Top Modern Leather Sofa Sets Design in Coimbatore

SUREN SPACE BANNER-Top Modern Leather Sofa Sets Design in Coimbatore

Top Level Leather Sofa Design in Coimbatore is Modern now a Day

Pick the leather for your sofas you really need to pay attention: leather could easily make your sofa pretty not only, but prolong its life and its comfort too. Although types of leather and factors to be considered seem to be too many for the understanding, due to the plethora of options available. This guide will cover the different aspects of leather from types of leather, the finishing process, grades, and points to put into consideration when selecting the leather type for a sofa.

Understanding Leather Sofa Types 

Tanning and cutting of leather is the name of classification of leather goods from the hide to the point where it is treated and finished.

Full-Grain Leather Sofa: 



As opposed to the softer side of the hide, the top part of it is made of full-grain leather where the skin’s natural grain and imperfections are displayed. It is the most difficult and costly variety, and considered high-quality leather on account of its durability and naturalness. Perfect in view of fashionable, storable belongings, this full-grain leather gains a natural pleasing patina as time goes by, creating its own personality to the settee. Pelican Poly & Node Sofas are made of Cotton Corduroy, and Velvet.

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Top-Grain Leather Sofa: 



This is again B grade. This is almost seamless and it can be used for most daily activities, but not for sports due to the comfort. It is a lot slimmer and more flexible because of the regularly abraded top layer of the hide, used for repair of defects. It is easy to maintain; it faces less stain problems and the furniture with such material is used for high-use furniture due to its quality and price balance.

Split Leather Sofa:

Pure Leather Antique Finish Two Seater Sofa plit -surenspace

Pure Leather Antique Finish Two Seater Sofa plit -surenspace

It is produced from the base layer of the skin which is thrown away after top grain leather is processed. This sort of leather is more fragile and of course a lot cheaper too. It may be employed in conjunction with more expensive leather types, which are usually the components that are integrated with the furniture itself.

Bonded Leather Sofa: 

SS2271-Three Part Tufted Long Shape Pure Leather Restaurant Sofa-bonded leather sofa-surenspace

SS2271-Three Part Tufted Long Shape Pure Leather Restaurant Sofa-bonded leather sofa-surenspace

This is the most inexpensive leather made from offcuts of the rest of the leather, and then glued with adhesive to look like a piece of a whole leather. Low cost may be offered as a positive side of the cheapened leather, but the durability and touch of good leather are less likely to be experienced.

Faux Leather Sofa:

Faux Leather sofa-surenspace for restaurant

Faux Leather sofa-surenspace for restaurant

It is an artificial fabric which imitates both the appearance and the touch of genuine leather at a fraction of price. For those who might be unfamiliar, while it’s not genuinely leather, it has to be brought up for those looking to achieve a leather-like look without using animal materials.

Understanding Leather Finishes

Having figured out the type of leather for your taste, it’s time to consider the finish of the long lasting leather which makes it more attractive and easy to maintain.

Aniline Leather: 

Such leather, that is the most similar to the real one, is produced by dyeing it in a drum, like for smearing the enclosure with that purpose. Lacking a protective cover is what makes its surface softer and more comfortable but it is the same thing that makes it more fragile to staining and fading.

Semi-Aniline Leather: 

This type has once again drum-dyed (just like the previous one) but it has a small amount of glaze over it. As a result, this is a satisfactory non-pure product where increased toughness and the appearance as close to nature are combined.

Pigmented Leather: 

Out of durability the polymer surface covering pigmented leather is mainly a leather-like appearance embossed by a texture. It is the closest to its natural look but it can be worn and torn easily as compared to the man-made.

Understanding of Leather Grades

Namely, the grading system is the one used by manufacturers and it is not automatically telling us the leather’s quality and durability values, but rather the way it was processed and treated.

Grade 1 or A:

The events go from left to right as displayed by cartridges in a revolver; a picture of a full-grain leather, aniline-dyed cowhide that is the most expensive because it is durable and has an authentic look too.

Grade 2 or B: 

BTL is JLT grade, which means that it has top-grain, semi-aniline leather with an excellent quality, durability and a reasonable price.

Grade 3 or C: 

Usually this is in regard to more processed leathers like pigmented or split leather, this offers affordability yet the lack of real lifelike shine, hue, and reduces the durability.

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Things that have To Be taken into consideration when you Choose Leather for Your Sofa 


If your sofa is going to be utilized often and especially in homes with children or pets then top grain or pigmented leather could be a great choice due to that reason of their strongness and ability of stain resistance. If a sofa would be used once in a while, filling-grain or aniline leather could be a perfect option.


Think of the kind of vibe you want when your area is designed. Leather with patina signs like full grain leather takes a traditional, rustic or vintage outlook of the style, whereas the top grain or coated leather will sit well with modern or minimalist fashion styles.


Manufacturers may use certain leather resins during tanning, which require extra care and regular cleaning to keep the appearance of the leather sofa topnotch. Aniline leather needs to be deployed conditioners periodically as the skin drying may occur thus the formation of the cracks while the pigmented leather can be generally wiped off by a damp cloth.


Be budget conscious, make adjustments, do not overspend. The designer leather’s most appealing aspect is, at the same, the most expensive option- the full-grain genuine leather finish. Think about the goods that are produced with the eco-friendly raw materials and then evaluate whether the extra cost is worth the money you will spend.

Superior Quality: 

Due to the use of full-grain leather, Italian leather is usually processed from the hides, thus, it remains capable of being breathable, durable and preserving the natural looks design of the skin of the animal itself. Leather is treated at a slower tanning rate, which optimizes the color retention process and creates deep rich hues that won’t fade even after years of wear.

Comfort and Aesthetics:

The great reputation Italian leather for its thick, soft and by producing super soft and comfortable furniture for home, makes it unique. From the grain and the faint irregularities, natural traits of leather to the appearance of every final product, each piece is always distinctly stunning, fascinating, and regal in its looks.


It is of immense importance to select appropriate leather for your sofa in particular. All this information will definitely assist in making a proper choice and selection, providing the necessary understanding about the different types of leather that exist, their finishes, grades, and all such factors that should be very important to you. Whichever of these four matters: durability, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, cost or moral sensibility you are paying attention to, a sincere investigation of your options makes for it, your new sofa will be exactly what you need, both for your style of life and your home.

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