How High is a Reception Desk?

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A reception counter is the first physical point of contact that any person visiting your business premises comes across. A reception desk with stains, holes, dents, or marked up with various papers and items will be an unpleasant sight for your clients and the lack of proper office equipment will negatively influence their perception of your brand and professionalism.

A reception desk is the ultimate solution that will ensure your valued clients have consistent positive perceptions about your working premises. So how exactly can one tell which reception desk to select?

Read on as we discuss why receptions are necessary and what things you should look at before buying your new reception desk. Contact us today at Freedman’s Office Furniture to purchase new office furniture that will ensure you brand your space right. Explore our reception desks showcased in this article today to discover your favorites!

This creates a perfect experience for clients and partners.

Somewhat calmer but no less effective means of conveying the idea is the overall decoration of the interior of the reception area and the overall atmosphere – walls, carpets, lighting – these are the best techniques to subtly influence the potential client or partner and show that your business is reliable, respected, and impressive. They will immediately be more prompted to take their business to you if they like the look and feel of your office premises.

How Crucial is it To Get the Exact Right Reception Desk Height and Dimensions?

It is important to choose the right height reception desk so as to allow comfort among the receptionists and convenience of the customers to communicate with your receptionists. Below are some of the factors to be taken into consideration when seeking to acquire a reception desk for an organization.

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 Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomics is a word that goes to the ease and comfort of furniture. The furnishings should not be in a position to cause injuries, strains, and soreness. Imagine buying a reception desk that is either too tall or too low and this means your receptionists and visitors have to suffer from a strained spine anytime they want to use it?It should be of a right height so that members of reception sit comfortably and erect in a right posture. 


The reception desk should not be too high such that it may exclude the small stature individuals or wheelchair users. When making your office furniture inclusive and accessible, your reception desk should be designed in a way that it has both a short and a long segment in order for you to accommodate short people. They will be capable of addressing the customers while they are still at the desk without making them feel as if they are being looked down upon or discriminated against.


There are legal requirements concerning fire health and safety which should be taken into consideration when positioning a reception desk. A desk that is too large for reception could become a hindrance as it may bar the way out. This implies that in case there is an emergency that requires evacuation of the employees from the premises of work; some employees might be trapped inside the premises of work due to slow traffic flow. To this end, it is prudent to consider the size of the reception desk that you need to match with the space available.


An average desk will be 40-42′ high and be much higher than a normal desk which will be about 30′ high. This enables the receptionists to be at a standing position to talk to visitors at an eye level.


The height of a reception desk also varies depending on the number of receptionists who will occupy and sit behind the desk. It’s important to note that if you are employing one receptionist then you will normally require a reception desk which is 72 inches in width. If two more receptionists are to be provided then the total width of the room for the receptionists will be 72 inches more.


 A reception desk option that is 30 inches deep will ensure that a receptionist can write and work comfortably on a desktop computer while still having space on the desk for stationery and additional organizational materials.


A reception desk with an L-shape gives the receptionists a larger working space which makes them efficient. If some of the employees have to receive guests for appointments and the others have to do the deliveries; they can use the desk and organize their workplace in different zones – the zone for welcoming the clients; the zone with the papers and forms and the zone for speaking on the phone.


Straight reception desks are ideal for small premises that cannot accommodate more sophisticated solutions that separate one part of the room for the receptionist and the other for a visitor. They are the bestselling reception desk for small businesses and are more or less suitable for most room types.


A round reception desk suits for putting in an open atrium style area. It makes your receptionist have extra space for storage while at the same time preventing visitors from accessing important reception resources. There are many types of receptionists where people can work on different sides of the sphere so the people who are coming as a visitor can spread instead of making an extensive queue.


Reception U shaped desks are ideal when you need to have a pair or more receptionists in a business as they enable the receptionists to sit on either side of the desk and at the same time receive clients and other stakeholders or visitors to a business. These are perfect when you want to establish a part in a room, to separate the room in order to offer privacy and separation so as you can have peaceful receptionists.

In conclusion

This is not as easy as it may appear as buying a reception desk has a lot of considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that the desk is not placed in an inconvenient location and that it has the necessary function to meet the needs of the business. The selection of a beautiful desk that works with the rest of the room design will thus work in the favor of your brand and give the impression of a more professional service.

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