What Is A Hotel Concept And Why You Actually Need It?

SUREN SPACE BANNER-What Is A Hotel Concept And Why You Actually Need IT

What Is A Hotel Concept And Why You Actually Need It?

Initially, all hotels begin as a simple idea that develops gradually through time. Once you are building your own hotel concept, you should begin by making a list of the ideas that you have and then try to combine them into one bigger idea. Here, we list the points that you should think about as you are working on your ideas.


The hotel business is always successful if there is a good story behind it. Your idea should be to convey your guests that story which will make them emotionally invested in the hotel. Numerous ways are there to narrate your story. It’s you decision how you express it to your guests.

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If you are an old hotel, your marketing materials could be about how the building has been part of the local culture and its history. A new hotel can express its narrative through imaginative decisions like the way it is decorated or even that it was constructed to be environment friendly.


Hotels would just turn out to be abandoned buildings without people. The staff, guests and hotel management are the people that are involved in your hotel and they should be the main factors of your concept. The hospitality industry is completely human-oriented and you have to make sure that your hotel fulfills the requirements of every person who contacts it.

Hotels are similar to a small community, and this can be an asset for you. A proper concept gets a staff that are ready to work and a guest that looks for a place to stay that is in accordance with their personal vibes.


The physical space which your hotel took up could be the major factor that affects your concept. Some concepts for instance will need a lot of space while others will be suitable in smaller areas. In a way, you have to use the space you have available in a means that will help you to reach your goal.

Besides, you must also contemplate on your facilities’ locations in every part of the hotel. To put it simply, only rarely will you find a swimming pool that is either outside, on the first floor, or on the roof. Besides, it’s not a best idea to have your spa near the car park or the main road.


In a business, good branding is the one which can make the difference between success and failure. Your name is ultimately what will make you unique to other hotels. All the aspects from the color of the rooms which you paint to the uniforms of your staff are chances to show your individual identity to your guests.

Consider the aspects that make up your hotel and how you can give them a familiar brand name. After you have a concrete idea of who you are, let it out everywhere. Also, make sure that your social media and website are consistent with your brand. Overall, place it anywhere your guests might be in danger of seeing it.


No matter how good the most innovative hotel ideas are, they will be a flop if they forget to market them. You should be able to contact your guests through various channels while at the same time, you are still in your mission. Your marketing has to be on time and straightforward too, so that you can easily remind your hotel in a clear and memorable way.

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Promoting premium hotel rooms with a marketing strategy which would be more applicable to a hostel concept is a bad idea. The hotel must have a well-defined plan that is properly targeted to attract the prospective customers.

Hotel Marketing

You ought to stand on an omnichannel attack plan. You need to use both the digital and in-person marketing channels in order to reach the largest number of people possible. If you are finding it difficult to come up with the ideas on your own, then a marketing agency will come up with the ideas for you.

Through digital means, you should be present on social media and have distinguished placements on booking websites. Acknowledge the audience you are targeting and put your advertisements and content on the most popular platforms for their average age range. 

Customize the content that you are going to market to the platform that you are targeting.

You should have events that are in-person and invite the people of the nearby areas into your business. If you own a bar or restaurant, you can think of themed nights which are based on places like London and Paris with the special food, drink, and entertainment. You could also locally promote the room rates for the unbooked rooms at low rates.


The development of a hotel concept is often taken to the extreme, and one often gets carried away by the big picture. While you are constructing your hotel, the main thing that you ought to consider is the requirements of your guests. The services you give and the facilities in your hotel are just as important, if not more, as the branding or story.

When in the process of deciding who you are going to invite, think about the needs of the guests and what they are likely to be expecting. The goods that are being supplied by high-class hotels are much more than a normal room in a hotel.

There are some of the most creative hotel concept designs which include services that the ordinary person would not even consider. In some posh hotels, some of the guests will have the privilege of enjoying benefits like wall art that is personalized and doggy daycare.

While Summing up,

Remember that most hotels do not provide such services as the ones stated in the text. For most of the tourists, the hotel should only be the one that provides the staff who are polite, a clean and quiet room and a good pillow.

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