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A dreary classroom. Poorly lit, with 40-odd children crammed on hard, wooden benches meant to accommodate almost half that number. Children trying to concentrate on the lesson while fidgeting on the uncomfortable seats. Sounds familiar?

For many generations, this is what a typical classroom looked like. Identical wooden desks and benches, placed in neat rows, with little space in between for movement. A teacher’s desk, placed apart and facing the students, created not only a physical distance, but also an emotional gap between the instructor and the instructed. This type of structured seating was aimed at inculcating a sense of discipline in the students from an early age. The decorum of the class was given more importance than the comfort and ease of students and teachers alike, even though students spent nearly 8-9 hours on the ‘conventional’ chairs and benches.

Life today is all about personal comfort. The same preference can be seen in the education system as well. Regimented classroom seating and formal student – teacher interactions are being replaced by a more informal, and comfortable, setup. More attention is being paid not only to the physical comfort of the students, but also to the extremely crucial issue of correct posture development. One of the problems of traditional classroom furniture is that it is standardised for all children, without incorporating the individual needs or taking into account the different body structures of the students. As a result, students have to sit for long hours in uncomfortable and unnatural positions, leading to serious posture issues. Concentration and assimilation abilities are also negatively impacted in such situations. If a student is sitting uncomfortably, he will naturally start fidgeting. This can be misconstrued as inattentiveness in class. Imagine this: if you were asked to sit in discomfort for a few hours and your movement was also restricted, would you be able to focus on the work at hand?

Classroom Ergonomics

Simply put, ergonomics refers to the study of how tools and implements can be redesigned to optimize them for human use. In other words, the workplace is adjusted to match the specific needs of the individual, and not the other way around.

Earlier, classrooms had one-size-fits-all furniture, which, unfortunately, did not fit all. Schools invested a lot of time, effort and money in upgrading their curriculum, teaching methodology and skill sets. Little attention, however, was paid to the functionality and suitability of classroom furniture. There are two possible reasons for this neglect – price and longevity. Since furniture was always considered to be an accessory, and not a significant contributor to a child’s education, educators rarely felt the need to invest in expensive ergonomic furniture. Functionality also lost to durability. Longevity and durability were considered to be more important than customising the furniture to be more functional.

The solution? Suren Space, a market leader in innovative and quality furniture, is among the leading furniture manufacturing companies who have designed a whole range of furniture ideal for today’s student. Suren Space’s products are not only designed to suit the changing needs of today’s generation, but are also competitively priced.

Today’s education system is rapidly changing. The rigid seating arrangement of the traditional classroom made it very difficult for students to work together on collaborative projects. Desks were too heavy to move, and there wasn’t much space to sit together and brainstorm. Nowadays, the ability to work in teams is a vital part of a child’s education. A child who learns to work in a team can become an active participator in group projects in his work life.

Another facet of education that has seen significant changes is the use of technology. Blackboards, chalks and dusters are rapidly being replaced by SMART boards, whiteboards, laptops and tablets. The broken white chalks of yesteryears are being replaced by digital pens and interactive whiteboards. Students are doing more work through electronic media than using pen and paper.

Teamwork, technology…Now it’s time to think health. Research shows that sitting in unnatural positions for any length of time leads to posture problems. According to a recent study, traditional classrooms with ill-designed furniture, where students’ individual physical needs have been disregarded, have witnessed rising incidents of spinal problems amongst the children. Diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome are some of the other fallouts.

So, what is the ‘ideal’ furniture for today’s student? Keeping in mind the ever-changing aspects of education, there are certain criteria that modern classroom furniture needs to fulfil.

  • Lightweight – Desks and chairs should be lightweight and easy to move around. This will aid collaborative learning, which is far different from the ‘sit still and listen’ methodology of the past.
  • Wheels – Maintaining the right distance between the chair and the desk is very crucial for a correct posture. With easily movable furniture, children can adjust the distance according to their needs.
  • Ergonomic chairs – Chairs should be designed in such a way as to support the natural curvature of the child’s back. Without this support, children’s backs can become rounded.
  • Inclined desks – This feature allows students to sight upright while working, since they don’t have to lean forward to reach their desks.
  • Integrated power outlets – Nowadays, many schools encourage the use of laptops and tablets in class. Not only does this help to enhance a child’s exposure to the digital world, it also helps to develop children’s technological skills from an early age. Easily available power outlets are an essential feature of such an environment. What would you do if the battery of your tablet suddenly died down in the middle of an assignment?

Suren Space – Wholesale School Furniture Solutions for the Future

Keeping in mind the problems faced by past generations of students, and the evolving educational scenario today, Suren Space has designed a whole range of school furniture for the modern classroom. Uniquely designed study tables and desks are becoming very popular, because not only do they meet the requirements of the modern classroom, they are also aesthetically appealing. Style and quality have always been the hallmarks of Suren Space’s furniture.

“Change is the only constant”, were the wise words of Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Nowadays, with the rapid changes taking place around us, it is important to keep pace with the change if you want to make a mark. That is why more and more schools across India and the world are choosing ‘user-friendly’ furniture over the traditional classroom setup. Catering to the rising demand for modern, functional and aesthetic furniture is Suren Space, whose unique products make it the popular choice for schools and students alike.

Suren Space offers furniture solutions in various styles – from distress, recycled, canvas and industrial to automotive and modern furniture. Schools can get customised furniture according to their style preference.

  • Distressed furniture – Old is once again in vogue. Distressed furniture – which is new furniture made to look like it’s been around for generations – can be seen in many homes and workplaces today.
    • Distress Finish Carved Design Study Table
  • Industrial furniture – Inspired by factories and warehouses of long ago, industrial style furniture is characterized by the primary use of wood and metal.
    • Industrial Design Black Finish Study Table
    • Industrial Style Cart Trolley with Cast Iron Wheels
    • Wood Distress Finish Industrial Study Table
  • Modern furniture – In keeping with the preferences of today’s generation, modern furniture is all about simple design, smooth surfaces and an uncluttered look.
    • Modern Metal Design Aviator Study Table
  • Antique furniture – Exquisitely designed furniture that was once in use, over a century ago, is again becoming popular as antique furniture.
    • Old Teak Antique Design Study Table
  • Reclaimed furniture – Reclaimed furniture is Suren Space’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to Nature. Reusing wood from old barns, broken doors, unseaworthy ships, etc. helps protect more trees from being cut down.
    • Distress Reclaimed Design Two Drawers Study Table
    • Reclaimed Industrial Indian Style Study Table
  • Rustic furniture – Rustic furniture is characterized by the use of natural materials like stone and wood, sturdy fabrics and earth tone colours. This is the ideal way to express your connection with Nature.
    • Rustic Finish Industrial Study Table

Some other examples of Suren Space’s range of school furniture include:

  • Dual Tone Solid Indian Wood Carved Study Table
  • Jeep Style Unique Reception Counter cum Study Table
  • Natural Acacia Wood Study Table cum Fridge Cabinet
  • Old Indian Car Design Unique Study Table cum Reception Counter
  • Vintage Style Old Teak Study Table


If you want to move with the times, if you want a unique identity for you school, if you want a place of learning that children will love, then Suren Space’s ever-growing range of school furniture is just for you!

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