What Is the Difference Between Solid Wood Sheesham and Teak (Shagwan)

What Is the Difference Between Solid Wood Sheesham and Teak (Shagwan)-SURENSPACE

What Is the Difference Between Solid Wood Sheesham and Teak (Shagwan) 

Trees are one of the most marvelous gifts given by Mother Nature. Apart from their unmatchable beauty, trees are needed for our daily life. They oxygenate, trap the harmful gasses, and are an excellent source of energy. Tree is a symbol of the beauty and the natural attributes of the world. That is the reason why artists treat wood with great respect as they connect strongly with nature and all its attractiveness.

The furniture made from solid wood is on a different level than the others that are made from engineered or synthetic materials. Also, when you are thinking of solid wood furniture, you will ask yourself; what is sheesham wood?Teak wood is also a part of the equation, so where is teak wood in the equation?It is often difficult, when you try to determine what is the best thing for your house. Let us go through the major differences between them. 

Teak wood

Teak wood, brought from the Tectona grandis species, is a very good material to work with. Although, the tree should be 30 meters high and about 50 years old to be used. That is if you want the plumber to give high-quality wood.

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If you ask what teak wood is or how you distinguish it; you can refer to these pointers. Teak wood is smooth in texture with the fine grain. It is brownish-yellow in shade. Teakwood is a material that is utilized for the production of furniture, window frames, doors, columns, beams and veneer. Teakwood is commonly used in making cutting boards and artifacts. The reason why teakwood is also utilized for the making of boats is its durability and strength.

Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Odisha, and Rajasthan are among the places in India where you can find these trees. 

Sheesham Wood 

Therefore, what is sheesham wood?The given name for sheesham wood which is also known as Indian rosewood is the Dalbergia sissoo species of trees. Seesahm tree produces two kinds of wood. One is pine heartwood and the other is pine sapwood. The Sheesham tree can reach a height of 30 meters and takes 22 years to become fully grown. Sheesham has become worldwide well-known as the most expensive variety of rosewood.

The most effective method to do the wood identification is by its dark veins. The wood is of good shape, which is reddish brown. The wood that has undergone the process of maturation can show a golden-gray sheen. The wood has a very beautiful grain, which is why it is the most popular furniture for many people. The Sheesham trees are cultivated in the north Indian states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, and Haryana.

Which is the most durable, sheesham or teak? 

Durability and strength are the first two factors that will guide you to the wood that you will use. The sheesham wood versus the other exterior aid is a transparent type of ready, stable and strong. teak contentions; let’s see for ourselves how each of these great woods handle durability and strength. 

Teak Wood Durability 

The close grain and the dense texture of teak wood result in its very high tensile strength. They have this unique strength that makes this wood the best for heavy furniture like large cabinets, wardrobes, and huge beds. 

Sheesham, Strength and Durability

A lot lighter than teak wood, sheesham is more ideal for small furniture pieces such as nightstands, coffee tables, chairs, dining tables, and handicraft. Thus, when it comes to teak wood vs sheesham wood fight, even though sheesham is strong, teakwood is a better option if you want to make large furniture. 

Termite and moisture resistance 

Sheesham vs teak wood. Is it more reasonable for you to stay in class or go to the library?Which is the better choice for termite and moisture resistance: wood or another alternative? Teakwood- a material that does not deteriorate with the influence of moisture and termites.

Teakwood has high oil content, which is the reason for its natural capacity to repel fungi, termites, and moisture. The smell like leather that you get from freshly milled teakwood is because of the oil content. Even without a varnish or an oil, teak wood is a sturdy material, and is beautiful as it is.

Thus, this turns teakwood into a perfect option for seaside houses and outdoor items. The best part?In this case, it does not expand when there is moisture in the air and the shrinkage ratio is pretty low.

Sheesham wood- Moisture and termite resistance, which makes it a great choice for outdoor use. Sheesham is a type of wood that has a high moisture content and thus, in humid climate, it can warp; and it is also susceptible to water damage. A coating of wood finish might be a protective layer in case of water damage. 

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Nonetheless, sheesham has a high resistance to termites. In the teak wood vs sheesham debate, teakwood easily wins the round when it comes to moisture resistance. As for termites?In fact, both woods will be able to protect themselves from an infestation. 

Cost factor 

What if the cost factor is not considered at all, the comparison between the teak and sheesham wood would be incomplete. In the end, after an exhaustive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, a lot of things are good about teakwood. 

Hence, it is not surprising that teakwood is one of the most expensive woods worldwide. It is hard to figure out a single number as the price changes based on the grade, the grains and the age of the wood. 

The most crucial element in this case is the fact that teakwood is ever resistant to all pests. The difference between sheesham wood and teak is one of the major reasons that makes it pricier than sheesham. If you are loaded with money, teakwood gets your top choice.


In the end, it is all about your taste, your budget and your leanings, so the environment has to be what you choose. If you want that exquisite teakwood cabinet in your home, get it from a legitimate supplier.

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