Chair and Table for Restaurant

Whether you want to decorate your home or your office, the furniture plays a very important role. And guess what, one of the most crucial pieces of the furniture is ‘the chair’. No matter what is the place but a chair can be found everywhere. The importance of this underrated piece of furniture is a lot along with its utility. The main purpose of a chair is to provide a place for sitting but various other factors come into play that you wouldn’t even have imagined. There are various types of a chair like a bar chair, pub chair, brewery chair, desk chair, folding chair, kitchen chair, garden chair, etc. which comes for different purposes for different utilities. For resorts, hotels, nightclubs, etc. the bar chairs are very crucial in constructing the interiors. But so many options with so many other details to consider for buying a bar chair isn’t an easy task. Feeling overwhelmed right! That’s why here we will tell you that what are the different factors that should determine your choice of ‘a perfect chair’ along with the discussion how can you choose a perfect chair for your place, whether its for office or your home.

The Chair’ – where it comes from!

Let’s begin from the beginning. A chair is not just a piece of carved wood or metal that you use for sitting or getting some comfort. As bizarre as it may sound but the chair shares a long piece of history as well. The not so trivial piece of your furniture also has an interesting past, let’s get to know about it. The first signs of the existence of chairs come from Ancient Egypt. After that, it went to the western regions from the Greeks and Roman regions.

Since the 12th century, the signs have been found that they were used in China. The Mesoamerican culture called Azectus also used chairs back then. Even in Europe, the remnants are found that chairs were used by nobilities and royalties, common people were not allowed to keep a chair in their houses, and neither they could afford that ‘piece of luxury’ back then. And now that ‘piece of luxury’ can be found everywhere in everyone’s home. According to experts, the common people started using chairs between the time of the renaissance.

Gradually with the time and development of different civilizations, the design and structure of chairs have gone through several changes. The main changes of designs and the trend-making chairs more fashionable for the home décor start from France and England, that too mainly for rich and royals.

If we especially emphasize the bar chairs then they came into existence around the early 20th century in the society. These were designed for commercial spaces, canteens, food courts, hotels, etc. Their main purpose was to build a design that is compact but comfortable and can accommodate people in crowded areas while consuming small spaces. Mainly their origin goes back to Byzantium and Varangian guard. Nowadays, these bar chairs have become very common household furniture as well with the change of lifestyle of people along with the scarcity of big spaces.

From the 1900s onwards the chair structure and construction witnessed a tremendous use of technology. Now coming straight to the 21st century, we have a variety of chairs that are made from different materials by using highly developed technologies and presented in various fascinating designs. If you are also thinking of buying new furniture and chair for your place then, you can check out Suren Space, they offer a wide range of furniture at reasonable prices and good quality.

In today’s world, the vast availability of options also confuses the buyers to make a proper decision. Choosing and buying new furniture can be a worrisome matter especially if haven’t done it before. Let’s see what points you should keep in mind to choose an ideal chair for your utility but before that, it is important to understand the basics.

Types of chairs

The chair has many types based on its utility, design, structure, and material. For choosing the right furniture, you should be clear about these things. The manufacturer builds different chairs according to different utilities. Similarly, the designer also provides various alternatives that can fit with the décor and interior of your place.

Types of the chair according to utility

According to the utility the chairs can be classified in various categories that we will discuss here;

  • Bar Chair

It is also known as a bar stool. The structure and design of the bar chair are slightly different from normal chairs. Bar chairs are normally taller than average chairs with small back support. These have a narrow heightened build-up that makes them very compatible for crowded paces like a bar or food court. The narrow design of bar chairs helps in saving up space and also compliments the surroundings. Bar chairs are a great fit for hospitality, for indoor spaces, for outdoor spaces, for commercial spaces, for hotels, resorts, and for food courts.

  • Desk Chair

It is also known as an office chair. It is the most commonly found chair in houses and offices. Mainly it also has a swivel to rotate around, it helps in increasing the efficiency. This kind of chair also has wheels that provide mobility. Desk chairs also come with adjustable height features.

  • Pub chair

Pub chairs are quite similar to bar chairs in their build, design, purpose, and utility. These are used in pubs and bars because of their narrow designs. The pub chairs are also narrow and heightened which give the advantage of consuming less space for seating arrangement in crowded places. Their sleek and long designs provide a very elegant look to the place. Many manufactures provide various designs and patterns with go according to different vibes of the interior like retro, electric, modern, etc. Sometimes pub chairs can also be seen as kitchen chairs at some places because of their structure. Pub chairs are the ideal option for hotels, resorts and for the pub, bars, nightclubs, etc.

  • Cantilever chair

These chairs are built-in metal or in solid wood with a covering of upholstery mostly. These chairs don’t have a conventional chair design. These are not supported by the typical four legs of the chair frame. Instead, they are positioned by the only one leg of the chair frame from both sides which are jointed to each other on the backside.

  • Deck chair

It is mostly used for hotels and resorts located on beaches. This chair symbolizes leisure and relaxation. It is typically built with a foldable wooden frame attached with a long fabric piece. There are also a variety of designer fabrics available for deck chairs.

  • Folding chair

These are also known as portable chairs. Folding chairs are available in iron as well as in solid wood. You are planning to go on a picnic then, folding chairs are your knight in shining armor. These are easy to carry and light. You can carry them with you. You can use them for outdoor spaces as well as for indoor spaces. Manufacturers try to experiment with the structures to make them more suitable for travel use.

  • Brewery chairs

Brewery chairs also fall under a similar category. These are long-sleek and can be normally seen in cafes. Brewery chairs are also heightened with various shapes of back supports. They can be built in various materials like in metal, in iron, in solid wood, in leather, in upholstery, etc. that we will discuss in later sections. Brewery chairs are considered as a good option for outdoor placing, for indoor placing, for hotels, resorts, for the food court, for hospitality areas, for commercial spaces, for canteens, etc. There are various e-commerce platforms like Suren space from where you choose among different colors and designs that fit perfectly with your interiors.

The manufacturers and suppliers categorize various other chairs as well according to their material and designs. Now let’s get talking about the types of chairs according to the material.

Types of chairs according to their built-up material

If we classify them according to their materials then there are only five or six materials that are found sturdy and ideal for general use along with providing comfort.

  • In metal

Chairs that are built-in metal are considered strong and sturdy. They are heavy-duty and can be used in almost every setting. Because of their sleek look and long-lasting nature, they have come out as many buyers’ first choice. Chairs that are built-in metal are also a good option for pubs, bars, brewery, lounge, nightclub, etc. because they are not easily damaged and last prolong. Bar chairs, pub chairs, and brewery chairs with built-in iron are most efficient for hotels and resorts.

  • In solid wood

Bar chairs or pub chairs that are built-in solid wood are most suitable for outdoor settings. The composition of their structure in solid wood makes them easier to carry and move. Using pub chairs or brewery chairs that are built-in metal for outdoor settings can cause the issue of rusting and corrosion due to the oxidation process occurring in iron. But the bar chairs or pub chairs that are carved in solid woods don’t show such problems. If you are looking for bar chairs carved in solid woods then, our black metal frame solid wood carved chair will be a perfect fit for you.

  • In leather

Bar chairs, pub chairs, brewery chairs, etc. are also framed in leather. This doesn’t mean that they are built-in leather. But the actual mean is that bar chairs or pub chairs built-in leather has a covering or stuffing or seat cushioning of leather. It makes them more comfortable to sit and use. If you have vintage taste and want to get a royal tough vibe for your hotel, resort or for your pub, or even for your home, then, iron pipe structure leather seat chair is a good option for you. But be mindful while purchasing bar chairs in leather-covering because leather tends to get react with water and moisture, so their maintenance would be a bit more tricky.

  • In upholstery

Upholstered bar chairs provide more comfort and ease. Pub chairs or bar chairs manufactured in metal or in solid wood can get uncomfortable to use especially for long hours. When the plain bar chairs are covered with a layer of upholstery or the cushioning of upholstery is done on the metal frame, then it is said to be an upholstered chair that is more comfortable to use. For hospitality and commercial spaces, chairs covered in upholstery are ideal.

How to choose a perfect chair?

Now you know about the types and frame materials of the chair. Till now you would have gotten some idea that how you will choose the right chair for you.

Taking it further, here we are presenting our detailed guide to assist you in the task of choosing a perfect chair for you among all the various options of bar chairs, pub chairs, etc.

Check the size

Chairs come in various forms and sizes. In a way, we can say that your chair design is dynamic while its surroundings are static. So it is very important to calculate the right size of the chairs that you want to place in your surroundings.

In all possible options, the best alternatives are pub chairs, bar chairs, and brewery chairs. Now, why will you accept that these three recommended chairs are best, maybe because we are saying? No! See the logic and proofs and decide yourself. Bar chairs or pub chairs are designed as heightened, long, and narrow providing a very sleek and compact design. Now, what will take more space, a narrow long chair or a wide broad chair? That’s why for commercial spaces that tend to be crowded or for hotels, resorts, pubs, nightclubs, etc., there are three ideal options named; bar chair, pub chair, and brewery chair.

Match the vibe

Various suppliers offer a wide range of designer bar chairs and office chairs. You may feel overwhelmed with so many options and maybe you get to like more than one option of designer chairs. This happens with many buyers. Let’s guide you a bit here.

When you are viewing your options of various designer chairs, don’t forget to take remark of your interior. While choosing the design, try to picture the bar chair in your mind in the respective area. This will help you to get an idea of how the real-time appearance of that chair will look. Forgoing casual you can choose bright and funky colors like orange, yellow, etc. but if you want to go for a vintage and classy look then you can opt for silver, grey, etc. Talking about black, we all know that it goes with all set but here the design of the chair makes a lot of difference.

Be picky for material

Yes! Be picky when it comes to deciding the material for the frame of the bar chair or the pub chair. You don’t want the issue of wear and tear, or a broken chair of course. So when you are choosing your bar chair among all the available options of beautiful designer chairs, consider the material in your priority list. After all, you don’t want to buy furniture that doesn’t last long. There are various options that you can consider, chairs built-in metal, sandalwood, etc.

Whether you are thinking of buying bar chairs for your personal space or putting them in commercial space, durability is a must.

Weight and price

When you are buying a bar chair or brewery chair, don’t forget to check the weight once. believe it or not, there will be many occasions where you will need to move the chair more often you think. Maybe you want to change the setup or maybe you would want to clean the place properly. In such cases, taking a heavy chair wouldn’t be in your favor. Especially for hotels, for resorts, for nightclubs and pubs, it is advisable because they need more frequent movements of their furniture for cleaning or a special event.

Many manufacturers and suppliers keep the note of making the chairs sturdy as well as light. From India, many bar chairs made up of the best quality material are exported.

Next comes pricing. Everyone wants to buy the best quality products at a cheaper price, but is it practical? Not! Never compromise on quality for the price. But also don’t pay uselessly high amounts for average products. Make a deal at a reasonable price. Suran space is famous to provide top-quality products at feasible prices. They also export to other places from Jodhpur.

Find your match!

We have heard people saying that the first impression is the last impression which is also true to some extent. So we are here to help you in choosing the perfect design for your bar chairs. Accept it or not but many people fail to get a good design that goes well with their interiors even after putting a lot of thought.

As we already mentioned that choosing the right design is very important for the aesthetics of your place. There are various designs that you be distinguished and then choose according to the effect of other factors. Here, we are describing a few versatile designs of pub chairs or bar chairs.


This designer chair is the best place in indoor and in outdoor spaces with its versatile appearance. This bar pub chair comes with strong designer back support. It is built in metal which makes it sturdy and heavy-duty.



This designer chair comes in white-silver polish with an elegant build-up. It is built in metal with a colonial-inspired makeover. It’s perfect for hotels, resorts, etc. that want to create a heritage vibe inspired from Jodhpur or from India altogether.



The black finishing provides a perfect exporter look to this bar chair. The built-in solid wood frame gives it extra vibrance. It is perfect for hotels, resorts, nightclubs, etc. with its evergreen trendy design.



Tight on space? Then try this compact-sized pub chair that provides the best value for money. Its compact design structure provides comfort while not taking much space. The metal frame along with wooden back support and seat stand provides a versatile appearance to it.



This bar chair provides a chic and rich look with its pure leather covering. Its metal base makes it heavy-duty and tough to any resistance. The leather covering also adds more comfort along with great looks.



A perfect mix of great looks with strong built-up in metal! This designer brewery chair has a leather covering which is inspired by old nobilities. The distressed design provides it a casual finish with a unique look. The metal frame makes it good for any unfavorable situation that you can throw upon this brewery chair.


Long words in short

No matter what is the place or occasion, but good furniture is a must to decorate and create a desiring vibe. The bar chairs and pub chairs play a very important role in the décor but many people tend to forget this fact.

But worry not! With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can easily find your perfect match of bar chairs. Whenever you are shopping for a chair, be mindful of the height, weight, size, material, quality, design, and of course your home décor. We can assure you that after going through this article, you have all the required tools to choose a perfect bar chair match for you. Explore our options and find your best bar chair match!