restaurant chairs and tables wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

restaurant chairs and tables wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India 

Manufacturing Of Restaurant Chairs in India

Are you a restaurant owner located in Pune, and you are looking for cheap but quality chairs and tables for sale? Look no further! Suren Space provides restaurant furniture for restaurants and owns a vision of restaurant chairs and tables at wholesale prices targeting restaurant owners like you. That is when you can turn to Suren Space and get the best high-quality furniture among the range that can become the unique accents of any environment. Starting from the wooden framed chair to the modern metallic chairs, we stock a variety to meet the specific needs of different designs.

The things that separate us from one manufacturer to the next include precision, and the commitment we have towards the customers. Attention is paid to each chair so that it follows the stringent quality control measures. 

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Our Chair & Tables Design for a Restaurant Collections

Feel the difference of a new look with a better arrangement of chairs and tables for your restaurant or diner. Define your restaurant atmosphere by browsing through our chairs and improving your customers’ dining experience.

Wooden Restaurant Chairs & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

It should also be noted that wooden chairs are popular with restaurants because, first of all, they look very noble and elegant. Our stock of wooden restaurant chairs includes a lot of fashionable and slender chairs which are highly sturdy. It does not matter if you want a classic design or a modern one, there is a wide choice of wooden chairs for restaurants.

One of these include the ladder back chairs whose backrest is characterized by several horizontal spindles that look like a ladder. This design is very supportive and also gives a raw feel to your dining area and brings in a country style feel.

Another is the Windsor chair; this chair has a curved backrest, and it is supported by spindle legs. This design is very elegant and can easily blend with most restaurants.

Suren Space also has wooden chairs with comfortable cushioned seating, which means your guests will be comfortable. This furniture can be offered in a number of different coverings; so you can make sure it complements the other furnishing in your restaurant. Whether you want to use rich leather or outgoing fabrics you can always find what you need. 

UpholsteMetal Restaurant Chairs & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Another plus that should be mentioned while discussing the metal restaurant chairs is that they will fit well into a more trendy and industrial setting. Our collection also covers metal chairs and what I like about them is that they are not only fashionable but also very durable. These chairs are therefore constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum in order to be able to last longer in commercial use.

Some of the commonly used designs include the Tolix chair that is of French origin and is widely used in most contemporary restaurants all over the world. The Tolix chair is equally a steel item with a rounded back, small round legs and has a round curve in the middle of the chair. The table comes in a standard set of colors, whereby you can pull bright colors into your dining room space.

The second type is the wire chair. Having artistic appearance makes it to be preferred in most restaurant environments. These chairs are manufactured using metal wires that are properly and skillfully shaped and joined by welding to avoid the secession of design elements. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they also do not weigh much so it is easy to shift and change their location as desired.

Cane/Rattan Chairs  & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India 

Next for a more natural and organic look, rattan or cane chairs should be taken into consideration. Through a range of beach and contract furniture carefully selected caned and rattan chairs strictly made by hand and applying time-honored craftsmanship. The above chairs give a restaurant a warm and a classy look if they are fitted into any dining place.

Cane chairs are derived from the external part of the rattan, and the outer skin is woven to produce designs which are unique. It is important to note that these chairs are modern, and at the same time, they are comfortable, and their weight is bearable. That is why they are so great for giving your restaurant that comfortable, welcoming vibe.

While there is the rattan chair which is manufactured using the stalk of the rattan fruit or inner core of the plant. It is for this reason that they will prove to be very adaptable and highly resistant to the regular wearing and tearing of restaurants. Wicker can be seen in various designs ranging from the traditional to the current modern designs which are normally characterized by compartments and elaborated woven designs on their chairs.

Red Chairs  & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

But if the choice is defined with the purpose of getting maximum comfort, then styled chairs with upholstery would be a perfect fit. Provides a variety of restaurant chairs upholstered which blend taste and comfort in the best way possible. Being a stylish and modern furniture, these chairs also have soft padding on the seat and backrest to ensure comfort of your guests.

Button-tufted chair & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

There is one that is frequently used and that is the button-tufted chair; it is eye-catching and provides a touch of class to any restaurant. The button-tufting process of the upholstery means that buttons are used to fasten the fabric or leather showing a quilted pattern. Besides the aesthetic value, it also ensures that addition of body padding offers more comfort to the one seated on the chair.

Wingback chair  & Tables in Wholesale in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The other type could be the wingback chair; this comes with a higher backrest than the traditional chair, and has wings on either side of the chair. This design best supports the back and shoulders; therefore, your guests are always composed when eating from your U-shaped kitchen. Tap for Upholstered chairs come in different fabric and coloured and you are able to choose the right fabric that corresponds to your restaurant business.

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Restaurant Furniture Designs Services In Pune

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Top Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Puren, Maharashtra, India

We have a wholesale section particularly for those people such as restaurant owners or a furniture selling company that may require restaurant chairs in large quantities. Being one of the most prominent restaurant chairs manufacturers in India, they are equipped with both the experience and the means to meet big orders full scale without jeopardizing the quality of the products.

If you decide to buy wholesale restaurant chairs from Suren space you will get several advantages. First, and foremost, you would be able to get more for your money as compared to purchasing chairs one at a time. Wholesale costs are usually cheaper enabling you to stretch your dollar and get the best for your restaurant.

Secondly, you are able to retain some level of equilibrium in your restaurant’s seating arrangement if you use the whole sale option. There is also a wide variety in designs and styles available that you can use to complement the looks of each other in the dining area. This on one hand improves the aesthetic value of your restaurant but on the other hand ensures that you guests have the best experience ever.

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Transform Your Restaurant Business With Us in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Finally, it is possible to point out that working with a wholesale manufacturer also means the possibility to get customization. Customers can decide on the texture and color of the furniture, shades, and other accessories that will give your restaurant a perfect look and recommend the materials that will be appropriate for the restaurant. This level of customization ensures that your restaurant chairs are unique and tailored to your specific requirements.

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