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Browse Suren Space exclusive collection of Restaurant Furniture. Right from Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Tables Restaurant Sofas, Restaurant Booths and Bar Chairs, Bar Stools,  A  is Restaurant a place where people come to relax or enjoy temporarily with their family and friends.

surenspace restaurant furniture – Leading Manufacturer of Wooden Furniture in Jodhpur

Wooden furniture maker in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We are able to supply these items within a defined period of time in different requirements with the help of our suppliers. These goods are sold at fair prices and distributed within the promised time-frame. We’ve gained a large clientele around the nation under the guidance of our mentors. At Surenspace, we strive for the same passion, the same excitement and the same hunger for innovation to give our best to each customer, and this has enabled us to become the leading wooden furniture manufacturer in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur furniture exporters:

Furniture Quality

Carefully procured wood from the finest varieties is used in making luxury furniture pieces, living longer and leaving a lasting impression without disrupting the natural environment.

Perfection, Ensured

With our experience in breathing fresh life into forests and crafting meticulous pieces of furniture, you can rest assured that what you get will always be fine.

Just the Fine

Surenspace meets strict criteria, from sleek and utilitarian pieces to comprehensive and baroque-inspired furniture, to ensure that what you get is only the finest, whether it’s sofas, dining sets, sofa-cum-beds or any form of storage furniture.

Designer-Wooden Furniture Made

We have handpicked some of our finest pieces that, no matter what room it is, are guaranteed to add a lavish finish to any interior.

Furniture from Jodhpur

In Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a town blessed with beautiful palaces and forts. It is also known as the birthplace of the Indian furniture industry as well. Furniture from Jodhpur has garnered worldwide acclaim. For Jodhpur furniture, anyone planning to furnish his living room, bedroom or dining room may go. On the furniture bits, master craftsmen carve out intricate designs. The interior of a room that adorns such furniture livens up the bits. Typically, the artisans who make the furniture have been active in the trade for decades. Jodhpur furniture is long-lasting, robust and only needs simple maintenance to make it look for centuries as good as new.

We aim to build each piece of furniture like a great work of art at Suren Jodhpur furniture. We aspire to bring joy to our customers forever, not just to console their sore limbs. Walk into our Jodhpur factories that are sun-washed, and you can feel what the excitement of making new products really means. You will find you entertained by a Triangular glass top table, a candle stand that represents the warmth of the sun, a console and a lamp that excites you to become Hero Warriors and fight the great battles of the future successfully. And soon, even as the styles dive into your awareness, you feel the energy surging around you. It may very well be the time of a prayer as that how we begin our each day at Krishna’s, with each and every one of our carpenters and workman joining in.

Jodhpur furniture exporters: Online Jodhpur Furniture In India for Homes!

It is now easy to find the ideal furniture for your house. A exclusive range of trendy ready-made and personalised sheesham wood furniture is offered by suren online.

On the website, you can search through different categories, sort and filter items, purchase the ones you want, position custom orders and keep updated for fresh designs and offers.

You can also get us to remodel the interior design for your house. Our talented team of interior designers will offer you the best options to give your house a brand new look.

We have a large selection of solid wood furniture, including a dining table, sofa sets, king-size beds, coffee tables, bar cabinets, and much more.

Versatile Furniture for Home:
Keeping up with the latest trends, we have numerous additional features for innovative furniture units.

What transforms your house into a home is furniture. A representation of your taste and style is the well furnished furniture. We’ve got furniture designs that suit the needs and preferences of everyone.
Benefits of Jodhpur furniture for online shopping

Surenspace gives you a wide variety of goods in a single location where you don’t have to go somewhere else. To turn your home into a paradise where you’d love to live, you can find all kinds of premium quality furniture required.

For your living room, bedroom, dining room and more, we have a wonderful collection of exclusively crafted furniture. Suit yourself and get the one that suits your style and demands.

Want a special thing? At Surenspace, it can be achieved. Start by choosing the base material, then choose the material, pattern and colour of the fabric. Only share your thoughts and we’re going to provide you with an excellent piece you’ve never dreamed about.

A Wooden Furniture Heaven: Ever uncertain about whether or not to buy? Only find out what our clients claim to see how many furnished homes we have. All of our items are made of hard sheesham wood that will last for a long time and are highly durable and robust.


Surenspace provides local and foreign furniture industry clients with high-quality wood furniture. We sell a wide variety of tables and chairs for commercial use. For restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes, we inspect, build, and always find brilliant and beautiful solutions. We like to share our energy and passion for great furniture, design and hospitality as an international furniture manufacturer, and our relationship with our customers and suppliers is a partnership built on faith and trust.

Leading Jodhpur wooden furniture manufacturers in India. For all kinds, from traditional furniture to modern furniture to reclaimed wood, SURENSPACE offers quality furniture. Strong wood cabinets, industrial bars, trendy wooden chairs, wooden dressing rooms and consoles are provided in particular, but also industrial furniture, as well as high tables, coffee tables, side tables and bookcases.

SURENSPACE provides specially crafted Restaurant Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Bar Furniture & Cafe Furniture made for heavy commercial use in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Such furniture is made of high-quality material and craftsmanship that is designed to last.

Surenspace provides Jodhpur furniture industry clients with high-quality wood furniture. We sell a wide variety of tables and chairs for commercial use. For restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes, we inspect, build, and always find brilliant and beautiful solutions. We like to share our energy and passion for great furniture, design and hospitality as an international furniture manufacturer, and our relationship with our customers and suppliers is a partnership built on faith and trust.

We have been manufacturing and exporting beautiful furniture from solid wood in India and have built a nationwide reputation for design, quality and customer service.

We specialize in handmade solid wood furniture which is manufactured using high grade seasoned hardwood and softwood to provide that all-important longevity which is becoming harder and harder to find these days. Being a family run company you can be sure that you will deal with real people who care about the products and what we do.

Why You Pick Us

We take time at surenspace to consider our customers’ needs before we embark on any project to ensure that we deliver on our promise of excellence. We have more than 20 years of experience and have built our reputation on our outstanding level of service. With consistency, purpose, and timeless elegance in mind, we design all of our furniture. All of our items are made from hand-selected premium hardwoods and hardware of exceptional quality. We use hand-applied finishes that magnify the wood’s intrinsic beauty. On all wear surfaces such as dining tables tops, we use a durable catalysed finish that can withstand years of living.

If you have determined what kind of furniture you want to design with us, you can email us to request a quote at – please see our standard.

We sell an exclusive range of furniture, wooden furniture, handicrafts, handcrafted furniture, handcrafted wooden furniture, wrought iron furniture, antique reproduction, gift pieces, decorative accessories, traditional handicrafts, gift & crafts, home supplies, candle stands, etc.

Our goods are renowned for outstanding craftsmanship and innovative artistry that complement our clients’ demands. Through our team of professional craftsmen and artisans who are highly skilled in their profession, we have preserved the traditional Indian art of handicraft and furniture making. Surenspace has become a trustworthy name with nearly two decades of experience in this area. The organisation provides goods that are a perfect blend of conventional excellence and contemporary appeal.

The Indian Furniture Manufacturing Process

If it is extremely common in India & the world over in any form of solid wood, it must go through a thorough treatment before it is crafted into a piece of furniture. It goes through the seasoning & chemical process before production begins, as explained below.

Phase of Seasoning

The wood is maintained in a seasoning chamber, depending on the temperature. We season wood for a total of 13 to 16 days in winter and the wood is seasoned for 7 to 10 days in summer. When an Indian solid wood piece of furniture is made such a way that it maintains its robustness and can withstand most types of weather, the moisture level is brought down to a level of 5 to 9 percent.

In all shapes, sizes and modern styles, we produce and export a broad range of wooden beds. By taking current market requirements into account, we produce a wide range of wooden beds. It can also be tailored in line with the ever-changing market trends and the requirements listed by the customer….

We are interested in the development of an immense selection of wooden beds that are specifically sold to our most valued customers. This wooden bedside is available at affordable prices in various sizes and pattern designs….

Our experienced technocrats have immense experience in designing and developing a wooden bookcase of unmatched quality that can also be personalised according to our most respected customers’ requirements. We are one of the renowned wooden bookshelf manufacturers and exporters and can include an assortment of wooden bookcases at very fair prices…

We are interested in the manufacture of a wide range of wooden seats, available in a wide variety of styles. We design and create an extensive selection of wooden chairs, creatively carved in various design patterns, available in exclusive design patterns….

We present a wide range of handcrafted coffee tables in various sizes and finishes. It was made from seasoned wood of the finest quality that can also be personalised according to your wood preference, such as teak and pine wood….

We are among India’s largest manufacturing companies of integrated wooden dining sets. We present you a wide range of excellent quality dining set that is perfectly designed with elegant and rich traditional yet trendy designs that have a special touch…..

We produce and export a wide variety of dining tables that are superbly finished with unique artistry. This is a brilliant way to use it in the dining room, which will improve the beauty of the whole area…

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