Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Dubai

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Top 10 restaurant furniture suppliers in dubaI

Top 10 Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Dubai

Most residents living in Dubai desire the best for their homes, including even the furniture to be chosen. That is why, one ought to be very wise and vigilant while selecting the kind of furniture store to shop for your apartment or house furniture. On the bright side, there are such facilities to buy furniture and everyone can choose a store that they like by its design, quality, or just services.

On the other hand, there could be a lot of choices that could print any furniture store you know. Here below, we have provided details of the ten most popular furniture stores in Dubai based on your search.


There is additional information that talks about SUREN SPACE as a company that is well positioned in the furniture market of the UAE, machines for its innovative ideas and quality services. The best products have been produced from this company over the years and this has given it recognition among the customers as well as other business entities that it deals with. These ones are unique since their styles harmonize aesthetics with an objective of responding to as many people’s requirements as possible.

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2. Chattels & More

Indeed, it seems like this store offers a range of luxurious furniture should you need to furnish your home or office in Dubai. Since its launch, Chattels & More has had a perfect balance of the contemporary and the traditional and it is an exquisite epitome of beauty and innovation. 

Some of their categories of furniture are; There are bedroom furniture, dining furniture, seating solutions, home accessories, carpets and rugs, Mirrors and clocks, and lighting options.

Furthermore, it is established that Chattels & More products are free from charges thus they include free delivery, as well as installation services and free services for a week guarantee. Also, when the amount being spent is over a thousand AED, flexible 3, 6, 9, and even 12 months payment installments are possible.

3. Designitch

Designitch is a Burundi based company that was founded in the year 2016. The company specializes in selling built-in and modular contemporary modern home designs with features like art works, home lighting, home furniture and other pieces of home decoration. Designitch has been aiding the individuals who are interested in purchasing luxury furniture in Dubai.

Their offering is vast and consequently offers a vast variety of products for home, including accessories and art, lighting, rugs, soft seating, base and tables, chairs, storage and shelving, outdoor and garden, beds, and ‘ready to buy’ furniture designs.

4. Indigo Living

Quick company review: Indigo Living is an interior design company service provider for home furnishing retailers. They are trendsetters that have been in the Middle East and Asia forAlmost 40 years and above.

They embrace a diverse array of excellent services that include the supply of stylish and adjustable furniture as well as offering exclusive interiors and exquisite accessories – a blend of modernities and antiques. Indigo Living offers customers cabinets, placemats, napkins, floral stems, scented candles, ceiling lights, table lamps and duvet and various countertop accessories.

5. Mahmayi

When in need of office furniture, Mahmayi is best suited since it offers the best services as will be evidenced in the following attributes. Operating since 1980, it provides a choice of over 1500 different products and hence you can make a choice that aligns to your preferences.

Mahmayi does not only rely on manufacturing the furniture but instead works hand in hand with their manufacturers to come up with the best furniture in their company.

6. The Odd Piece

As the name suggests this is not any ordinary furniture store but a furniture store that sells antique and old looking furniture and other accessories. From the year 2013, modified designs of dining tables, sun loungers, trolleys, desks and antique style cupboards are available here. 

For enthusiasts of retro looks and antique furniture designs, this is the right place for you to be.

The Odd Piece is the authorized distributor of The Rugs Company, and it is an incredible supplier of extremely stylish hand made rugs. 

7. Tribe

Tribe focuses on creating accessories and bags from mutually renewable, green, and fair trade resources. The company was established in 2015, and its primary focus is to offer state-of-the-art and sustainable solutions for a vast array of industries and businesses.

For those who want to renew their homes and add bohemian inspired designs, Tribe is the go-to place. They are environmentally friendly, baked and locally produced with an emphasis on their values in their marketing. Instead of purchasing new, Tribe uses old wood that their experienced carpenters renovate to produce individual pieces. On a further note, it is significant to establish that Tribe involves itself in tree planting activities.

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8. Joy of Living

The company catapults innovative ideas in the area of furniture and interior designing or home accessories. Since 1981, the brand has been associated with legendary and individualistic living concepts Which are unique and versatile, unapologetic and uninspired, uncommon and unreal, creative and inspiring.

Indeed, there is a list of specials for living and dining, accessories, lighting, bedroom, and office. They make very unique, trendy and quiet , at least not plain ones; everyone can build out of wood coffee tables.

9. Bold Bespoke Designs

Gaining its operations from the year 2016, Bold Bespoke Designs has been in the business of manufacturing and designing of quality furniture products. Their styles include: These are the headings which have been adapted from the previous lessons, namely the classic, contemporary, modern and Islamic headings.

To obtain personalized furniture from them, you can follow a straightforward six-step process:To obtain personalized furniture from them, you can follow a straightforward six-step process:

The first stage is known as concept design and it starts with you talking to a furniture designer over a cup of coffee.

After completing the first consultation session, an elaborate drawing of the planned dental prosthesis is made according to the client’s specifications and expectations

Afterwards, it is selected from a diversity of finish and material samples.

10. IKEA

IKEA is a familiar name to anyone as it is one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the world providing furniture at cheaper prices without compromising style. IKEA has remained as one of the most formidable competitors in the UAE by presenting a broad variety of solutions regarding furniture.

IKEA is one of the largest furniture retailers and suppliers in the world and the store’s catalog includes thousands of products, ranging from minimalist Nordic chairs to modern and versatile modular sofas.

In the end

These demands have enhanced the development of requirements within the domestic market, which has attracted many players into the ‘battle for the same customers’. Manufacturers and retailers in the region compete for the best products mainly through quality and kind of material used. There are varieties of furniture companies being established in this environment but the companies manufacturing branded furniture are slowly entering this landscape.

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