmth. Industrial type benches with canvas or linen upholstery will also have metal legs. Any softness underfoot and a splash of subtle colour add to rugs with distressed designs. Industrial style bar stools and coffee tables often feature natural textures that add character to your room, such as worn leather or knotted wood surfaces.

Utilitarian Shop

A antique or refurbished look gives an immediate industrial vibe to furniture and décor. Think of worn wooden surfaces, metal frames (iron, copper, aluminium, stainless steel), and exposed hardware, especially pieces which, like an industrial desk, combine two or more of these qualities. In your decor tale, eclectic pieces such as old street signs, maps, and blueprints add a sense of utilitarianism. To top it all off with a retro glow, use caged lighting.

Surenspace is the ideal place to get your design gears turning and create the modern style living space of your dreams with hundreds of industrial-inspired pieces at all price points.

We have the creativity, skills and experience to bring these ideas to life, no matter how innovative, demanding or refined your commercial furniture design goals are. We design and manufacture made-to-measure, design-focused furniture.

Our highly skilled team of craftsmen here at FormRoom incorporates both modern and traditional manufacturing methods to produce a wide variety of furniture. We merge our insights with your vision by working closely with our customers to create striking pieces and a commercial space that will inspire and connect.

This included the construction of restaurants, offices, retail shops, grooming rooms and more for cabinetry, tables, chairs and even dining furniture. In combination with our consistency, experience and design emphasis, this versatility makes us one of the leading designers of surenspace furniture in India.

Design of Concepts

After gaining feedback and strategy at a research level, we develop ideas for our consumers that both perform aesthetically and have a direct effect on the brand. We are able to continually develop new and groundbreaking bespoke furniture designs by drawing inspiration from a number of different sources, ensuring that the brands we work with always push the limits of what they can accomplish. We use sustainable materials and processes, whenever possible, to achieve our innovation.

By building deeper consumer relations, our commercial interior design aims to create in-store brand culture. In order to enable your brand to disrupt the market, we analyse customer behaviour and market patterns. Through your sunspace, we are looking for ways for you to address unmet consumer needs. We design powerful spaces that build an authentic connection. Clients from the financial and legal sectors have begun to see design as a way to keep workers interested, particularly younger ones, not typically known for embracing the avant-garde in their offices. “Working with specialist manufacturers enables us to be creative in the end, “It translates into better performance of workers and better corporate performance, and that’s what we’re really looking for.” get the best quality of restaurant chairs and tables wholesale in India at Suren Space.

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