Lounge Furniture Wholesale

Lounge Furniture Wholesale

SUREN SPACE is an award-winning furniture manufacturer and exporter with a global footprint. We design, produce and export our own range of innovative and stylish lounge furniture for designers, hotels, resorts, homes & commercial spaces across the world. We are committed to providing exceptional service and we’re always looking for new ways to innovate – whether it be through our exclusive designs or by listening to customer feedback on how we can improve their experience with us. Our state-of-the-art factory in Jodhpur houses all the modern machinery required for manufacturing high quality products that meet international standards. Our experienced team of professionals ensures that every product meets our rigorous standards before it leaves the factory floor.


Have you ever felt burdened by your regrets, disappointments and apprehensions? Regrets about the past, dissatisfaction and disappointment about the present, and apprehension about the future? In the wise words of German spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’ In our mad rush to accomplish ‘more and more’, we often forget to enjoy – and be grateful for – what we have today.

In the hectic frenzy we call ‘life’, we all need a pocket of calm and relaxation, a place to unwind. Did you know that furniture designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter Suren Space is here to fulfill this very need?

What is Lounge Furniture?

What is the connection between furniture and relaxation? The answer: lounge furniture. Lounge furniture is essentially furniture that is designed for comfort and relaxation, to put your feet up – sometimes literally! – and get some much-deserved rest. Lounges – and lounge furniture – were earlier found in bars, hotels, airports, etc. Nowadays, a frenetic lifestyle in the name of ‘progress’ has necessitated the presence of lounges in homes and offices too. In fact, studies have shown that people prefer working in offices with a comfortable, well-furnished lounge area. With Suren Space’s lounge furniture, you can rejuvenate your body and mind before getting back to the grind!

Furniture for ‘relaxation’ has been around since the early Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Excavations of Egyptian tombs have revealed long chairs that are believed to be the origins of the chaise lounge. While the rich had chairs built with wood and ivory, ‘ordinary’ chairs were usually made from palm sticks and wicker. Sturdy wooden benches were not really the epitome of comfort! It was only in the 1680s that padded, comfortable lounge furniture came into being. The canape – an elaborately carved wooden couch with an upholstered back, armrests and a single, long seat – was the precursor to the modern-day sofa. This was, thus, an era of transition – from rigid, utilitarian furniture to plush lounge furniture.

Credit for the modern lounge chair goes to Hungarian architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer. The first modern lounge chair, built in 1928, used chrome-plated tubular steel and natural leather upholstery. Breur was soon followed by other furniture designers like Le Corbusier, Bruno Mathsson, and Charles and Ray Eames. Thanks to Suren Space, a leading furniture manufacturer and wholesaler with a global footprint, various types of lounge furniture are hugely popular in India and across the world even today.

Types of Lounge Furniture

  • Eames Lounge Chair – Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956 for the Herman Miller Furniture Company, this chair was originally made from plywood and was upholstered with leather. The distinctive leather and wood chair has been considered an icon of modern furniture design since its debut.
  • Traditional Classic Loungers – These are armless chairs in a permanently reclined position. The traditional lounger is usually paired with an ottoman – a low, cushioned stool – for more comfort.
  • Chaise Lounges – Literally meaning ‘long chair,’ these chairs are long enough to stretch out completely and are perfect for unwinding after a hard day. The earliest known chaise lounges were used by the ancient Egyptians, dating as far back as 3000 BC.
  • Armchairs – An armchair is, quite simply, a comfortable, usually upholstered, chair with arms. The Burrow Nomad Chair is a popular example of a modern armchair, which comes with its own built-in USB charger!
  • Club Chairs – It was not till the 18th century that the idea of creating furniture for the sake of comfort and relaxation – rather than just utility – began to take root. Club chairs can be identified by their plush upholstery (usually leather), wide armrests and deep seats. The famous Eames Lounge Chair was inspired by the traditional English club chair. The Canvas Printed Club Arm Chair in Pure Leather from lounge furniture wholesaler Suren Space is a fine example of modern-day club chairs.
  • Wing Chairs – These are known for their high backs and ‘wings’. The ‘wings’ of the chair served as a barrier between the person sitting in it and chilly draughts, while also retaining the heat from a nearby fireplace. This is why they were earlier placed close to a fireplace. For a warm and cozy seating arrangement, try furniture manufacturer and wholesaler Suren Space’s Maharaja Style Roll Arm Wing Back Leather Single Sofa!
  • Garden lounge furniture – Nature is the perfect place to relax and unwind, and the best way to do that is by bringing Nature into our living spaces. That is why recent times have witnessed a growing demand for garden lounge furniture. Furniture manufacturers like Suren Space choose strong, weather resistant materials like metal and wood to create their outdoor lounge furniture. Weatherproof upholstery fabrics are used, so that your garden lounge furniture still looks like new after many years! It is now possible to experience the same level of living and sitting comfort outdoors as in the living room.
  • Airport lounge furniture – Travelling can be a tiring experience, especially if you have to wait long hours at airports. To enhance passenger comfort, airports across the world are offering airport lounge services like quieter environments, access to the internet, complimentary refreshments and, most importantly, comfortable seating. Airport lounge furniture needs to be modern and sleek, while at the same time lavish and comfortable. With the unique style and comfort of Suren Space’s Upholstered Stylish Design Accent Chair, you can be sure of a comfortable wait!

Why is Lounge Furniture Popular?

With the passage of time, our priorities keep changing. Earlier, utilitarian furniture was in demand, giving little thought to comfort or style. Then came an era of ornamentation, where the ‘look’ was everything. In our present-day lifestyle, we want it all! That is why lounge furniture – especially Suren Space’s lounge furniture, which is a perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort and functionality – is becoming increasingly popular in India and the world.

  • Versatility – There is no piece of furniture that is more adaptable. It provides a practical area to work from or relax in, regardless of the room it is used in. The lounge chair offers functionality and comfort in equal measure, whether used as a comfortable reading chair in the bedroom, a computer chair in the hallway, or to watch TV in the living room.
  • Longevity – The selection of materials ensures a lengthy furniture lifespan. This explains why many lounge chairs in houses are often passed through the generations and are still in excellent condition. The investment is indeed worthwhile, and you can enjoy the quality and comfort of your lounge furniture for many years.
  • Variety – There is a design style to match every lifestyle and functionality. Global designers like Suren Space have produced the best designs by fusing sophistication with current art. As a consequence, lounge furniture is not only elegant and chic, but also a magnificent piece of art!

Suren Space’s World of Lounge Furniture

An internationally recognized maker and exporter of furniture, Suren Space creates, manufactures, and exports its own line of cutting-edge, fashionable lounge furniture for interior designers, hotels, resorts, residences, and commercial buildings worldwide. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Suren Space’s lounge furniture is the company’s commitment towards offering outstanding service, innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality products. In the wholesale lounge furniture market, Suren Space has carved a niche for itself, catering to homes and commercial establishments worldwide.

  • Curved Back Natural Cane Restaurant Chair
  • French Design Grey Finish Carved Indian Design Rest Chair
  • Genuine Strip Leather Hand Rest Chair
  • Green Distress Genuine Leather Hotel Accent Chair
  • Lux Fabric Hand Crafted Indian Design Balloon Chair
  • Round Back Tufted Design Lounge Sofa
  • Multicolored Traditional Fabric Restaurant Lounge Sofa
  • Roll Arm Classic Looking Lounge Brewery Sofa
  • Tufted High Back Roll Arm Pure Leather Lounge Sofa
  • Resort Lounge Club Chair for Hotel Lobby
  • Leather Seating Reclaimed Wood Folding Bench Sofa

Looking for a place to relax and unwind? Comfortable furniture that will add style and character to your living space? Suren Space’s lounge furniture is your answer!

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