Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturers

Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturers

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London, the Iron Pillar at Delhi – these are but some of the world-famous monuments that receive millions of visitors every year. Many of us have probably visited these three monuments multiple times. Did you know that there is a common thread, spanning continents and countries, that connects these architectural wonders? How can a fence surrounding a palace, a tower commemorating the French Revolution and a pillar believed to have been built in honour of Lord Vishnu have anything in common? That common thread is Wrought Iron.

What is Wrought Iron?

Have you ever counted the number of things in and around you that are made of iron? Iron is a very versatile metal that is used in almost every aspect of our lives – from hemoglobin and cutlery to buildings and bridges! The discovery of iron – between 5000 to 3000 BCE – can probably be attributed to the Hittites, an Anatolian civilization (in modern-day Turkey). The iron ore – found in meteorites – was heated, hammered and made into a workable material. This form of iron, that has been ‘worked on’, is called wrought iron.

While the Hittites and some civilizations in the Middle Ages may have discovered iron and the process to obtain wrought iron, the credit for popularizing wrought iron as a versatile material, especially in the world of furniture, goes to market leaders in the furniture industry like Suren Space. Wrought iron is one of the two major forms of iron; the other is cast iron. Wrought iron is soft, ductile and fibrous; with less than 0.1% carbon and 1-2% slag, it is probably one of the purest forms of iron available to man today. With Suren Space’s expertise, this ‘commercially pure iron’ is now being skillfully hand-forged to create beautiful furniture items that are in great demand in India and across the globe.

Wrought iron can be obtained by various methods, like the Bloomery process, the Osmond process, the Finery process, etc. One of the most popular processes was designed by Henry Cort in 1784 – the Puddling process. With the advent of this more efficient process, wrought iron was catapulted onto the world stage as the popular choice for a number of uses. One such use was for the creation of furniture. Wrought iron furniture, thanks to skilled craftsmen like Suren Space, has become synonymous with beauty and style, aesthetics and practicality.

History of Wrought Iron

How did a material that was discovered and used by early man reach the workshops of furniture manufacturers like Suren Space? The journey of wrought iron began in the 2nd millennium BC.

In ancient civilizations like Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, wrought iron was mostly used to make tools and weapons. The Hittites and the Mycenaean Greeks were famous for equipping their entire armies with iron swords. By the Middle Ages, wrought iron began to be seen on doors and windows, not only as protection against raiders, but mostly for decorative purposes. Anyone visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris can witness the majestic grandeur of the wrought iron scroll work – created in the early 18th century – on the facade of the cathedral.

Wrought Iron Furniture

From swords and spears to elaborate facades – it was a matter of time before creativity in wrought iron reached new heights. Wrought iron furniture started appearing in homes and gardens, palaces and churches across Europe and America. The earliest examples of wrought iron furniture can be traced as far back as the early 1800s. Skilled artisans and production facilities started making wrought iron chairs, sofas and other furniture items on a mass scale, for both indoor and outdoor use. With the passage of time, mass produced furniture lost its shine, and the exceptional craftsmanship of Suren Space and other skilled furniture manufacturers – who specialize in hand-forged wrought iron furniture – became immensely popular.

What is so special about wrought iron furniture?

Wrought iron has many intrinsic characteristics, which makes it ideal for making furniture.

  • Tough

Wrought iron has high tensile strength – it can withstand a lot of stress before reaching breaking point. That is why, when people want durable furniture that will not get damaged easily, wrought iron furniture is the solution.

  • Malleable

Probably some of the most decorative furniture items that exist today are made from wrought iron. The material can be worked into various shapes and designs, using techniques like bending, flattening, impressing, embossing, engraving, etc.

  • Ductile

Ductility is a quality that allows a material to be drawn into long wires or filaments without breaking. This characteristic of wrought iron makes it easy to stretch it into different forms and shapes, as per the design of the furniture.

  • Easy to weld

Wrought iron’s low carbon content helps to weld two pieces together easily, thus aiding the creation of more complex and intricate furniture.

This is the secret behind Suren Space’s exquisitely designed wrought iron furniture.

  • Corrosion resistant

Wrought iron does not corrode easily, thus making it ideal for patio and garden furniture, which is left exposed to Nature for long periods of time. It is this quality of wrought iron that can explain the ‘magic’ behind the non-rusting Iron Pillar of Delhi.

  • Low maintenance

Once you have bought it, you can forget about it! One of the biggest advantages of wrought iron furniture is that very little maintenance is needed to make the furniture last several years.

  • Aesthetics and comfort

The main purpose of any style of decor is the visual appeal. Wrought iron furniture’s intricate designs and detailed patterns look very attractive and add a timeless beauty to any style of decor.

Aesthetics, however, is not the only highlight of any wrought iron furniture. No matter how stylish a settee or bed may be, if it is uncomfortable, it loses its charm.

When we think of wrought iron furniture, we tend to visualise rigid, uncomfortable furniture with hard edges. Suren Space’s wrought iron furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very comfortable to use.

  • Customizable

No two wrought iron furniture pieces are alike. Spirals, complex curves, scrolls, decorative insets and intricate designs – you can choose from numerous patterns and designs to decorate your wrought iron furniture. Suren Space’s bespoke wrought iron furniture range, where every piece of furniture is designed as per your preferences, speaks volumes about the company’s attention to detail.

  • Durable

Did you know that in the furniture world, wrought iron is often known as the ‘100 year’ deal? High tensile strength, coupled with resistance to corrosion, makes wrought iron furniture extremely durable. Be it your home or office, a restaurant or a resort, long-lasting furniture is always preferred!

Wrought Iron Furniture Courtesy Suren Space

The global metal furniture industry has come a long way from the times of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations. Bloomeries went out of use and the puddling process was used to make wrought iron. By the end of the 19th century, the Bessemer process had been developed, which was used for the mass production of steel. Mild Steel or MS, as that quality of steel came to be known, then began to be used interchangeably with wrought iron. A low-carbon steel, mild steel is similar to wrought iron in many ways.

In recent times, the beauty, strength, durability and versatility of wrought iron has created a resurgence in the demand for wrought iron furniture. Catering to this rising demand is Suren Space, with its skilled craftsmen, dedication to quality and expertise in bespoke furniture. Suren Space’s wrought iron furniture can be seen in all types of setups: hotels, resorts, corporate guest houses, night clubs, malls, high-end fashion boutiques, etc.

Some outstanding examples of Suren Space’s wrought iron furniture include bar furniture, outdoor furniture and resort furniture.

Suren Space also has a vast range of mild steel furniture. These furniture items  – hand-forged with great care – have the same high quality of workmanship and the look and feel as Suren Space’s wrought iron furniture.

  • Reclaimed Wood MS Base Round Center Table
  • Round Granite MS Heavy Base Commercial Outdoor Table
  • Blue Leatherette MS Base Green Distress Bar Table Set
  • MS Outdoor Area Bistro Café Chair
  • Buff Leather MS Base Resort Rest Chair
  • MS Iron Solid Wood FB Cart Trolley for Serving
  • MS Black Metal Outdoor Restaurant Table Chairs Set

The journey of wrought iron furniture – that started centuries ago – continues even today. People all over the world still opt for wrought iron furniture to adorn their homes and workplaces, because the versatility, durability, beauty and elegance of wrought iron furniture – especially Suren Space’s wrought iron furniture – is unrivalled in the furniture world. Thanks to Suren Space’s skilled craftsmanship, exquisite designs and world-class products, the wrought iron style of furniture is here to stay. Suren Space can meet your every ‘wrought iron’ demand, except another Eiffel Tower!

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