Things to Remember: Restaurant Table Design

An amazing Restaurant is remembered for two main things: Good Food & Good Décor. While your skilled culinary staff will take care of the former, it is your responsibility to maintain the latter. Whether it is restaurant tables or bar stools, one has to be picky in choosing the right for your Hotel.

No stakeholder would like to invest in a bistro with bad design and style. It will not attract or please the customers; decreasing your footfall and revenue. This makes having the best tabletops & bases important for all hospitality businesses.

Suren Space is a leading manufacturer and supplier of restaurant tables for the industry. Our trendy furniture is designed to please you, your hotel décor, and your customers. Offering a wide range of options, check out our online store to get a quick view!

Since we have experience working in this domain, we have come across many businesses making the same mistakes while choosing furniture for their brewery or diner. And we are here to keep you from making the same mistakes!

Start with Floor Plan

The first and foremost important element should be designing a capacious floor plan for space. You will have to keep various factors in mind, including high footfall areas and capacity. Avoid cramming the space, it does not look nice neither is it comfortable.

By having a proper floor plan, you can understand the requirements of the dining space in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can opt for our Cast Iron Heavy Base Mango Ruff Restaurant Dining Table if you have a large family-size dining space. Or you could go for slightly smaller ones for café and coffee shops, like Heavy Base Natural Finish Cafe Bistro Table.

Watch Out for Budget

Buying restaurant tables does not end by visiting one website, scrolling through the listing, and choosing one. You will have to ensure that whichever bar table you pick stays well within your price range. This will help you manage your finances in other departments better.

Overspending in getting your dream restaurant or hotel table will not be a smart choice. Especially, when you can get these at wholesale rates from websites like Suren Space. While we have a large selection, this will help you find the right fit based on your budget.

Vibes & Aesthetic

Another crucial component of selecting the right restaurant tables is to keep the furniture style well-coordinated with your wall paint and décor style. It should look like a part of the overall setup, not a separate component. Imagine having a grand and vintage hotel lobby, featuring Victorian pillars and paintings with golden frames.

But the furniture is very modern and industrial. Won’t that look odd? In similar outdoor settings, our Cast Iron Hotel Resort Home Outdoor & Garden Table would look amazing. Or in contemporary décors, Dual Wheel Reclaimed Top Industrial Restaurant Table will add the perfect touch of a classic rustic vibe.

From material to style, everything should be to the point to get you the best final look. It will not only make you feel proud but will also please your guests and make them feel comfy. Paired with the right accessories, these wooden and iron restaurant tables can look absolutely stunning.

What’s Your Color?

Not your favorite. The one that fits your hotel and bar décor. Aesthetic and thematic cohesion is one of the most important elements in successfully choosing the right décor. Not only the style, but the restaurant tables should have a color that goes perfectly with the rest of the décor.

Something like Dark Walnut Metal Frame Fine Dine Restaurant Table would work perfectly with a wall color or accessories that are blue. Moreover, it is proven that a good color combination can actually uplift the onlooker’s mood. It can also stimulate people’s eating habits and behavior in general.

Go an extra mile in picking the right decorations and lighting as well. This will complete the overall look perfectly. Brainstorm different ideas with your team and decorators to get the best design for your restaurant. The possibilities of getting it right with the right support are endless!

Customer Comfort

Imagine designing a high-end hotel and diner for the customers. You will have to keep in mind that they will be sitting here for long durations, especially if they are having a family meal. Therefore, comfortable seating, tabletops & bases become an important element of the décor.

Good seating and restaurant tables ensure that the customers are seated right. Apart from cushioned chairs, you will also have to pair the right tables to render an optimal dining experience. Wrongly paired tables can actually cause discomfort to the guest.

You will have to pay close attention to various mentioned pointers in this article, especially height and style. Adequate legroom will ensure that their legs are not bumping with other occupants of the table. Additionally, this could be a very thoughtful move, considering some customers are suffering from chronic pain due to certain medical problems.

Traveling into Space

Not quite literally. It’s just about understanding and making the best use of the available space. Follow your floor plan, from tip #1. Rather than filling the whole space with large furniture, divide it into proper sections. This will help you decide which area needs bigger restaurant tables and which ones require smaller tables for 2.

Most hotels and bistros make the same mistake of overcrowding the space with extra furniture. While they do this to accommodate and serve extra customers, space starts looking cluttered. And it can be hard for the diners and waiting staff to navigate through the maze.

Also, it will take the customer’s privacy away, since they are seated so close to others. If you want to maximize your input, then think practical and rational. This will help you pick the best family dinner tables and small lunch restaurant tables.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Never choose good looks over functionality. All restaurant tables at Suren Space are built to last. Whether you pick a wooden table, like our Dual Tone Distress Hand Carved Indian Style Dining Table. Or a marble top table, like Cast Iron Dual Base Marble Top Folding Outdoor Table.

All these options are curated keeping in mind the different types of requirements of the clients. You can choose from either of these, they are very durable and enduring. No more worrying about replacing the restaurant tables after every few years.

Each of the specially designed tables is made keeping trendy styles and combinations in mind. Since we offer a wide range of products, you can definitely find one that meets your needs in our listing. Moreover, to ensure alonger life of the furniture follows this next step.

Care & Maintenance

Granite or marble, regardless of what furniture you pick, following the right maintenance practices can help in retaining its flawless looks. Whether it is a conventional metal restaurant table or a chair in your hotel lobby, right care and maintenance measures can help in increasing the furniture life.

In case you have a busy restaurant, go for tables made from iron or powder-coated steel. These are easy to clean and last very long. However, for more sophisticated expensive brewery, you might have to think unique and get something expensive-looking.

Tables and seatings with cushioning or added features are harder to maintain and care for. So keep the ease of cleaning in mind before picking a random good looking furniture. Also, keep in mind its use, indoor or outdoor, since this also affects its lastingness.

Remember to Measure

Making an appearance late in this list, measuring is also a significant factor in determining whether the furniture is right for you. Restaurant tables come in varying designs and heights based on its differing application. So you will have to measure the average height of tables you need.

Some tables, like our Cast Iron Height Adjustable Bistro Cum Pub Table, actually have alterable height. While others like Cast Iron Mango Solid Wood Dining Restaurant Table have a conventional design. Both these provide adequate space for the occupants to sit and dine comfortably.

Point to Remember: Keep the following figures in mind when picking a table for these spaces:

  • Dining Table- 30-inch
  • Counter Table- 36-inch
  • Pub/ Bar Table- 42-inch

These are the standard heights of tables based on different areas of use. Make sure your decorators grab the measuring tape and get to work. Following these will help you pick the best fitting restaurant tables.

Think Eco-Friendly

Since most businesses and industries have grown conscious towards making their functioning sustainable. And the hospitality industry is not lagging far behind. Suren Space’s table tops & bases collections are directed towards durability and eco-friendliness.

This is why we reuse reclaimed materials to create a few of our exclusive restaurant tables. Blue Distress Reclaimed Wood Banquet Table and Cast Iron Round Reclaimed Top Heavy Base Bistro Cafe Table are a few examples from our range.

Equipping these in the dining space will ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing the furniture soon. They will outlive all weather and other degrading factors.

Know your Customers

You might feel like the space is designed perfectly and has no flaws. But, do your customers think the same? Always look at the finished product through the eyes of your customers. This will help you understand their requirements better. After all, delivering optimal consumer experience is all the hospitality industry is all about.

Whether it is a hotel or pub, décor styling should always please the customers, as at the end they will be using these services. You don’t have to travel an extra mile to get restaurant tables that pleases your customers. From comfort to lastingness, you will have to consider all the aspects before taking a decision.

Inexpensive is Not Always Best

We know working with a strict budget can be a challenge for any bar or brewery. Being a leading exporter from Jodhpur, Suren Space is an expert advisor in helping you find the right furniture. Always remember that picking the most inexpensive option from the listing is not the best decision.

Sometimes you will have to spend a little extra to get additional durability, versatility, etc. Moreover, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend lavishly to get the best table tops & bases. You just have to think and act smart. By focusing on furniture quality, you can ensure that you are getting the best for your expenses.

Versatile Restaurant Tables

This feature is important to focus on if you have indoor and outdoor dining areas in your hotel. You should focus on getting furniture that suits the settings it is used in. Our Cast Iron Dual Base Marble Top Folding Outdoor Table is a simple yet chic option for the outdoors.

While others like Dual Metal Base Heavy Weight Commercial Use Dining Table are perfect for indoor bistros and cafés. Few other options can be used in both spaces with equal performance and durability. You should keep and eye out for such products.

Materials like metal and aluminum are perfect bases for such versatile restaurant tables. By keeping this point in mind, you can plan for future setting changes. You can replace the furniture and interchange its placement to get equally effective looks.

Final Verdict

After reading the above points, one can easily comprehend- Selecting the right Restaurant Tables is a challenging task. However, by taking the right measures and following the right steps, you can easily pick the best table tops & bases for your hotelpub, restaurant, etc.

Focus on comfort, styling, textures, and aesthetics to get the finest results. Suren Space is a renowned supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of best restaurant tables from Jodhpur, India. From granite to iron, our extensive collection includes tables made from different types of materials.

Visit our online store to get a better view at our inclusive selection of rustic, modern, contemporary, and rustic furniture. All the restaurant tables and chairs are available at wholesale price, getting you the best deals. Whether you need it for your outdoor diner or indoor high-end restaurant, we have got you covered!