A Guide on Different Types of Furniture Used in Restaurants and Cafes

A Guide on Different Types of Furniture Used in Restaurants and Cafes-surenspace

A Guide on Different Types of Furniture Used in Restaurants and Cafes

Starting the process of opening up a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things that can happen to anyone. As you come up with new themes and as you start out again to share your tasty ideas with the diners, the horizon appears limitless; and in this case, you’re right.

Before you are set to make a final decision in your line of restaurant furniture for your restaurant and cafe be sure that the information that you have researched about will enable you to discover all the fun options that are within your reach. The following are some of the broad classifications you ought to be familiar with about sexual assault:

Types of furniture use in restaurants and cafes include the following:


In most restaurants, furniture is somewhat a let down – the one aspect that probably matters most is seating. Indeed, the seating you provide should be both comfortable and aesthetically appealing if you hope to create a favorable image for your accommodation facility among the guests.

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While you can find dozens of seating options on the market, most will fit into one of three categories: foldable tables that resemble booths, chairs for standard seating arrangements, and bar stools.


When you would like your visitors to be cozy throughout their stay in your home, then booths would suffice. They come in a range of sizes and styles:They come in a range of sizes and styles:


The idea is that such booths can accommodate two people, sitting side by side in case of need.


As the name suggests, double booths refer to two types of booths or the same as single booths, only twice as large.

Wall benches: 

These types of booths are made in order to fit the particular wall space that you are erecting at home, in your restaurant or at your business establishment. They’re normally complemented by tables and chairs on the other side of the store.


L-Shaped booths are preferred especially in corners and a special design is usually made for this booth.


There are options for either a 1/2 and 3/4 circle booths and for even more people. These booths are thicker and they provide additional comfort and privacy. You can also find bench type of waiting arrangements besides booths that are situated at bar height. These booths are commonly placed at sports bars and restaurants due to their high back design that make them ideal for such an environment. These booths are ideal for any operation, from the fast-casual dining establishment to the fine dining restaurant because they’re available in a range of prices to suit any establishment’s needs. 


While chairs are the most popular forms of restaurant seating, and this is probably due to the fact that they are very useful pieces of furniture. If a large party appears at a moment, you can move several tables and chairs to one general table and invite all guests. The same can’t be said for booth seating as this factor remains one of the most influential aspects of designing restaurant furniture.

Bar Stools

Many have high backs while others have a back design that is low and this is due to its nature of having a high seating position that is perfect for use in bars and high top tables. They are much like stainless chairs found in other restaurants and come in different styles and alternatives.

There are differences between some stools in that some of them may not even have backs while others may have back rests. They may have cushioned seats, or some more traditional appearance, made of plain wood, or even metal.

  • Heights vary, too.
  • Short stool: 22”- 23”
  • Counter stool: :24” – 28”
  • Standard: 29” – 36”
  • Extra-tall: 37” – 40”

Sometimes, bar stools can also come in different styles and prices, so the restaurants can recommend bar stools for every preference.


A restaurant’s tables are integral to its seats since the two are built-in sets. An example of a small and big wrong-sized table is below, and, as it is clear, the wrong-sized table can spoil a guest. The purpose which needs to be accomplished is to get enough space so that people can sit and eat without having to sit extremely close to the neighboring tables.

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Restaurant tables come in a wide range of sizes and shapes,


Booth seating? If so, you’ll have to get a table that will fit in with this kind of seating arrangement. The tables are nearly always rectangular, and, for a lot of booths, are pedestal style so that it is convenient to get in and out of the booth.

2-4 person tables: 

The standard size of restaurant table that is found with the highest frequency among restaurants. Modes include rectangular, square or circular and can be fabricated with metals, woods, laminate and other materials. 

High-top or bar-height tables: 

These tables can be used with bar stools These tables are meant for use with bar stools with an ideal height of at least 29 inches high stools. They can be circle or rectangular and are mostly for 2-3 persons. In some restaurants, they might extend the length of the high-top tables to accommodate more people in a single table.

Other Restaurant Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Patio Furniture: 

If you provide outdoor dining, there are a plethora of options to consider, such as tables and chairs and stools, benches and many more.

Wait station cabinets, stands, and podiums: 

High host stations are among the very conspicuous initial designs that customers are likely to notice once they set foot on your restaurant. This is because podium and stands and wait station cabinets are available in different sizes and various types to meet the restaurant needs.

Office chairs and desks: 

Back offices will also require desks and chairs because the managers and other employees will do their work best when they have these facilities.

Restaurant dining tables and chairs are considered as cost and you need the ones that will offer you good value for your money. Therefore, it is pensive to goof when it comes to the buying of tables, chairs and other furniture for your business. While the cost of restaurant chairs and tables which are of superior quality, may be more expensive initially, it is cheaper than frequently having to repair or purchase other tables and chairs because they are of inferior quality. 

Final Thoughts

It is important then that the best restaurant furniture be chosen to enhance the diner’s feelings of being comfortable in your place. But it should be noted to make durable furniture of a good quality and which meets the needs of the customers and corresponds to the style of the restaurant. Whether you are in search of restaurant chairs for fine dining set up or tables for a bar, you will surely come across the best types that are affordable to you.

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