Acacia Wood Furniture Made In India

What is common between the Ark of the Covenant (the chest containing the original engraved tablets of Moses’ Ten Commandments) and an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus ( a coffin, or a container for a coffin, used to bury wealthy Egyptians)? Acacia wood. A hardwood tree that grows mostly in warm tropical, temperate and desert climates, the Acacia tree is native to Australia. How did a tree from Australia reach Egypt and beyond? In ancient times, the settlers were probably responsible for the widespread use of acacia wood in Europe and the Americas. In the modern era, the credit would have gone to renowned furniture designers and manufacturers like Suren Space.

A market leader in the furniture industry, Suren Space has become a household name because of its exquisite designs, excellent craftsmanship and extensive range of furniture. The company provides quality furniture products to homes and offices, restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts, campsites, hookah lounges, outlet stores, malls, boutiques, etc. When we think of furniture, we usually think of wood, metal and plastic. Suren Space has successfully expanded and enhanced the concept of furniture to include numerous styles and materials. Leather, canvas, wicker, cane, glass, iron – the list of materials used by Suren Space to create beautiful pieces of furniture is quite exhaustive! Of all the various types of furniture, one of the most popular is wooden furniture.

‘Wooden furniture’ is an umbrella term for furniture made from the wood of a large variety of trees, from Sal, Teak, Mahogany and Rosewood to Cedar, Cherry and Maple. Wood can also be classified as hardwood and softwood – hardwood is durable and low maintenance, while softwood has a better finish and is lightweight. At Suren Space, skilled artisans work with all types of wood to create beautiful masterpieces, often customised according to the customers’ preferences. One such type of wood is Acacia wood.

What is Acacia Wood?

Also known as Wattle, Mimosa and Thorntree, the Acacia tree has over 1000 species worldwide. Some of the predominant species – which are mainly used for furniture – are the Acacia Blackwood (or Australian Blackwood) and the Acacia Koa (or Hawaiian Koa). Some species – like the Acacia Tortilis, the ‘umbrella thorn’ found in the African savannah – adapt as per their surroundings.

The Acacia tree is probably the hardest of all hardwood trees, characterised by high density and resilience. Its distinctive grain patterns make it the ideal choice for rustic furniture, attractive wooden flooring and other home decor items.

Popularity of Acacia Wood

One of the earliest users of acacia wood were the Aborigines of Australia, centuries ago. The wood is still in great demand today, not just in Australia, but across the world. A style preference that has lasted several centuries must have some inherent qualities!

Apart from its hardness, durability and unique appearance, acacia wood is also sought for its environment-friendly qualities. The wood has an innate ability to absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. In today’s world of environmental protection and sustainability, such a natural environment ‘cleanser’ is obviously in great demand.

Timber from the acacia tree is also very versatile. Depending on the particular species available, acacia wood has been used by different cultures to create a variety of products. While Hawaiians build canoes and ukuleles, Filipinos create cabinets and railroad ties. In south-east Asia, various species of acacia wood are used for flooring, stair rails and wardrobes. Some species growing in Central America have fat thorns, which are fashioned into jewellery and other souvenirs. While Suren Space may not be able to give you a canoe, there is a whole range of acacia wood wardrobes, cabinets and other furniture items to choose from!

Sustainability of resources is a matter of great concern nowadays. Earth’s forest cover is rapidly decreasing, leading to grave problems like global warming and climate imbalance. 25.8 million hectares of forests were lost in 2020 alone. That is why environment-conscious companies like Suren Space are laying great stress on eco-friendly furniture materials. This is where acacia wood scores higher than many other furniture building materials. The Acacia tree grows rapidly, lives for many years and has become a valuable source for easily available, durable wood.

Benefits of Acacia Wood Furniture

  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Beautiful grain patterns
  • Rot and termite resistant

Even though acacia wood may be slightly more expensive than other varieties of wood and may have stains, colour variations and knots – which, in the world of furniture is often a good thing! – the benefits of using acacia wood for furniture far outweigh the cost.

Babul – India’s acacia

The acacia tree is not native to India. However, thanks to early British traders who first introduced the acacia tree to Indian soil, India now has vast areas of land dedicated to acacia cultivation. Locally known by many names like Babul and Kikar, acacia has great commercial value, especially in the Indian furniture industry. Indian acacia furniture is in high demand, not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. Furniture and other home decor items made from various species of acacia wood found in India are exported to countries across the world, the major customer being USA.

Why is Indian acacia furniture in such great demand? One of the main reasons is that Babul – the Indian Acacia – is easily available, affordable, easy to work with, durable and sustainable. While availability of quality raw material is important, skilled craftsmanship is just as crucial. For centuries, India has been renowned on the global stage for creating masterpieces with wood, among other materials. From ancient kingdoms to modern corporate offices, India’s expertise in wooden furniture – including acacia furniture – prevails. The worldwide popularity of Suren Space’s range of acacia furniture is living testimony.

Acacia wood furniture – The Suren Space Story

While wooden furniture has always been popular, the demand for acacia wood furniture has been a steadily rising trend in recent years. This popularity is not only because of the inherent qualities of acacia wood, but also, to a large extent, due to the quality of furniture created by Suren Space. While many furniture manufacturers ‘produce’ large quantities of furniture pieces, Suren Space’s skilled craftsmen lovingly ‘create’ beautiful masterpieces to suit varied tastes.

  • Corporate offices – Style, elegance and, most importantly, professionalism is what any corporate establishment is all about. This is also reflected in the décor. Suren Space’s acacia furniture provides the perfect décor for such establishments.
    • Natural Finish Solid Acacia Wood Upholstered Chair
    • Indian Acacia Wood Metal Combo Natural Finish Stool
    • Solid Acacia Natural Finish Hair Pin Center Table
  • Dining establishments – Apart from good food, a cosy ambience, stylish decor and a comfortable setup go a long way in providing the ‘perfect’ dining experience. Suren Space’s acacia furniture, with its sturdiness, stunning colours and beautiful designs, provides just the right blend of comfort and style.
    • Restaurants
    • Bistros and Cafes
      • Live Edge Acacia Wood Folding Metal Hair Pin Bistro Cafe Table
      • Single Round Wheel Solid Acacia Wood Cafe Bistro Table
      • Cast Iron Acacia Wood Round Cafe Bistro Table
      • Cross Back Live Edge Acacia Wood Bistro Semi Outdoor Table Chairs Set
    • Bars, Pubs, etc.
      • Solid Acacia Wood Heavy Base Bar Pub Table
      • Solid Acacia Wood Metal Add on Bar Pub Chair
    • Resorts, campsites, etc – Vacations are not only about visiting new places, they are also a way to refresh ourselves and recharge our batteries. Be it a five-star resort or a simple campsite, comfort and convenience are the topmost priorities. The solution? Suren Space’s acacia wood furniture.
      • Solid Acacia Wood Genuine Leather Rest Chair
      • Brass Fitted Solid Acacia Wood Camp Tent Door
      • Indian Acacia Wood Handcrafted Room Door
      • Indian Solid Acacia Wood Towel Hanger
      • Solid Acacia Wood Hand Carved Pattern Single Resort Hotel Bed
      • Solid Acacia Wood Natural Finish Carved Tent Camp Room Bed
    • Personal use – Who wouldn’t want furniture that is durable, low maintenance, stylish and comfortable? No matter the type of decor we choose for our homes, Suren Space’s acacia furniture blends right in!
      • Natural Finish Acacia Wood Folding Dining Table
      • Natural Acacia Wood Leatherette Casting Dining Set
      • Natural Finish Round Shape Acacia Wood Dining Chair
      • Acacia Wood Leatherette Seating Dining Chair

These are but some examples of Suren Space’s vast array of acacia wood furniture. With its ever-growing collection, Suren Space is more than ready to cater to the growing demand for acacia wood furniture, both in India and in the international furniture market. An Ark might be difficult to build, but for everything else in the world of acacia furniture, Suren Space is the answer.