Suren Space: Trusted Cast Iron Furniture Manufacturers in India

As the top cast iron furniture manufacturer in India, Suren Space strives to deliver the highest quality. Well-known for our bespoke designs and outstanding quality, we have a wide variety of products that fulfill different tastes.

Why Choose Suren Space for Cast Iron Furniture?

Experience Unparalleled Craftsmanship with Suren Space

At Suren Space, workmanship is our guiding principle. Each piece of cast iron furniture we produce is the result of years of mastery and enthusiasm. The outcome is more than furniture; it signifies tradition, skill, and dedication.

Our collection of items undergoes a particular manufacturing process, from the beginning to the end. Whether it’s intricate patterns, thoughtfully designed curves, or the perfect finish, our cast iron furniture reflects the magnificence of details.

We’re committed to preserving Indian craftsmanship beyond making beautiful furniture. Choosing Suren Space means not only bringing home a piece of exquisite furniture but contributing to the rich tapestry of Indian art as well.

Bespoke Cast Iron Furniture Designs for Every Style

Suren Space offers bespoke cast iron furniture. Our design beliefs turn around manufacturing pieces that go beyond trends, ensuring that your furniture stays ageless. Whether you choose a classic artistic or a more modern environment, our diverse collection has something to offer.

Our customized process guarantees that your Suren Space furniture is not just a property but an enlargement of your personality and style.

Timeless Elegance in Classic Black

Black cast iron furniture from Suren Space personifies timeless elegance. The classic black finish not only adds sophistication to your living spaces but also functions as an adaptable backdrop for various decor styles. Whether you’re striving for a bold and modern look or a more traditional environment, our black cast iron pieces efficiently complement your vision.

The longevity of our black finish guarantees that your furniture remains as attractive as the day you brought it home. Resistant to wear and tear, the timeless allure of black cast iron makes it a lasting investment in both style and functionality.

Versatile Garden Furniture for Outdoor Bliss

Transform your outdoor spaces into a shelter of enjoyment with Suren Space’s garden furniture collection. Manufactured to resist the elements, our outdoor pieces are not just stable but also designed to improve the magnificence of your garden or patio.

From alluring benches that invite quiet reflection to tables that make a focal point for gatherings, our garden furniture is an excellent amalgamation of form and function. Experience the joy of outdoor living with Suren Space, where every piece is a call to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mastering Wrought Iron for Lasting Strength

Featuring unmatched strength and durability, wrought iron dominates our collection. Our artisans expertly shape wrought iron into magnificent furniture pieces that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a proclamation piece in your living room or a sturdy outdoor fixture, wrought iron from Suren Space combines elegance with resilience.

Discover our various selections of wrought iron furniture that perfectly combines classic design with modern sensibilities. We are committed to creating furniture that will last for years and display the lasting charm of wrought iron.

Suren Space – Cast Iron Furniture Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers

Cast Iron Furniture Manufacturers – Crafting Excellence

As manufacturers, quality and precision are prominent to us. Our production process sticks to the highest standards and guarantees that every piece that bears the Suren Space name reflects our commitment to excellence.

From the selection of raw materials to the final quality checks, every stone is left unturned. This dedication to craftsmanship is what sets us apart as leaders in the cast iron furniture industry.

Cast Iron Furniture Suppliers – Timely Delivery, Uncompromised Quality

Our extensive network enables us to be trusted suppliers who emphasize timely delivery without compromising on quality. We know the importance of a consistent supply chain, and our team works carefully to guarantee that your orders are satisfied with effectiveness and precision.

At Suren Space, we esteem our customer relationships and our accountability to quality stretches beyond our manufacturing facilities. With us, you’ll experience industry-leading service.

Cast Iron Furniture Wholesalers – Bringing Cast Iron Elegance to a Wider Audience

Experience the growth of cast iron elegance as a wholesaler with Suren Space. Our competitive pricing, coupled with a diverse product range, makes us the wholesale market’s preferred choice.

Suren Space wholesaler partnerships are built on trust, dependability, and a shared commitment to providing quality to a wider audience. Join us in expanding the magnetism of cast iron furniture to homes and spaces far and wide.

Suren Space, Where Beauty Meets Endurance

In conclusion, Suren Space stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of cast iron furniture. Our dedication to workmanship, bespoke designs, and customer service sets us apart as the best choice for those striving for quality and elegance.

Explore the world of cast iron furniture with Suren Space – where every piece tells a story of enduring beauty. From our expert Indian craftsmanship to our versatile designs, timeless elegance in black, and mastery of wrought iron, each aspect of our collection reflects our dedication to providing furniture that transcends trends.

Choose Suren Space as your trusted manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, and undergo a persistent journey from design to delivery. Elevate your space with the enduring beauty of cast iron furniture – a testament to the workmanship that supports the test of time.

Cast Iron Furniture Manufacturers

Do you know what is common between the Bartholdi Fountain in Washington DC, the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, the Grainfield Opera House in Kansas and…your kitchen? The answer – cast iron. Created in 1876, the Bartholdi Fountain at the United States Botanic Garden near the Capitol building in Washington DC is one of the most famous cast iron fountains of the world. The Grainfield Opera House, with a cast iron facade, was built to “impress upon passers-by that Grainfield was an attractive, permanent town”. In the 19th century – a period of rapid development and change – cast iron in architecture gave a sense of permanence. Within a short span of time, as casting methods improved and more intricate casting patterns became possible, cast iron made its entry into the world of furniture. Today, thanks to companies like Suren Space, cast iron furniture is in great demand across the world. Suren Space is a leading furniture designer, manufacturer and exporter from Jodhpur, India.

What is Cast Iron?

What is this versatile material that can be used in so many different ways? Cast iron – an alloy of iron – contains 2-4% carbon, varying amounts of silicon and manganese and traces of sulphur and phosphorus. Relatively more brittle than some other forms of iron, cast iron’s low melting point, good fluidity, higher carbon content and the presence of silicon makes it an ideal material for casting, or pouring into moulds.

Depending on the heat treatment and processing techniques, various types of cast iron are produced.

  • Gray Iron – The gray colour of this type of cast iron is due to the presence of graphite flakes. This is the most widely used cast iron variety.
  • White Iron – Iron compounds known as cementite give this cast iron its characteristic off-white colour. Due to its high abrasion resistance, white cast iron is used for grinding mills and slurry pumps.
  • Malleable Iron – Usually, white iron is given heat treatment to make it ‘workable’. Malleable cast iron can be shaped to form numerous unique designs. This quality of cast iron is used by Suren Space to create exquisitely designed cast iron furniture.
  • Ductile or Nodular Iron – Addition of magnesium in the iron alloy gives ductile iron its special properties. Since this soft iron alloy deforms on impact but does not shatter, it is used to make traffic bollards or posts.
  • Compacted Graphite Iron – A blend of gray and white cast iron, compacted graphite iron has higher tensile strength and ductility as compared to some other forms of cast iron.

History of Cast Iron

There is no doubt that Suren Space’s cast iron furniture is sought after in India and the whole world because of the exquisite designs, unmatched craftsmanship and superior quality. How does Suren Space – or any other furniture manufacturer for that matter – get high grade cast iron to create such furniture?

A copper frog, dating back to 3200 BCE, is the first discovered example of metal casting. It was only around 2000 BCE, centuries after the Mesopotamian copper frog, that the process of iron casting was developed. By 1000 BCE, the Chinese had mastered the skill of iron casting. Other Chinese contributions to the world of cast iron include sand molding and the blast furnace.

From China to Europe and then to the Americas – by the 17th century, cast iron had become a globally accepted material for the creation of a large variety of products. Beams for bridges, columns for buildings, frames for mills and then cookware – cast iron gradually made its presence felt in almost every sphere of our lives.

Cast Iron Furniture Manufacturers

Suren Space’s extensive range of cast iron furniture is not a recent concept; cast iron furniture became a popular trend in the 19th century. With the development of the sand-casting method, iron casting became easier, and intricately designed cast iron furniture came into existence.

Cast iron furniture has always followed the prevalent style trends of the period in which it was manufactured. In the 1850s, the prominent style influence was Gothic – branches, leaves and ferns were common patterns for cast iron furniture. By the 1870s, Renaissance and Rococo revival styles, with floral panels and floral medallions, were the ‘in’ trend. Suren Space’s vast collection of cast iron furniture incorporates various styles and patterns, often customised to suit the customer’s demand.

Popularity of Cast Iron Furniture

In the words of the wise, ‘change is the only constant’. Popularity of cast iron furniture, however, defies this adage. A style of decor that developed centuries ago, cast iron furniture is still in vogue today. Suren Space’s cast iron furniture caters to this rapidly growing demand.

Why is cast iron furniture so popular? There are many reasons why more and more people are opting for cast iron furniture, be it in homes and offices, restaurants, bars, resorts or department stores.

  • Durability – Cast iron can withstand a lot of wear and tear. That is why it is ideal for furniture that has high usage. In hotels, resorts and campsites, where furniture is used – and sometimes misused – by a large number of visitors, the durability of cast iron furniture is in great demand. Many hotels and resorts from across the globe have chosen Suren Space’s cast iron furniture for this very reason.
  • Tried and tested techniques – Casting of iron is a technique that was developed several centuries ago and has been improved upon and perfected by generations of skilled craftsmen. Suren Space’s cast iron furniture is testimony to the fact that using a proven technique will guarantee high quality products.
  • Uniqueness – Every piece of cast iron furniture is cast individually by hand. Sometimes, different parts of a single piece of furniture are cast separately and then joined together. This ensures that every piece of cast iron furniture is unique, just like Suren Space’s bespoke range of furniture.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – Cast iron scrap can easily be recycled to make more cast iron pieces. There is minimal wastage, which is beneficial for the environment.
  • Easy maintenance – Cast iron, when properly treated, requires minimal maintenance. That is why cast iron furniture is so popular in all types of commercial establishments.
  • Rustic aesthetic – 18th century England saw a growing use of gardens as a place of relaxation. Old, stately mansions and their beautiful, rustic gardens with ornate cast iron furniture – while the mansions and the gardens may no longer be there, the rustic appeal is being recreated by modern-day cast iron furniture, especially Suren Space’s collection.

Cast Iron Furniture from Suren Space

Global market trends show that iron casting is a fast growing industry. In 2020 alone, the global iron casting industry was valued at nearly $145 bn. A significant portion of this industry focuses on the making of cast iron furniture. Where is all that cast iron furniture being used?

  • Furniture for homes – In today’s rapidly changing world, everyone needs a sense of permanence, especially in their homes. Suren Space’s sturdily built cast iron furniture provides the perfect feeling of longevity and stability in your comfort zone – your home.
  • Furniture for dining establishments – Dining is no longer just a basic human requirement; it is a social phenomenon where connections are forged and relationships strengthened. That is why dining establishments all over the world look for decor options that provide their guests comfort, functionality and aesthetics, all in one. The solution? Suren Space’s cast iron furniture.
    • Cast Iron Unique Folding Mango Wood Restaurant Table
    • Cast Iron Adjustable Regular & Bar Height Multipurpose Table
    • White Distress Tractor Seat Cast Iron Bar Stool
    • Cast Iron Folding Live Edge Acacia Wood Long Dining Table
    • Cast Iron Folding Solid Wood Cafe Bistro Table
  • Furniture for offices – In corporate setups, functionality of furniture plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the workplace. Suren Space’s aesthetically pleasing, yet practically designed cast iron furniture is ideal for corporate establishments.
    • Cast Iron Mango Wood Long Bench
    • Cast Iron Adjustable Drafting cum Console Table
    • Architect Choice Cast Iron Heavy Console Table
    • Reclaimed Wood Cast Iron Folding Distress Round Table
    • Metal Leather Cast Iron Regular Chair
  • Furniture for hotels, resorts, etc – More and more resorts and hotels are opting for theme-based decor, to provide unique experiences to their visitors. Suren Space’s exquisitely designed, comfortable cast iron furniture blends perfectly with a wide variety of decor styles.
    • Rustic Finish Casting Display Unit cum Banquet Counter
    • Reclaimed Wood Casting Wheel Movable Center Table
    • Cast Iron Wheel Mango Wood Industrial Hotel Room Center
    • Dual Base Cast Iron Solid Wood Folding Semi Outdoor Table
    • Cast Iron Wheel Light Walnut Heavy Base Center Coffee Table
  • Furniture for outdoors – Cast iron furniture’s durability and easy maintenance makes it an ideal choice for seating arrangements in parks and gardens. Suren Space’s stylishly designed cast iron furniture is perfect for the outdoors.
    • Three-Seater Cast Iron Carved Bench
    • Heavy Metal Cast Iron Base Folding Outdoor All-Weather Round Table
    • Cast Iron Hotel Resort Home Outdoor & Garden Table
    • Cast Iron Outdoor Cafeteria Bistro Dining Set
    • Indian Granite Casting Base Outdoor Table

From ancient times to the modern era, the journey of cast iron furniture has been improved techniques, better craftsmanship and quality products. There is a vast range of cast iron furniture available today; if you want the best, Suren Space is your destination!