All you need to know about the wholesale furniture Imports

Furniture is a very important part of interior décor. Whether it’s a chair or a table, every piece of furniture implements a great impact on the whole look of the place. That’s why there are plenty of options available nowadays to make a statement at your place through furniture. But as mesmerizing they are, their cost is also high. Buying a single piece of furniture can cost you a lot. If you are planning on setting up a café or restaurant and you are looking for great furniture, then a hefty budget will be needed to buy the whole furniture. Similarly, it goes for hotels and bars too. Now, what can be the possible solution for you to get the best furniture without straining your budget? It is buying wholesale furniture!

Now you probably are thinking about how wholesale furniture will help you to save budget? Wholesale furniture is the concept in which you buy bulk furniture from the manufacturer directly. The bulk order allows you to save money on other resources along with cutting the mediatory amount of retailers. Also, you can save some amount through the discount.

For hotel owners, café owners, etc. buying wholesale furniture is a great way to save a few bucks along with getting the best quality products. As there are plenty of options available online as well as offline nowadays which makes it is a bit difficult to choose the right kind of wholesale furniture. If you are also getting trouble buying the right wholesale furniture then you are at the right place. Suren Space offers top-notch quality options of wholesale furniture at the best price range. Whether you want classy appropriate furniture for your heritage-themed hotel or modern vibing furniture for your bar, we have a diverse collection to fit your every need. Before moving further let’s understand the basics and all the requirements to buy the right kind of wholesale furniture. From types to the amazing Suren Space collection, we will discuss everything. So let’s begin!


Types of wholesale furniture Imports

When we talk about the types of wholesale furniture, we are pointing to the categories of furniture that you will find on offline or online stores. The furniture is categorized on various measures. It can be either according to the built material or according to the vibe, but most common among all is the type of interior. As interiors of any place decide the ultimate optimal kind of furniture that’s why it is given the most importance.

The place also matters while deciding the right kind of wholesale furniture. Whether you want the furniture for your living room or bedroom or a café. Here, we will discuss the two most important categorizations. Let’s begin with the wholesale furniture based on interior placement.

It is a very important kind of wholesale furniture. Living room furniture includes tables, sofas, couches, chairs, table lamps, futons, recliners, etc. Ideal living room furniture should be lightweight and easy to move. While some nightstands and platforms can be included in the furniture depending upon the taste. This furniture is also required for large hotels in their waiting rooms or their lounge areas.

All the furniture that you see in your office falls under this category. Chairs, tables, shelves, lamps, brackets, benches, shifters, partitioners, etc. are considered in the range of office furniture. For any office, it is essential to create the right atmosphere to boost productivity as well as the working experience of the employees.

Outdoor furniture has become very trendy nowadays. Hotels and cafes prefer outdoor settings to add aesthetics as well as add comfort to their place for their customers. People also like to add outdoor furniture to their homes to make them more appealing and mushy. Either to enjoy the rain or to bask in the sunlight, outdoor furniture comes as a great way to relax and decorate a place.

It includes beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, footstools, small lamps, bedside tables, drawers, etc. The list never ends. Whether you want bedroom furniture for your home or your hotel rooms, buying it wholesale can be very economical. For hotels, spas, and resorts, getting bedroom furniture with excellent quality and the right pricing can be a tricky job to do. Suren Space offers the best solution in such a case.

For restaurants, hotels, etc. it is a very important segment of their furniture. Dining tables, chairs, stools, small tables, decorative lamps, etc. play a major role in making the whole look. As hotels and restaurants hold their dining area key region of their property, it becomes more important to choose the right furniture for it.

Other than that, the vibe matters too. The main theme of your place decides the right kind of furniture. Whether you want to give a classic vibe to your place or a modern sleek look, furniture will play a key role in preparing the whole setup. Now, we will discuss how the furniture is divided based on the vibes that they create.

The word ‘rustic in Latin means peasants. The word rustic furniture has been derived from it which means peasantry furniture. The rustic furniture creates the rough vibe that is inspired by countryside peasantry life from old times. The furniture stands for rugged and distressed themed furniture that radiates warmth and comfort. Over time the rustic furniture has developed from various styles and has undergone several evolutions.

  • Contemporary furniture

As the name suggests, this type of furniture denotes the present time designs and looks. The furniture radiates the vibes of modern-day looks and appearances. The style marks fluidity along with nuclear functionality. The sleek and shiny surfaces with markless hues are the most dominant feature of this style of furniture. The smooth shapes and curved edges are also dominant in this type of design. if we try to see more details, then geometric shapes with well define parameters that are not too harsh looking are integrated into this style. Normal silhouettes are also among the main forms of such kind of furniture style. Mostly the colors include glossy furnishings, pastel, and neutral tones like monochromes. the furniture is mainly made up of metal, steel, and glass along with the fabrics like vinyl, suede, PU, etc. The detailing is not that prominent except for some decorative ones.

  • Traditional furniture style

It represents the classy and old-time vibes of the furniture mostly connected to European times and styles. Its main focus is on elegance and opulence. It features wood, dark hues, details, and decorative features. we can say that deep wood materials with dark colors are the most key features of this furniture style.  Claw, bun feet, wood, etc. are the forms of traditional style furniture. Tones of this furniture style include rich brown shades and merlots. If we talk about the fabric, then silk, velvet, etc. expensive factors are included. Floral patterns and fashions are the ornamental designs of traditional furniture styles.

It works as the bridge between old and retro style to the contemporary style. It includes furniture like a tulip table. Warmth and organic feel can be the main vibes of such furniture style. It gets more casual with giving a timeless vibe. Neutral tones and organic shapes are the most integral part of such furniture style. Remember those arch floor lamps from the movies? Yes, those are the best examples of Mid-century furniture.


How to import wholesale furniture online?

Now when you know the types of furniture, you have become more aware of the basics. You can figure out that what kind of furniture you want for your place and begin your research according to that. But when it comes to buying wholesale furniture online, it is not really easy. As there are plenty of options and factors involved in affecting the overall decision. The whole scenario of your place can get affected by so many bijou and trivial things that you don’t even consider in the first place.

Most sellers that you find online are not wholesalers. They are mostly retailers who buy that furniture stock from wholesalers and present it to customers. The wholesalers get it from distributors and distributors receive that from manufacturers. The issue arises because of the lack of stock on behalf of the retailers and the margin of the price that they will have to give. They maintain a minimum order quantity as they have little stock. So you need to find a good manufacturer or a distributor or a wholesaler for buying the wholesale furniture online. You would be feeling overwhelmed with this immediate piece of information. But worry not as we have the perfect solution for you. Suren Space is the furniture manufacturer and a furniture wholesaler as well. We are a furniture manufacturer from Jodhpur who is working in this domain for years and producing the best quality of furniture. For years, we are producing international quality furniture for our customers. We are manufacturing and designing trendy furniture.

When you are trying to buy wholesale furniture online you should be mindful of a few things. As you can’t be physically present there so you need to find other ways to check and assure all your requirements. Quality is the major factor that you need to consider while buying the furniture. Then, your design is important and its finishing should be notch too. Let’s see what are factors that you need to see while buying the right furniture for yourself.

  • Quality

Whether you are a retailer or the final consumer, quality is going to play the main role. Everyone wants the best value of money. If you are buying wholesale furniture for your hotel or café, of course, you will want that it stays with you for years and should be proven as an asset. When you are buying the furniture offline, you get to test and check the quality on your own as you are physically there. But online this is not the case. So what can you do in such a situation? You should enquire and research. Whatever piece you are buying make sure to study all about the furniture like its design, material, wood type, building process, etc. The more you know is better.

  • Design

The looks going to matter to your interior. So when you choose a design, try to imagine it in the physical surroundings where you will place it. it will give you a good idea about the design. Before buying, confirm that the finishing is perfect and efficient. This will be done by good research and discussion. Finishing is a very important aspect too as it gives the final effect of the design.

  • Shipping

When you order wholesale furniture online make sure to ask about the shipping details beforehand. As you will want your order to get delivered on time so it is important to ensure the mode of delivery. Also, the shipping charges should be confirmed before the order to avoid any complications later. The shipping mode is also important to consider to make sure that your wholesale furniture is getting delivered on time.

If you keep check of all the above factors, then you can get a good experience while buying wholesale furniture online. You can get all the factors fulfilled at Suren Space. Whether you want to buy conventional designs of classy furniture or you want modern sleek designs Suren Space has a wide collection that can fulfill all your needs. You can also get the furniture customized according to your requirements. You can find unique and out-of-the-box designs in our collection. Our designers work with world exposure and craft the best designs that catch the attention of everyone. Our craftsman works diligently to create magic into the wood through those designs. After our hard work and efforts, we produce the best masterpieces for our customers in which we try to knit the love and beauty together.

Jodhpur is a heritage place that is known for its amazing culture, folks, and customs. We are rich in traditional knowledge. The same authenticity we try to implement in our furniture. The uniqueness comes when we blend the authenticity with international trends making the magic happen in our furniture. So if you want the best quality furniture that also hops on the trends, then Suren Space is the place for you. We sell wholesale furniture online to international boundaries. You don’t need to worry about anything, your desired wholesale furniture is just one click away. Check out our website and let your eyes flow with our amazing designs.


Benefits of buying wholesale furniture

Have you ever wondered why wholesale furniture is a better option to buy? Buying wholesale furniture proffers various advantages on the economical level as well as an optional level. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

  • Budget-Friendly

When you purchase wholesale furniture, you get to save the resources spend on stocking, retailing, etc. The mediate price consumption of retailers is excluded and buying directly from the manufacturer ensures the lowest purchasing price. This makes the overall wholesale furniture less expensive and budget-friendly.

  • More varieties

When you directly contact the manufacturer, you tend to get more diverse options in designs. As you directly talking to the person who controls the making process, this ensures that you get to see more varieties and options.

  • Best quality

When you are spending your money on something, of course, you want to get the best possible benefit out of it. Buying wholesale furniture makes sure that the quality front is good. As you directly contact the manufacturer, you get to see all the quality-related aspects in more detail and find the best possible one for you.

  • Huge orders

Retailers don’t gather large stocks. There is always a minimum amount of orders that you can place as they don’t have large stocks to fulfill the needs. Suppose you have larger needs and want to place a huge order, then it is difficult to get it efficiently done with the retailer. But when you contact the manufacturer directly, there is no such issue. As they harbor large stocks and also can produce more on-demand, you can easily place big orders for your requirements.

Types of wholesale furniture in our Collection

Suren Space has a wide collection that is enriched with diverse designs and the best quality build. We hover an amazing collection that proffers something for everyone. Let’s have a look at the furniture pieces that are designed and crafted by us to pour magic into your interiors. You can get all these wholesale just with one click.

Carved Solid Indian Wood Simple Camp Tent Bedside

This beautifully designed rustic piece of furniture is perfect for creating a homely vibe at any place. Whether you want to add in your hotel rooms or just in your bedroom, it nicely goes with all vibes. The distressed and raw finish make it eye-catching at very first glance. But it’s not just a good-looking piece of wood instead it is equally functional. The spacious drawer makes it good for keeping all your stuff. You can also use the lower pad for putting your books or other stuff. The quality and built are par with international standards promising the best value for your money.

Green Distress Glass Single Door Almirah Cum Display Rack

The emerald finish makes it mesmerizing and the distressed look makes it mysteriously comforting. Inspired by the old craft of Jodhpur and its folk, this Almirah cum display rack is perfect for keeping in your stores. We are sure that customers will love it as much as you do. The spacious inner holding makes sure that it is also equally functional and can hold all your necessary stuff. Its display rack design is perfect for placing beautiful showpieces or trophies and souvenirs.

Cross Pattern Retro Style Side Table Cum Display Unit

This beautifully designed and crafted display unit makes a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. The jet black lanks and rods give a sturdy and raw finish to the whole furniture set. The light brown hue of wood provides an eye-catching effect. The cross plank setup makes it sturdy as well as stylish looking. The three spacing surfaces are spacious and can hold all the stuff very well. It is ideal for commercial as well as personal spaces. Whether you want to put it in formal settings or informal settings, there is no issue as it has a versatile design.

High Head Rest Solid Wooden Resort Villas Bed Design

This high headrest bed goes well on both aspects of quality as well as design. The strip tab design of its backside gives it a unique look that looks lavish. The bed is perfect for hotel rooms or personal bedrooms. The dark brown hue finish makes it more fascinating. The sturdy quality of the bed cant is debated at any spot. These are just a few pieces, you can check out more such designs on our website and place the quote just with one tap.


Buying wholesale furniture has many advantages. It helps in saving the budget, finding more options, and fulfilling bigger demands while ensuring quality. As everything is going digital, furniture shopping has also taken a digital turn. But it is not this easy to find and purchase good wholesale furniture. Many factors come into play while buying wholesale furniture online. You need to keep a check on the quality, shipping as well as design and furnishing. The whole process needs a bit of deliberate research to produce the most efficient results while buying wholesale furniture online. After the above-mentioned points, you know how to tackle this situation. For buying wholesale furniture online, it is good to find a reliable source that can provide good quality while maintaining the budget. For this, you can check out Suren Space where you can find a wide spectrum of options with the trust of quality.